POPULAR the BEST Yordle Team Comp (PATCH 9.14)

With a solid team of Yordles, you'll be dodge damage left and right. I know they appear all cute and cuddly but when they can cause some serious frustration when they start your opponents attacks. Throw in a bit of Gunslinger synergy to add DPS. This is an overall solid comp and relatively easier comp to put together compared to some of the more popular comps.
6 Yordles: Attacks against Yordles have 60% chance to miss
2 Gunslinger: After attacking, Gunslingers have a 50% chance to attack 1 other enemy
1 Ninja: Ninja gains +40% Attack Damage
With this comp, you'll stick to pretty standard back corner positioning. You want to avoid Assassin jumping in on your main Champions. In this comp, Tristana and Lucian are the most important champions you wanna protect. If you can get your hands on Gnar, he'll make a pretty good tank.
Try to grab on-hit debuff items for your Gunslinters ASAP. With Red Buff, you'll spread debuffs to all units in your enemy team and it also prevents them from healing. (Red Buss = Chain Vest + Giant's Belt). You'll also need Guinsoo's Rageblade & 2 Curse Blades. You wanna equip Lucian with Hush and Sword Breaker.
You're most likely to find Tristana first, then pair her with Lucian for early Gunslinger buff.
You can also find Lulu, Poppy, Veigar and Kennen sometimes pretty early in the game. Try to get the 3 Yordle buff ASAP.
If you find your on a winning streak in the early game, roll aggressively and find Tristana. Get her to 2 star quickly. If you're really aggressive, you might even get her to 3 star.
At this point, just focus on finding Yordles. Level up your units as much as possible. Create some debuff items.
Your main objective here is to find Gnar! The sooner you find, the more likely you'll get him to 2 star. Once you get to 2 star, don't bother trying to go any higher.
If you need an 8th Champion, consider a Sorcerer like Aurelion Sol or Karthus.

LV.20 S

POPULAR an Effective Comp after 9.14 - Imperial Brawlers

In the early game, it's pretty easy to get your hands on Garen and Darius. You'll get 2 Knight buff. Then look for Blitzcrank.
With next step, you better have some luck as you need to somehow acquire Cho'Gath for 2 Bralwer buff and Draven for Imperial buff.
In the late game, you can replace Garen with Sejuani and complete this comp with Katarina and Swain and get 4 Imperial buff.
Your final comp should include:
Draven, Blitzcrank, Darius, Katarian, Swain, Sejuani, Cho'Gath
The plan here is to built a solid high HP frontline barrier to protect Draven while he's burning down the entire enemy team. Draven is your key chmpion, equipping Draven with best items is your priority. The success of this whole comp depends on whether Draven can inflict enough damage before your frontline begins to fall apart.
Laslty, never underestimate Katarina' damage potential. If you can equip her with some survivability items, you will benefit from her ult greatly.
(Optional) Later on, add a Glacial unit like Anivia for CC
4 Imperials: Double damage for all Imperials
2 Knights: Knights block 20 damage from basic attacks
2 Brawlers: +300 bonus HP to Brawlers
1 Robot: Robots start with full mana
Swain Items:
Ionic Spark = Needlessly Large Rod + Negatron Cloak
Phantom Dancer = Chain Vest + Recurve Bow
Dragons' Claw = Negatron Cloak + Negatron Cloak
Draven Items:
Guinsoo's Rageblade = Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow
Rapid Firecannon = Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow
Bloodthirster = B.F. Sword + Negatron Cloak

LV.22 S

POPULAR Teamfight Tactics Tips(Useful)! #1

What you should be a priority is Champions than Items on the share draft.
You need to focus on items that lead you to win. Because in TFT, the Items are Key to win.
It doesn’t mean that you should give up with the champs. Synergies are also important as Items.
So, what’s your priority on share draft? It's Items. But by just picking up random items doesn’t make you win. You need to combine two items to make another item for additional effects.
But you probably you don’t know most of the combinations of items. So here’s the item cheat sheet.
Secondly, you need to decide what synergy were you going to make in final.
But, champions are not given to you as you wanted. So you need to change and keep the champions for the synergy what you want to make.
If you want to win every single game, you have to memorize every synergy. But it’s too hard for beginners, right?
So step one is just decide what synergy were you going to make. And then just do exactly what you wanted to do.

