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Step by Step guide for One Effective Team Comp

Teamfight Tactics: General - Step by Step guide for One Effective Team Comp image 1

This comp is all about Draven and Aurelion Sol. So protect them no matter what!   1) To get started, you need Darius (frontline), Mordekaiser/Garen(frontline) while Ahri(backline), Nidalee(backline)   2) As you continue with rounds, upgrade them as fast as you can and keep an eye out for Lulu, Draven, Shyvana and Aurelion Sol.   3) Draven deals ridiculous amount of damage, you want him at the core of your com and he's the key to victory. Damage items like The Bloodthirster, Inifinity Edge and Sword of the Divine better go to Draven   4) You need Lulu for Sorcerer synergy and she'll enhance survivability and crowd control   5) Shyvana's a good frontline pick. And you want most certainly want Aurelion in the lategame to further increase your burst potential and get the Dragon synergy too.   6) Lastly, always identify what your opponent is trying to pull and pick a last unit to counter it.  

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