Teamfight Tactics Best team comp #2

Wild / Noble / Sorcerer / Yordle
Nidalee / Warwick, Kassadin / Cho’Gath, Morgana, Vayne / Lucian, Garen / Leona / Kayle, Gnar, Veigar, Lulu
In the early game, we’d recommend going down the Noble route. Pick up Garen, Vayne and Lucian. All the while, keep an eye out for Warwick, Nidalee and Kassadin. Upgrade all of these units as often as possible through some generous rerolling, but know when to stop - you don't want to wreck your economy in the process.
As the game progresses, you can start mixing in these units you've kept on the bench. It's important you keep the Noble buff as well as Nidalee as they'll both provide you with enough protection and sustain to survive into the mid/lategame.
Throw Morgana into the centre of your composition when possible and do your utmost to upgrade her as she'll be the core of your composition. When it comes to itemisation, you'll want to stick Spear of the Shojin, Morellonomicon and Rabadon's on her. This will allow her to ult multiple enemies constantly, both stunning and dealing burst damage at the same time.
Lulu should another top priority as she'll work towards the all-important Sorcerer buff and grant your team some more sustain.
Eventually, you can work towards adding Gnar to your frontline and switching out Warwick for Cho'Gath. You'll still retain your Wild buff and you'll now have a very strong source of CC.
Gnar and Cho'Gath will also give Morgana ample time to use her ability, as well as provide her with the protection she needs to survive.
Be sure to give Gnar plenty of tanky items, and consider giving your Cho'Gath some too.
Leona and Kayle should be picked up if possible, as they can be swapped in to replace Garen, Lucian or Vayne depending on the situation.
Finally, you can either choose to place Veigar into your composition to grant you the Yordle buff and make Gnar even more of an unstoppable force.
Otherwise, you can opt for the likes of Brand for the Demon bonus, or even another Void champion like Rek'Sai to grant the Void bonus.

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5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 1. Bullet Hell

While everyone else is looking at the same comp cheat sheet circulating around on the internet, why not have more fun and try these interesting and usual comps?
Here're 5 of the most interesting comps I've seen on Teamfight Tactics.
No 1: Bullet Hell
Even though they are not the strongest champions on TFT, if you know how to set them up just right, Gunslingers and Pirates can be devastatingly powerful.
With this comp, you want 4 Gunslingers for the bigger bonus (attacking all enemies in range) and Pirates to help your economy. Also Gunslingers will give free multi-attacks to everyone in the synergy, most importantly, GRAVES! You want him as high tier as possible. Also, equip him with a Phantom Dancer (attack speed/survivability), Titanic Hydra (Everyone of his Gunslinger multi-attacking shots splash damage!!) , then add an item that gives attack speed or health.
Lastly, do not forget to throw a tank in front, like Shen. He will help get you to that Blademaster synergy.

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S-tier Team Comp Builds

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5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 2. The Tractor Pull

I know many players don't find this golden robot very interesting at first. However, if you don't mind showering him with great items, he just might become the most annoying unit that'll drive your opponent crazy.
First, you need to start by equipping your key unit, Blitzcrank with either a pair of Spear of Shojin, or just 1 Spear + Yuumi and turn him into a sorcerer. This will make sure he will use his ability as frequently as possible. In the last slot, you can use whatever item you get your hands on but if possible, add Guinsoo's Rageblade so you can add some damage and scaling.
For the rest of the comp, you need at least one Brawler like Warwick and one other target for items but you gotta make sure there's plenty of health around Blitz. If everything goes as planned, you will be pulling enemies in the the middle of chaos over and over.

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Building the BEST COMP with Elise in ranked mode?!

Shapeshifter & Demon Comp with:
Elsie(1), Nidalee(1), Darius(1), Varus(2), Shyvana(3), Morgana(3), Gnar(4), Draven(4), Swain(5)
I know Elise used to be one of the worst tier champions in TFT. However since the release of Patfch 9.14, Elise has been transformed from one the weakest to one of the very best.
She is now one solid 1 gold champion that can create amazing synergies and she will get the ball rolling and take over the game as you progress. She can deal impressive amount of damage in early game with her spiderlings and she can be pretty difficult to handle.
She's also a demon and at the moment, mana burning seems to be getting stronger in Teamfight Tactics. She is not a one-vs-five kind of unit but she can provide a solid barrier for the rest of your team. In the early game, Elise will allow Nidalee deliver as much damage as possible.
Before 9.14 patch, you'd usually go for Sorcerer synergy, but now with solid Elise in your team, you can also go for Demon synergy. have at least 3 strong shapeshifters with Elise, Nidalee, Shyvana, and Gnar for maximum survivability with good damage. In the backline, you want Varus and Morgana burning your opponents mana and prevent them from ulting.
Finally, once you get Swain, you can stick to Shapeshifter/Demon and look for 2 more Demons. This comp is powerful and flexible and should be very hard to counter. Give it a try and have fun.

