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Early Win Streak Items

When you want to start a winning streak in the early game, you want to pick items that'll give a lot of power to a single champion. In the early game, you cannot rely on a complete unit synergy yet. Also aura items are not very useful as your team size isn't very large yet. However, if you can create one powerful and unstoppable champion, you will have no problem taking an advantage of early win streak.  

B.F. Sword + Chain Vest = Guardian Angel. This item revives the defeated champion wearing it with 500 health. This gives your key champion more mileage, almost doubling their durability in the early game when most enemy champions are 1- and 2-stars.  

Recurve Bow + Needlessly Large Rod = Ginsoo’s Rageblade. Each attack grants 3 percent attack speed, stacking infinitely. This blade is unstoppable early on when enemy champions are not ready to stop you with chain-stun, or banish. The Rageblade is particularly powerful on a number of tier 1 champions, including Kassadin.  

Recurve Bow + Tear of the Goddess = Statikk Shiv. Every third attack deals 100 spell damage in an area around the target. This extra damage can carry you far in the early game and can still be useful later on as the board crowds up.

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