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Jul 15, 2019, 06:44 PM 361 read

5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 1. Bullet Hell

While everyone else is looking at the same comp cheat sheet circulating around on the internet, why not have more fun and try these interesting and usual comps?   Here're 5 of the most interesting comps I've seen on Teamfight Tactics.   No 1: Bullet Hell

Even though they are not the strongest champions on TFT, if you know how to set them up just right, Gunslingers and Pirates can be devastatingly powerful.   With this comp, you want 4 Gunslingers for the bigger bonus (attacking all enemies in range) and Pirates to help your economy. Also Gunslingers will give free multi-attacks to everyone in the synergy, most importantly, GRAVES! You want him as high tier as possible. Also, equip him with a Phantom Dancer (attack speed/survivability), Titanic Hydra (Everyone of his Gunslinger multi-attacking shots splash damage!!) , then add an item that gives attack speed or health.   Lastly, do not forget to throw a tank in front, like Shen. He will help get you to that Blademaster synergy.

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