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Perfect Comps for Ranked Mode

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GUNSLINGER & PIRATES -Graves 1 -Tristana 1 -Lucian 2 -Pyke 2 -Gangplank 3 -Cho'Gath 4 -Gnar 4 -Sejuani 4 -Miss Fortune 5   Gunslingers and Pirates are one of the strongest comps in TFT. Grave and Tristiana are 2 very powerful early game units that scale very well. Give Red Buff/Titanic Hydra/Curse Blade/Sword Breaker to Tristana and add Graves for the Gunslinger synergy, then Lucian adn Gangplank. This comp naturally fits together with Pirates from the early game. Add Pyke to your comp. Even with his recent nerfs, he still makes an decent solo Assassin. Lastly, you will need good tanky frontline with units like Gnar, Sejuani and Cho'Gath.  

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ELEMENTALIST -Darius 1 -Nidalee 1 -Warwick 1 -Lissandra 2 -Kennen 3 -Katarina 3 -Brand 4 -Sejuani 4 -Draven 4 -Swain 5   If you are not doing so well in the early game and things are just not going as you have planned at all, switching to Elementalist is your best option.   Before anything, Brand should be the last champion to the comp so do not start with him in the early game. Play safe, stick to reliable stand alone units at first. Garen, Darius, Braum, Warwick and Zed are good options to start with. Darius can help with Imperial/Elementalist , Zed with Nina, Baraum with Glacial, Warwick with Wild. As game progress, you will have better chance to pick up Brand (probably by level 6 or 7) If you still don't have Brand at level 7, start rerolling. Once you get Brand and 2 other elementalist, you'll instantly pick up the pace and shape your comp with a degree of freedom you didn't have before. -Add Ashe for Glacial route / Add Varus for Demons/Rangers -Draven/Katarina/Darius works perfect for Imperial -Zed, Shen, Akali for Ninjas

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