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Teamfight Tactics Best team comp #2

Wild / Noble / Sorcerer / Yordle Nidalee / Warwick, Kassadin / Cho’Gath, Morgana, Vayne / Lucian, Garen / Leona / Kayle, Gnar, Veigar, Lulu

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In the early game, we’d recommend going down the Noble route. Pick up Garen, Vayne and Lucian. All the while, keep an eye out for Warwick, Nidalee and Kassadin. Upgrade all of these units as often as possible through some generous rerolling, but know when to stop - you don't want to wreck your economy in the process. As the game progresses, you can start mixing in these units you've kept on the bench. It's important you keep the Noble buff as well as Nidalee as they'll both provide you with enough protection and sustain to survive into the mid/lategame. Throw Morgana into the centre of your composition when possible and do your utmost to upgrade her as she'll be the core of your composition. When it comes to itemisation, you'll want to stick Spear of the Shojin, Morellonomicon and Rabadon's on her. This will allow her to ult multiple enemies constantly, both stunning and dealing burst damage at the same time. Lulu should another top priority as she'll work towards the all-important Sorcerer buff and grant your team some more sustain. Eventually, you can work towards adding Gnar to your frontline and switching out Warwick for Cho'Gath. You'll still retain your Wild buff and you'll now have a very strong source of CC. Gnar and Cho'Gath will also give Morgana ample time to use her ability, as well as provide her with the protection she needs to survive. Be sure to give Gnar plenty of tanky items, and consider giving your Cho'Gath some too. Leona and Kayle should be picked up if possible, as they can be swapped in to replace Garen, Lucian or Vayne depending on the situation. Finally, you can either choose to place Veigar into your composition to grant you the Yordle buff and make Gnar even more of an unstoppable force. Otherwise, you can opt for the likes of Brand for the Demon bonus, or even another Void champion like Rek'Sai to grant the Void bonus.  

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