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Early Win Streak Items

When you want to start a winning streak in the early game, you want to pick items that'll give a lot of power to a single champion. In the early game, you cannot rely on a complete unit synergy yet. Also aura items are not very useful as your team size isn't very large yet. However, if you can create one powerful and unstoppable champion, you will have no problem taking an advantage of early win streak.
B.F. Sword + Chain Vest = Guardian Angel.
This item revives the defeated champion wearing it with 500 health.
This gives your key champion more mileage, almost doubling their durability in the early game when most enemy champions are 1- and 2-stars.
Recurve Bow + Needlessly Large Rod = Ginsoo’s Rageblade.
Each attack grants 3 percent attack speed, stacking infinitely.
This blade is unstoppable early on when enemy champions are not ready to stop you with chain-stun, or banish. The Rageblade is particularly powerful on a number of tier 1 champions, including Kassadin.
Recurve Bow + Tear of the Goddess = Statikk Shiv.
Every third attack deals 100 spell damage in an area around the target.
This extra damage can carry you far in the early game and can still be useful later on as the board crowds up.

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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 3 Greedy Economy

With Greedy Economy, your goal is reach the 50 gold threshold as quickly as possible in order to create maximum interest. Being greedy can be very reliable because even though you cannot always control whether you win or lose, you can always control how much you lose.
You can employ this strategy almost anytime to reach a certain point.
-If you have a bad hand to start with and cannot rank up any units.
-If you are experienced and know what you're doing and you'd rather have a lot of gold to make decisions in late game with knowledge on your enemy.
-if you are familiar with breakpoints with income and levels and you don't want to miss your income threshold.
-if you know how to dump gold fast and know and know when to do so
First, you will have to reach your interest thresholds ASAP. Do not spend unnecessary gold on any new units outside of very strong core units you absolutely need. Do not level up either before you reach 50 gold and start receiving interest. Do Not Spend Gold on Anything! However, you also want to maintain a team strong enough that you don't lose too much HP and not lose to creeps. You will miss out on valuable items.
Lastly, if you haven't reached interest threshold and if you buy a unit you can create a rank 2 unit with a pre-existing unit, buy it, rank up, then sell it.
1. If you consider the entire duration of the game, you will have more overall gold to work with...even though most of that gold will come near the end of the game.
2. Maintaining a lose-streak is pretty easy to manage.
3. You can reach high tier units faster than your opponents.
4. You'll have the higher carousel priority to pick what you need.
5. You can observe what your opponents are building before you commit to a specific comp.

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Infinite Dodges with 6 YORDLES

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What's the BEST TEAM COMP?

I think first comp is the best if I can get it but it's impossible....

Here is the origin post:

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Best TFT Guide


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POPULAR TFT Showdown Guess the Winner Event!

***NOTE: The tournament is over and the winner was JoshOG! We will be announcing the five lucky winners on Monday!***
Howdy folks! We are excited to announce our next event STARTING RIGHT NOW for all you TFT fans out there! Check out the information below on how to enter and what you can win!
What is the event?
- There is a BIG TFT tournament starting up on July 17th and we want YOU to guess who will win it all! All you have to do it select your winner in the poll at the bottom of this post and you are good to go! It simple and fun for all ages! 😝
When is the event?
- Poll starts RIGHT NOW through July 17th (when the tournament starts)!
- Event will end on the 18th (when the tournament ends)!
- Winners will be chosen shortly after and contacted by Moot!
What are the prizes?
- Up to 5 users who pick the correct winner will take home a $100 Amazon Gift Card! (If more than 5 users pick the correct winner, 5 users will be chosen from among them randomly)
- 100 random users who entered will receive 500 Moot Coins!
How do I enter?
- Select your choice from the Teamfight Tactics Showdown roster below!

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Aurelion Sol

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TFT Items guide!


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Best Comp in TFT!!

