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5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 3. Kassawin

Teamfight Tactics: General - 5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 3. Kassawin image 1

You could never go wrong with Kassadin in most situations. But if you can equip him just right with a few key items, he will become a huge headache for your opponents.   You can start out with Gunsoo's Rageblade. Then add i Runaan's Hurricane and finish up with a Rapid Firecannon to finalize. Swinging on 3 enemy units at once and draining their mana to fuel your shields will keep him and your team alive.   To empower Kassadin even more, you want to add a fellow void Kha'Zix who can distract and take care of back line units, and Cho'Gath is great pick for his area CC, tanking and complete the void Buff.   Lastly, go for the Sorcerers route and add some serious damage to your comp with units like Lulu, Aurelion Sol or Ahri.      

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