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a little bit about Gold in Teamfight Tactic

So what does Gold do in Teamfigtht Tactics? It's a mean that allows you to level up, buy new champions or reroll the dice to get new set of characters to choose from. Thus, how much gold you earn and how quickly you earn them will impact the outcome of your game greatly.   Ok, so one effective way of earning gold in TFT is to create "INTEREST". You are given a set amount of interest at the end of every turn and the actual amount depends on how much you have in your pocket at the time. ----You make 1 gold for every 10 you accumulate. ----Maximum interest you can receive is 5 (for 50 in your pocket) So there's no reason for you to hold onto more than 50 gold. Use the surplus to get upgrades and higher tier champions.   Gold generator icons will appear on the left side of the arena to let you know easily how much gold you're earning each round. Also, you can mouse over the gold icon on the bottom center of the screen. You know you can also see your opponent's gold generators on the screen too. Keep an eye on how much stash your opponents have saved each round and try to keep up.

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