6 assassins and 4 ninjas

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Teamfight Tactics Showdown Roster and Prizes

On july 17th and 18th , 64 invited Twitch streamers will be competing in Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Showdown. They’ll be playing for a piece of $125,000 and bragging rights as the Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics winner.

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TFT Funny Moments #3


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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 2 Aggressive Economy

With Aggressive Economy, your goal is to spend as much gold as possible early on to gain an advantage. This could include rerolling to find key units and upgrade them to rank 3 fast.
(It's a high risk but possibly high reward. Level up the key units)
-If you get an extraordinary roll on an early S tier unit and plan to build a round it.
-If you have great item components and a carry like Vayne close to upgrading.
-If everyone else is playing slow
-Reroll aggressively in the early levels and get the units you wanna rank up. You wan S-tier units you can build a composition around and you already have few units in that comp.
-Once the units are upgraded, level up to put in other units you have ranked up to keep your advantage. For example, if you have two silver units you're going to combine, place them onto the board.
-Sense and detect the moment when your unit lead is now strong enough to carry you for sometime, so that you can stop spending and start saving.
In TFT, there's an aspect to the game design that makes an aggressive start very powerful.
1 gold units can be very useful at higher ranks and you can upgrade them very easily at lower levels.
TFT leans toward an early game meta becuase of its roll mechanics. Items play a huge roll for carries and 1 gold unit with good items can be more effective than 4 gold units with poor items. You will have advantage over opponents playing with greedy economy.

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All-in-one Cheat Sheet

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Teamfight Tactics Dev News

Patch 9.14 – Ranked & New Content
You’ll be able to join the ranked queue and climb the ladder to see how great tactician you really are. Something worth noting is that you can’t win every game of TFT, but if you place in the Top4, you will typically gain LP and move up in rank.
So even if you are losing on the game, don’t give up!
They're also adding first new champion Twisted Fate. And planning a new content almost every patch.

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POPULAR Earthquake during TFT Tournament

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Upgrading Champions in TFT be like...


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TFT Tier 2 & 3 Droprates increased

Tier 2 and 3 champion drop rates have been adjusted.
In short, the Tier 2 and 3 champions are now more likely to appear.
Previously, Tier 2 champions would only start appearing after Lvl 3. and Tier 3 after Lvl 4.
Both now have a a smoother drop rate percentage curve as you level up.
It's easier to fit those Tier 2 and 3 champions into your strategy and utilize them now.
However there's a catch. Tier 4 champions now have slightly smaller chance of dropping at Lvl 5. and Tier 1 units' drop off is far steeper now.

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Are you kidding me?


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I am OBSESSED with Teamfight Tactics

It’s been a long time since any game has captivated me anywhere near as much as Teamfight Tactics. In fact, I don’t think I’ve fallen this deeply in love with a video game since the original League of Legends many, many years ago. For those that don’t know, Teamfight Tactics is Riot’s (the creators of League of Legends) version of Auto Chess, a relatively new genre that was first popularized by Dota’s Underlords. It’s a game that’s a bit of luck, a bit of strategy, and A LOT of fun.
If you dislike or have no interest in League of Legends, have no fear. Even though Teamfight Tactics is “technically” a LoL game mode, it truly is a standalone game and couldn’t possibly be more different than League. You don’t control your champions, there’s no teammates, no furious clicking or intense mechanical demand, and (most importantly) it’s tilt-free.
Here’s how it works:
You choose from a (somewhat) random selection of champions which automatically fight another player’s champions each round. After battling, you get gold which can be spent on more champions. Alternatively, you can save up to gain interest which weakens your immediate power but nets you more gold in the long run. You also randomly receive items at various points in the game which you can use to buff your champions or combine to make even stronger items with extra perks.
Even though it may seem like there’s a lot of RNG involved, make no mistake: strategy plays a massive role here. Each champion has different traits which provide huge benefits if you acquire the right combination of champions. Not only that, but each champion can also be upgraded to make them stronger individually. Your gold management and choosing whether to go for strong individual champions or for strong synergies is where all the strategy comes into play and you’ll often need to switch up strategies several times throughout a game if you want to win.
I'm obsessed with Teamfight Tactics for a good reason: it's an absolutely fantastic game and I seriously urge you to give it a try. It’s completely free to play and it's one of the best games in ages, so what are you waiting for? You can play Teamfight Tactics on the official League of Legends client here:

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TFT Origins X Tiers - 2. Mid Tier Origins

