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TFT Origins X Tiers - 2. Mid Tier Origins

Mid-Tier Origins

Nobles are in the middle since the bonus for 3 is decent but getting to the 6 full build is not so easy. It all depends on Kayle showing up in the roster who is a Legendary unit. Also Fiora isn't ...very .. impressive to have around. The rest are good champions...but they don't synergize as well as some top tier units. Go for 3 units but 6 is not a good idea unless you already have Kayle.  

There's only one unit. and its Yasuo who happens to one of the most powerful champions in TFT. Just remember to place him far from allies.  

They are all pretty useless... except for Gnar. You can try and go for 3 unit with Gnar, Lulu, Veigar and add Aurelion Sol to go Sorcerers Yordles but by all means this is not the most effective comp.  

Phantom bonus is pretty significant you can kill an enemy unit with just two phantoms. Go for Kindred and karthus then add three more Rangers to work with Kindred.  

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