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Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #2 Imperial Spark


Darius / Draven / Swain / Poppy / Sejuani / Katarina / Garen


The core of this comp is about using Ionic Spark (200 true damage) every time your opponent casts a spell. It will benefit from the Imperial buff and if you have 2 sparks, that's already 800 damage which ticks before spell cast killing the enemy unit. You'll need Draven to dish out massive DPS to kill the fronliners.   I. WHEN: -you have a 2 star Darius and Garen -you have the necessary components to make at least 1 Iconic Spark   II. PLAN: -Early game: Garen and Darius are your main units. Find Katarina if possible for Imperial buff. Find other sold 2 start units.   -Mid game: You should have 4 Knights (including Garen & Darius) + Draven. Continue collecting other imperials on the bench.   III. TIPS: -You need minimum of any 4 knights to make this comp work. -Make Knights Vow and make 6 knights and create this ultra tanky frontline barrier. -Only play 2 imperials or 4. NEVER 3! -Run Poppy early game and swap out Garen. or Poppy for Kayle later. -Run Darius and Draven first then collect all 4. Make sure the buff goes to DPS units.   IV. CARRY ITEMS: -Draven: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster -Swain: Ionic Spark, Phantom Dancer, Dragon's Claw

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