Does anyone know if this game is coming to console? I saw some people play it on twitch and it looks good but I don’t own a pc and can’t afford one.

LV.4 Lurker 1d

Is Locket stacking OP?

It seems like even though they killed Sorcerer Lockets people are Locket stacking more than ever. The extra 900 on 5 of your champions makes it so that you can go full carry without having to figure out how to include a front line in your comp. Stuff like 6 assassins Locket stacked is insanely powerful because it eliminates assassins' biggest weakness. What do you guys think about Locket right now?

LV.9 Nomad 2d

Which character do you guys want to see added to TFT update 9.15?

Zac for me

LV.21 Boo! 2d

Best TFT Assassin (JoshOG)

LV.23 Mootiversary! 2d

Playing full greedy economy be like...


LV.21 PlayStation 2d

Can't press play? How to FIX gray play button bug

Last couple of days a large number of TFT players have reported that the play button in the client is grayed out and they cannot press play. Apparently there is a very quick and easy fix to this bug. Let me show you how:
1. Open up the Launcher
2. Press the play button in the top left corner
3. Choose PvP option from the sub-header menu.
4. Click the TfT icon on the right and make sure to select "ranked"
5. Press Confirm at the bottom
Once you look at the solution, it's pretty simple and straight forward but it could be extremely annoying when you don't know how to solve it.

LV.22 Genius 2d

TFT Beta Pass End Schedule & Patch 9.16

Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass is finally coming to an end. Riot has announced that the TFT beta pass will end at different times for different regions since many of these regions did not have the same release timeline on live servers.
Riot Beernara announced that the last day to complete your challenges and collect your rewards is between July 23 and July 29.
The chart below shows the exact end dates and times for every region:
Riot also warned us that "Even if you were in a game or waiting for a game to complete when the pass turns off," you will not be able to turn in challenges or collect rewards.
Make sure you collect your rewards before deadline!
Additionally, next beta pass announced. Riot Beernana confirmed that the second beta pass will launch on live servers with patch 9.16 The next beta pass will be very similar to the one live right now.

LV.21 S 3d

I would say it's very hard to figure out

LV.7 Mod 3d

JoshOG wins TFT Showdown!

JoshOG is your TFT Showdown winner! JoshOG started the day out with the Volibear carry that he pioneered and it was the very same Volibear that ultimately got him the win. In an insane unexpected play, JoshOG double ghostbladed his Volibear expecting the second one to pop off. Instead of popping off however, both ghostblades stayed on Volibear and granted him double assassin bonuses! This meant that Volibear was hitting for over 1k every auto. What a great tournament, congrats to JoshOG!

LV.23 GG 3d

Announcing the Teamfight Tactics Simulator!

Good morning Teamfight Tacticians! We’re introducing a sweet tool to the Teamfight Tactics lounge today that we think you’ll really love. It’s the Teamfight Tactics Simulator!
The Simulator is a simple tool that will help you test out different team compositions. You select your roster of Champions and the Simulator shows you which synergies you do or don’t have. You can then browse a list of all Champions in the game, sorted by type.
We’ve also been sure to include all the necessary info you may forget, like Champion costs and what buffs the different combinations of Champions give.
Please, give the Simulator a try. You can access it at the top of the Teamfight Tactics lounge. We hope you can give us feedback on the Simulator, as we’re constantly experimenting with ways to improve your overall gaming experience.

verified Admin 3d

How to correctly utilize Fiora

LV.9 Mod 3d

TFT reached 350K viewers on Twitch today!

LV.23 Mootiversary! 3d

Insane 7 Synergy Comp

Insane 7 synergy comp I came across on youtube.
It's in Dutch but you can still check out his board.

LV.22 Let’s play Fortnite! 3d

You're all precious....


LV.22 S 3d


LV.21 S 3d


LV.21 PlayStation 3d

How to ECON with Pirates!

