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Everything we know about Twisted Fate

Quick Facts: 1) Very Fragile (450HP/lvl1, 810HP/lvl2) - similar to Ahri & Veigar 2) Ults for 50 mana (can cast more frequently) 3) 3 range  

1) 3 random cards: A stun, AoE, Mana restore 2) Activates with 50 mana, rotating set of cards appear  

1) Spear of Shojin: More ults, More cards, More mana for your team 2) Guinsoo's Rageblade: Attack speed and AP 3) Seraph's Embrace: More ults, Morea cards, More mana for your team     RECOMMENDED COMPS: TF can fit in with any comp running Pirates or Sorcerers.

1) 6 Sorcerer Comps: Twisted Fate: CC and Mana Battery. Rank him up.  

2) Pirate Comps: Twisted Fate: brings the Pirate buff up earlier in the game.     POSITIONING: TF is pretty fragile with 3 range. Put him next to your ranged carry. He can feed mana. Place him behind (not the furthest behind) and close to everyone else.

  TIPS: 1) TF is a great transition unit. He opens up options for early pirate buff and role fills well in sorcerer comp. 2) Don't be afraid to use him. Buy him, give him items, then sell him after he served his purpose. 3) TF is a great support unit that lights other units.  

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