LV.13 Chief

POPULAR What's your Preference?

LV.9 Mod

POPULAR the BEST Ninja Team Comp (PATCH 9.14)

Ninja is a unique and interesting origin to play. You need to play smart with Ninjas and make sure you either have just 1 or 4 of them on the board at a time. You'll enjoy pretty powerful origin bonus that'll tear down your enemy units. With path 9.14, Ninjas make an excellent pairing with Elementalists. Glass synergy Golem will provide a solid tank.
3 Assassins: +150% critical strike damage
4 Ninjas: Ninja gains +40% attack damage
3 Elementalist: At the start, summon a 2500HP Golem
Equip Zed with Zeke's Herald and position your team in a line on the back row. Zeke's Herald gives additional attack speed to units to 2 spaces on the left and right. Place your best damage dealers accordingly. Equip Akali with Locket of the Iron Solari and position her so that you get the maximum shield out of her.
Look for B.F. Words and Giant's Belt to make Zeke's Herald. This items buff stacks up so get more than 1 on the smae unit to give left and right units a big buff in attack speed.
Also look for component items to make Locket of the Iron Solari. This comp doesn't have many tanks so this item will provide with some extra buffer to absorb some of the damage.
Put Zeke's on Zed, Lockets on Akali.
You wanna find Brand ASAP, it would be great if you can get him from the carousel. If you can get him, you'll have the Elementalist synergy from the mid game and that'll help carry you with sure victories while you are try to complete the rest of the built. Keep looking for Kenne, Brand, Akali.
By this point, you should already have Brand and Akali on board and you should be in the process of getting them to 2 stars. Don't try to go higher than that. By now a Locket should be place on Akali for more survivability. Make sure your team is in a line at the bottom row and Zed and Akali according to items buffs.

LV.20 S

POPULAR TFT Comp Build Up Guide (Eearly=>Mid=>Late)

LV.22 S


LV.22 S

Quick Tips for Absolute Noobs

1. Make use of losing streaks till you have 30 to 50. Then start spending.
2. Never reroll in the early game. Wait till you have reliable source of income(interest)
3. If you come across a high tier, rare champion, get him! Don't be afraid to change your comp. Get rid of weaker units.
4. Buy off units that your opponents are trying to build.
5. Once you reach the mid game, check out top players' comps to see what you're up against.
6. Position ranged carries in the middle, put tanks next to them to defend from Assassins.
7. Don't be afraid of buying and especially selling. If you don't need'em, sell'em!
8. In Carousel, look for the component item you need first, then look for the champion that fits your team.
9. Item effects can stack. Two Guardian Angels will revive you twice.
10. When you lose, check out the team comp of top players.
11. If your comp includes lots of Assassin, put your frontline units at the back. Your enemy frontline will be pulled forward and your assassins can jump on their backline.

LV.22 S

Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #3 Imperial Brawlers

Once you turn on the vicious double damage Imperial buff, Draven will start melting the frontline enemies and with if you can utilize Blitzcrank in a clever way, you won't have to worry too much about those annoying backline champions.
-You have 2 Darius units early in the game
-You have found good items for Draven early in the game.
-Early game: Just make sure you have 2 Darius units. 3rd and 4th Units can be anybody as long as they are strong enough so that you can survive to mid game.
-Mid game: Start building up solid tanky front line. You need Draven on board by now. Have 4 brawler units while you find all the Imperial units. Sejuani makes a great addition to this build.
-Pay extra attention to your opponent's positions so you can place Blitzcrank in the right position.
-Find out where they place the main carries(left/right) then place Blitzcrank on the opposite side (right/left)
-Keep Blitz on your bench, then right before the round starts sub him in!
-Draven: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
-Swain: Ionic Spark, Phantom Dancer, Dragon's Claw