Mid-Tier Origins
Nobles are in the middle since the bonus for 3 is decent but getting to the 6 full build is not so easy. It all depends on Kayle showing up in the roster who is a Legendary unit. Also Fiora isn't ...very .. impressive to have around. The rest are good champions...but they don't synergize as well as some top tier units. Go for 3 units but 6 is not a good idea unless you already have Kayle.
There's only one unit. and its Yasuo who happens to one of the most powerful champions in TFT. Just remember to place him far from allies.
They are all pretty useless... except for Gnar. You can try and go for 3 unit with Gnar, Lulu, Veigar and add Aurelion Sol to go Sorcerers Yordles but by all means this is not the most effective comp.
Phantom bonus is pretty significant you can kill an enemy unit with just two phantoms.
Go for Kindred and karthus then add three more Rangers to work with Kindred.

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Quick guide to CHAMPIONS #4 ORIGINS-Part 3

10. Robot>>>>>>
Robots begin combat with full mana.
11. Void>>>>>>
While 3 Voidlings are in play, your team gains 50% armor penetration.
12. Wild>>>>>>
Wildlings generate Fury on-hit, up to 5. Each stack gives 7% attack speed.
-2 Wildlings: Fury benefits all allied Wildlings.
-4 Wildlings: Fury benefits all allies.
13. Yordle>>>>>>
Yordles have a chance to Blind dodge enemy attacks.
-3 Yordles: 25%
-6 Yordles: 60%

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Player Damage Formula

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I know we are all trying to create a team with the absolute MAXIMUM bonus from a single class and think creating such a team will let you dominate the game.
Like 6 Assassins with ridiculously high critical damage will give you an incomparable advantage for sure.
However TFT is not just about maxing out bonuses. More times than not, it's about how flexible you are in undesirable situations and combine what you have to create unique benefits that your opponent couldn't predict.
There are several hero classes that will only max out when you have one or more of the characters that are extremely hard to find and you wont' be able to get them for a long while after the game begins. Plus, there are some classes with weird and unusual restrictions like Nijas. You only get bonuses either if you have ONLY 1 or 4 of them on the board at the same time.
For example, you are bound to waste lots of time, money and health along the way if you are fixated on Yasuo.. to max out the Exile class bonus. What you can do instead is, supplement existing bonuses with a weaker secondary category. I know it maybe not be exactly what you wanted but it could give you winning streaks and help you stay in the game longer.

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A little bit about leveling in TFT

Your level plays a huge role in building your team's strength in TFT.
Your level will directly influence how many units you have on the board at the same time and the chances of getting higher rarity units.
There are 2 ways to gain XP:
1) You are given 2XP each round
2) You can buy 4XP / 4 gold
Generally, the 2 XP you get each turn should be just about enough for passive progression. However there are times in the game when spending a little extra gold can allow you an advantage that's going to make a huge difference.
***Bottom line: At any point, if you are only 4XP away from leveling up, SPEND THAT GOLD!
Every time you level up, you are allowed one more unit on the board until level 9 (Max.)
So do not lag in levels as it means lagging in fire power. Spending a little gold is definitely worth avoiding major dent i your HP.
Another problem with lagging in leveling is you will have reduced chance of getting powerful champions. You know you have to reach a certain level before you can get epic or legendary champions.
To create the best team you always wanted, pay attention to your level and invest gold when you have to.

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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 1 The Fundamentals

Welcome to TFT ECON 101. Obviously we will start with the very basics of TFT Economy.
+In the beginning, the amount of gold you receive will reflect the number of the round.
For example, You get 2g in round 2, 3g in round 3, 4g in round 4, 5g in round 5.
+You receive interest for every 10 gold you have accumulated up till 50 gold.
You will get your interest at the end of every round. (Maximum 5 g)
(If you have 18 gold and sell a 2g unit on your bench before next round, you will get 2g)
+There are win streaks and lose streaks. You will gain extra gold for winning or losing in succession.
3 game streak: 1 extra gold / 5 game streak: 2 extra gold / 7 game streak: 3 extra gold
+If you have Pirates, you get additional gold between 0 and 4 in the chest at the end of the round.
Now that we're done with the very basic information, we will go through 3 different styles of economy you can play in the upcoming chapters.
Chapter 2: Aggressive Economy
(Power spiking early game / win-streaking / punishing greedy opponents / solidifying an advantage into late game)
Chapter 3: Greedy Economy
(Sacrificing early game / get more overall gold / access to higher tier units early / reroll)
Chapter 4: Balanced Economy
(Making decisions)

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