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Quick guide to CHAMPIONS #2 ORIGINS-Part 1

ORIGINS A champion's ORIGIN explains where they hail from, or where their allegiance lies. If you deploy multiple unique champions with the same origin, you can unlock POWERFUL TRAIT BONUSES! If you have copies of the same champion, all copies benefit from their origin bonus, but only the first counts for determining how many unique champions you have deployed.   There are total of 13 ORIGINS   Let's go through each origin and its own ujnque bonus:   1. DEMON>>>>>> Demons have a chance on-hit to deplete the target's current mana and deal true damage equal to the mana depleted. -2 Demons: 40% -4 Demons: 60% -6 Demons: 80%

  2. DRAGON>>>>>> While 2 Dragons are in play, all Dragons are immune to magic damage.

  3. EXILE>>>>>> Exiles start combat with a shield equal to 100% of maximum health when not placed adjacent to an ally. The shield does not scale with Ability power ability power.

  4. GLACIAL>>>>>> Glacials have a chance on-hit to Stun stun for 2 seconds. -2 Glacials: 20% -4 Glacials: 30% -6 Glacials: 45%

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