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Building the BEST COMP with Elise in ranked mode?!

Shapeshifter & Demon Comp with: Elsie(1), Nidalee(1), Darius(1), Varus(2), Shyvana(3), Morgana(3), Gnar(4), Draven(4), Swain(5)   I know Elise used to be one of the worst tier champions in TFT. However since the release of Patfch 9.14, Elise has been transformed from one the weakest to one of the very best. She is now one solid 1 gold champion that can create amazing synergies and she will get the ball rolling and take over the game as you progress. She can deal impressive amount of damage in early game with her spiderlings and she can be pretty difficult to handle.   She's also a demon and at the moment, mana burning seems to be getting stronger in Teamfight Tactics. She is not a one-vs-five kind of unit but she can provide a solid barrier for the rest of your team. In the early game, Elise will allow Nidalee deliver as much damage as possible.   Before 9.14 patch, you'd usually go for Sorcerer synergy, but now with solid Elise in your team, you can also go for Demon synergy. have at least 3 strong shapeshifters with Elise, Nidalee, Shyvana, and Gnar for maximum survivability with good damage. In the backline, you want Varus and Morgana burning your opponents mana and prevent them from ulting.

Finally, once you get Swain, you can stick to Shapeshifter/Demon and look for 2 more Demons. This comp is powerful and flexible and should be very hard to counter. Give it a try and have fun.  

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