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Early game CAROUSEL tips for the absolute noobs

Teamfight Tactics: General - Early game CAROUSEL tips for the absolute noobs image 1

So, you experienced your first share draft and you had no idea what the hell's going on? Little creatures are running around, dragging other little creatures and everyone else is spinning in a circle... I know it looks like a circus! Here's all you have to remember:   This is the most important Carousel Round.   1 LOOK FOR $2 UNITS -unless you can get a RECURVE BOW with $1 unit -or unless $2 units have the worst items (Chain Vests / Negatron cloak)   2 Here's the priority list on your first carousel: 1) Recurve Bow 2) Spatula 3) Tear of the Goddess 4) Needless Large Rod 5) B.F. Sword 6) Giant's Belt 7) Negatron Cloak (worst) 8) Chain Vest (worst)   3. Here're the items you want to make early game 1) Rageblade: Nidalee, Vayne 2) Statikk Shiv: Nidalee, Vayne, Tristana, Lucian 3) Spear of Shojin: Kha'Zix, Darius, Ahri 4) Bloodthirster: Nidalee, Vayne (with ATK speed item) 5) Rabadon's Deathcap: Ahri with Spear of Shojin 6) Rapid Firecannon: Nidalee(3star)  

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