LV.22 Genius 3d

TFT teambuilder with Next Unit Suggestions,38,421,19,150,76,103

LV.15 Chief 3d

Glacial comp VS Yordle comp?

LV.7 Mod 4d

TFT Showdown Group A Results

Here's the results from Group A, the top 8 advance to the next round tomorrow. Did your favorites make it through?
1. Uthenera ($2,200)
2. superjj102 ($2,125)
3. General_HS_ ($2,050)
4. TidesOfTime ($1,950)
5. GN_GG ($1,950)
6. Wtcn ($1,925)
7. GoBGG ($1,825)
8. Amaz ($1,800)
9. NoWay4u_sir ($1,750)
10. LotharHS ($1,700)
11. Yassuo ($1,675)
12. DreadzTV ($1,600)
13. Shaunz ($1,600)
14. Arquel ($1,575)
15. Thaldrinlol ($1,550)
16. itsHafu ($1,550)
17. Jovirone ($1,500)
18. Pokimane ($1,450)
19. Trymacs ($1,450)
20. Forsen ($1,450)
21. just_ns ($1,425)
22. Savjz ($1,350)
23. Nervarien ($1,350)
24. Alohadancetv ($1,325)
25. Gosu ($1,325)
26. Dhalucard ($1,275)
27. Gnumme ($1,275)
28. Solary ($1,275)
29. Corobizar ($1,275)
30. blackfireice ($1,225)
31. Sp4zie ($1,125)
32. Lirik ($1,100)

LV.23 GG 4d


Ranked is now on the live servers! I've been waiting for this for weeks, I can't wait to jump in and start the climb. If you can, respond to this post after your placements and let me know how they went! Good luck to all of you, can't wait to see how everyone does!

LV.23 GG 4d

DAC vs TFT ((Synergy Comparison))

LV.23 Mootiversary! 4d

Twisted Fate Tip & Tricks

LV.9 Nomad 4d

Patch 9.14 Rundown and Predictions

SPOILER ALERT: 6 Noble is still absolute TRASH

LV.22 S 4d

New TFT champion Twisted Fate in action

LV.22 Let’s play Fortnite! 4d

NEWS: Ranked Party Size now Lowered from 5 to 3

After testing out TFT's new ranked mode on the LOL PBE, Riot has lowered the number of players that can queue up together from 5 to 3 at all ranks.
Ran Cao, a data scientist for Riot, confirmed the news a day from the release of V9.14.
Ran Cao says that "due to some concerns", the party size restriction will be locked to 3 players. These concerns were however not specified but it might have to do with the fact that these 5 players can help each other out in games to gain more LP and rank up quickly. She also stated that Riot will be evaluating more restrictions as players rank higher up the ladder.
By lowering the party size to 3, Riot is giving other players who aren't partied up a fight chance to win. This will also lower the chance for people to push and pull games in their favor.

LV.21 S 4d

TFT Patch 9.14 - 5 Key Points

1. From now on, TFT will patch EVERY WEEK.
TFT will now update every week according to Riot. There will be 2 types of updates. Larger updates will take place during regular League of Legends patches while smaller updates will happen in the weeks between that should bring less substantial changes to the mode.
2. Twisted Fate is here
This 2 gold Pirate Sorcerer was the first new champion to be added to TFT. Twisted Fate will randomly pick 1 of 3 cards and throw it at his target. A red card deals AoE damage, a yellow card stuns the target, a blue card restores mana.
3. Attack speed works differently now.
Attack speed is now calculated from a percentage of the champion's base attack speed. So champions with lower base attack speed will benefit less from speed items.
4. The way you get items is different now.
Every PVE round will now drop minimum of 1 reward (items or gold).
5. Spatula got a whole lot better.
Spatula now doubles the stat of the item it's placed with.

LV.15 Chief 4d

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 notes

LV.9 Mod 5d

Extra "THICC" Beefy Brawler Build by Disguised Toast

LV.21 PlayStation 5d

Getting 8th place when you feel like everything is going well. 🙃

LV.2 Lurker 5d