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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 3 Greedy Economy

What? With Greedy Economy, your goal is reach the 50 gold threshold as quickly as possible in order to create maximum interest. Being greedy can be very reliable because even though you cannot always control whether you win or lose, you can always control how much you lose.   When? You can employ this strategy almost anytime to reach a certain point. -If you have a bad hand to start with and cannot rank up any units. -If you are experienced and know what you're doing and you'd rather have a lot of gold to make decisions in late game with knowledge on your enemy. -if you are familiar with breakpoints with income and levels and you don't want to miss your income threshold. -if you know how to dump gold fast and know and know when to do so  

  How? First, you will have to reach your interest thresholds ASAP. Do not spend unnecessary gold on any new units outside of very strong core units you absolutely need. Do not level up either before you reach 50 gold and start receiving interest. Do Not Spend Gold on Anything! However, you also want to maintain a team strong enough that you don't lose too much HP and not lose to creeps. You will miss out on valuable items. Lastly, if you haven't reached interest threshold and if you buy a unit you can create a rank 2 unit with a pre-existing unit, buy it, rank up, then sell it.

Why? 1. If you consider the entire duration of the game, you will have more overall gold to work with...even though most of that gold will come near the end of the game. 2. Maintaining a lose-streak is pretty easy to manage. 3. You can reach high tier units faster than your opponents. 4. You'll have the higher carousel priority to pick what you need. 5. You can observe what your opponents are building before you commit to a specific comp.  

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