LV.11 Mod

an Effective Comp after 9.14 - Shapeshifter Demons

Patch 9.14 is live now and Elise is a tier one unit. You can get Elise and Nidalee and level up to 2 stars pretty early in the game now. If you succeed at acquiring 2 star Elise & Nidalee early on, this comp will deliver massive damage. Don't forget to grab Varus as well early on and you will enjoy this game.
While in the mid-game, you should begin to get the Shapeshifter buff and Demon buff. Start looking for Shyvana who will be one of your main carries and Aatrox. Make sure you get 4 Demons and 3 Shapeshifters on board.
Your final comp should include:
Aatrox, Aurelion Sol, Elise, Gnar, Morgana, Varus, Shyvana
4 Demons: Demons have 50% chance on hit to burn all garget's current mana, dealing true damage equal to the amount burned.
3 Shapeshifters: On transform, gain 60% max HP
2 Dragons: Dragons immune to Magic Damage.
Shyvana Items:
Warmog's Armor = Giant's Belt + Giant's Belt
Rapid Firecannon = Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow
Hextech Gunblade = BF Sword + Needlessly Large Rod
Varus Items:
Seraph's Embrace = Tear of the Goddess + Tear of the Goddess
Guinsoo's Rageblade = Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow
Rabadon's Deathcap = Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod

LV.22 S

I would say it's very hard to figure out

LV.9 Mod

JoshOG wins TFT Showdown!

JoshOG is your TFT Showdown winner! JoshOG started the day out with the Volibear carry that he pioneered and it was the very same Volibear that ultimately got him the win. In an insane unexpected play, JoshOG double ghostbladed his Volibear expecting the second one to pop off. Instead of popping off however, both ghostblades stayed on Volibear and granted him double assassin bonuses! This meant that Volibear was hitting for over 1k every auto. What a great tournament, congrats to JoshOG!

LV.24 GG

POPULAR Announcing the Teamfight Tactics Simulator!

Good morning Teamfight Tacticians! We’re introducing a sweet tool to the Teamfight Tactics lounge today that we think you’ll really love. It’s the Teamfight Tactics Simulator!
The Simulator is a simple tool that will help you test out different team compositions. You select your roster of Champions and the Simulator shows you which synergies you do or don’t have. You can then browse a list of all Champions in the game, sorted by type.
We’ve also been sure to include all the necessary info you may forget, like Champion costs and what buffs the different combinations of Champions give.
Please, give the Simulator a try. You can access it at the top of the Teamfight Tactics lounge. We hope you can give us feedback on the Simulator, as we’re constantly experimenting with ways to improve your overall gaming experience.

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New 9.14 Patch Team comp Guide #1

Brawler Void Glacial
Kassadin, Blitzcrank, Varus, Rek’Sai, Ashe, Volibear, Cho’Gath
4 Brawlers, 3 Void, 2 Glacial, 2 Ranger, 1 Robot
Volibear has been buffed in 9.14 patch. Reduced the mana cost of his ability, and increased attack speed, health, damage.
Early Game: Start with Blitzcrank and Rek’Sai for the two Brawler bonus.
Mid-Game: Adding Kha’Zix and Kassadin to finish the three Void Synergy.
Late Game: Ashe, Volibear, and Varus bring the two Glacial and two Ranger bonuses.
Remove Kha’Zix or Kassadin and add Cho’Gath to keep the Void synergy.
Ninja Assassin Elementalist
Lissandra, Shen, Zed, Pyke, Kennen, Akali, Brand
4 Ninjas, 3 Assassins, 3 Elementalist
This comp is easy to build as there are mostly low cost champ, but also note that you need several units to enable the trait bonuses.
Shen is the only tank champ in this comp, but once unlock the Elementalist synergy, you’ll have a golem on the field. So now he can be a tank. But The Golem nurfed in 9.14 Patch (damage decreased), however it doesn’t matter a lot because it’s a tank.
Early Game: Start with Pyke, Zed, and a radom Assassin to achieve the three Assassin synergy and one more Ninja bonus.
Mid-Game: Add Lissandra, Kennen, Brand for the 3 Elementalist synergy.
Remove the random assassin you added to add Shen and Akali for the four Ninja synergy.
Late Game: Replace Lissandra with Anivia in order to retain the Elementalist bonus with better unit.

