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I know we are all trying to create a team with the absolute MAXIMUM bonus from a single class and think creating such a team will let you dominate the game. Like 6 Assassins with ridiculously high critical damage will give you an incomparable advantage for sure.   However TFT is not just about maxing out bonuses. More times than not, it's about how flexible you are in undesirable situations and combine what you have to create unique benefits that your opponent couldn't predict.   There are several hero classes that will only max out when you have one or more of the characters that are extremely hard to find and you wont' be able to get them for a long while after the game begins. Plus, there are some classes with weird and unusual restrictions like Nijas. You only get bonuses either if you have ONLY 1 or 4 of them on the board at the same time.   For example, you are bound to waste lots of time, money and health along the way if you are fixated on Yasuo.. to max out the Exile class bonus. What you can do instead is, supplement existing bonuses with a weaker secondary category. I know it maybe not be exactly what you wanted but it could give you winning streaks and help you stay in the game longer.

Teamfight Tactics: General - Dont get FIXATED -> Be FLEXIBLE image 3

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