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TFT Patch 9.14 - 5 Key Points

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT Patch 9.14 - 5 Key Points  image 1

1. From now on, TFT will patch EVERY WEEK. TFT will now update every week according to Riot. There will be 2 types of updates. Larger updates will take place during regular League of Legends patches while smaller updates will happen in the weeks between that should bring less substantial changes to the mode.   2. Twisted Fate is here This 2 gold Pirate Sorcerer was the first new champion to be added to TFT. Twisted Fate will randomly pick 1 of 3 cards and throw it at his target. A red card deals AoE damage, a yellow card stuns the target, a blue card restores mana.   3. Attack speed works differently now. Attack speed is now calculated from a percentage of the champion's base attack speed. So champions with lower base attack speed will benefit less from speed items.   4. The way you get items is different now. Every PVE round will now drop minimum of 1 reward (items or gold).   5. Spatula got a whole lot better. Spatula now doubles the stat of the item it's placed with.  

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