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TFT Origins X Tiers - 1. Top Tier Origins

Top-Tier Origins

This is the best Origin at the moment. Glacial units immobilizes enemy units so they cannot move, attack or use their abilities. Try to get all 6 units to get the most out of this origin. And then ditch lower tier units you don't want and get a better champion and make him Glacial with the Frozen Mallet  

It's relatively difficult to get all four units in this origin and if you cannot get your hands on Swain, this origin will not work properly. Instead, go for a class synergy, and build Assassins around Kata and add Akali & Pyke.  

If you are going for a Ninja comp, either have just ONE or all FOUR. Once you get 1 ninja, you can shift to 4 and if you don't get them all, aim for the class combo, Assassins.  

Get both Shyvanna and Aurelion sol and create synergy with two Shapeshifter and two Sorceres. You get a solid versatile comp with 3 different synergies!  

If you value attack speed, you would appreciate Wild origin comp. Make sure you have Gnar, Nidalee, Rengar and Ahri. If you add Shyvana or Swain, you'll get the Shapeshifter bonus.  

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