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Your ARENA explained in details

[1]Little Legend Your Little Legend is your Avatar. You can unlock more by playing Teamfight Tactics or buy them in the League of Legends store.

  [2]Battlefield This is Where the fighting takes places. You can place your champions in the rows near you. Your opponent will arrive at the top.   [3]Bench Place extra champions you bought here till you move them onto the battlefield.   [4]Store -This is where you buy a random selection of champions, including duplicates, from a shared pool in the store. -Lock/unlock the store: Lock your store so it doesn't refresh at the start of the round. This is useful when you want to buy a champion but can’t afford right now.

-Refresh: Pay a little gold to refresh the champions in the store. -Buy XP: Pay gold to gain experience points. The higher your level, the more (powerful and expensive) champions you can pick from.   [5]Trait Tracker Shows origin and class bonuses your champions currently quality for   [6]Item Inventory Items go here until they're equipped to champions (drag and drop to equip).   [7]Gold Generators Gold generators appear based on how much gold you already have. Each generator is worth one interest gold at the start of your next turn.   [8]Scoreboard You can see all players’ health in the game.   [9]Stage Tracker Records which rounds you won/lost in the current stage and how many rounds are left.   [10]Phase Tracker Tells you the phase you're currently in and how much time is remaining.   [11]Opponent's Side This is where you see your opponents with their team, bench, inventory, gold generators and their little legend.   #tips #guide  

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