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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 1 The Fundamentals

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Welcome to TFT ECON 101. Obviously we will start with the very basics of TFT Economy.   +In the beginning, the amount of gold you receive will reflect the number of the round. For example, You get 2g in round 2, 3g in round 3, 4g in round 4, 5g in round 5.   +You receive interest for every 10 gold you have accumulated up till 50 gold. You will get your interest at the end of every round. (Maximum 5 g) (If you have 18 gold and sell a 2g unit on your bench before next round, you will get 2g)   +There are win streaks and lose streaks. You will gain extra gold for winning or losing in succession. 3 game streak: 1 extra gold / 5 game streak: 2 extra gold / 7 game streak: 3 extra gold   +If you have Pirates, you get additional gold between 0 and 4 in the chest at the end of the round.   Now that we're done with the very basic information, we will go through 3 different styles of economy you can play in the upcoming chapters.   Chapter 2: Aggressive Economy (Power spiking early game / win-streaking / punishing greedy opponents / solidifying an advantage into late game)   Chapter 3: Greedy Economy (Sacrificing early game / get more overall gold / access to higher tier units early / reroll)   Chapter 4: Balanced Economy (Making decisions)

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