LV.9 Mod

TFT Tier List (9.14 Update)

LV.22 S

How to Match Component Items to your Champions

B.F Sword ===> Darius
(+20 attack damage) This item is best suited to Darius since one of his best stats is attack damage. Combine it with a Needlessly Large Rod to make a Hextech Gunblade and heal 25% of the damage you deal.
Recurve Bow ===> Ashe
(+20% attack speed) The bow goes on Ashe and you can start building around her attack speed. Watch out for a Tear of the Goddess and combine the two to make Statikk Shiv. Once the built is complete, her every 3rd attack will deal 100 splash magical damage.
Chain Vest ===> Leona
(+20 armour) Build around Leona's strong armour stat. Find a Needlessly Large Rod to make her a Locket of the Iron Solari to shield units around her for 200 health.
Negatron Cloak ===> Poppy
This item will further increase her magic resist which is already strong. Throw in a Chain Vest to make Thornmail and reflect 35% of the damage taken from attacks.
Needlessly Large Rod ===> Swain
(+20% spell damage) This item is perfect for Swain since he already has a decent mana and ability power. Get a Giant's Belt and create Morellonomicon. He'll cast spells with burn damage and prevent healing.
Tear of the Goddess ===> Varus
(+20 starting mana) Varus has decent ability power and mana base stats. Look for Needlessly Large Rod to create a Luden's Echo. Once you complete the build, you'll deal 200 splash damage.
Giant's Belt ===> Volibear
(+200 health) his already solid health pool, Volibear is an ideal candidate for this belt. Combine it with Recurve Bow and create a Titanic Hydra. Volibear's maximum HP's 10% will be dealt as splash damage.

LV.24 Mootiversary!

Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #2 Imperial Spark

Darius / Draven / Swain / Poppy / Sejuani / Katarina / Garen
The core of this comp is about using Ionic Spark (200 true damage) every time your opponent casts a spell. It will benefit from the Imperial buff and if you have 2 sparks, that's already 800 damage which ticks before spell cast killing the enemy unit. You'll need Draven to dish out massive DPS to kill the fronliners.
-you have a 2 star Darius and Garen
-you have the necessary components to make at least 1 Iconic Spark
-Early game: Garen and Darius are your main units. Find Katarina if possible for Imperial buff. Find other sold 2 start units.
-Mid game: You should have 4 Knights (including Garen & Darius) + Draven. Continue collecting other imperials on the bench.
-You need minimum of any 4 knights to make this comp work.
-Make Knights Vow and make 6 knights and create this ultra tanky frontline barrier.
-Only play 2 imperials or 4. NEVER 3!
-Run Poppy early game and swap out Garen. or Poppy for Kayle later.
-Run Darius and Draven first then collect all 4. Make sure the buff goes to DPS units.
-Draven: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
-Swain: Ionic Spark, Phantom Dancer, Dragon's Claw

LV.11 Mod

Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #1 Glacial Bralwers

Blitzcrank / Cho'gath / Rek'sai / Volibear / Brand / Lissandra / Ashe / Anivia
Great thing about this comp is that you don't really care about getting your mana drained. Your entire comp serves as a protective barrier for Volibear. Once you reach level 8 with the 4 glacial buff, nobody could stop you.
-you have component items to make Rapid Firecannon
-you have a bunch of brawlers early
-Early game: Get 4 brawlers on board ASAP. Use wild buff and any 2 start units in the meantime.
-Mid game: By level 7, have 4 brawlers and 3 elementalist. Get the elementalists first then add in other units.
-Warmogs & Redemption are highly OP in early game since they give so much health to magnify your own health.
-You cannot make this comp work without Volibear with RFC.
-Watch your opponents and their backline units and play smart with Blitzcrank.
-Getting man burned/CC'ed is a deal breaker.

LV.11 Mod

the BEST Gunslinger Team Comp (PATCH 9.14)

With the 9.14 patch, Gunslingers got a pretty good buff. So master the art of putting together a perfect Gunslinger Team Comp and you will enjoy a lot of victories!
Just remember:
1) Gunslingers are on high demand now that the 9.14 patch is out.
2) Get a hold of as many on-hit items on them as possible to debuff your enemey.
3) Pair the Gunslingers with Pirates for more gold and roll earlier.
Gunslinger & Pirate Comp:
You get a pretty powerful buff with Gunslingers and you'll have a 50% chance to fire additional attacks and stack that, you'll attack 1 additional enemy and then 2 more!
You will take advantage of on-hit items that can debuff the entire teams!
With the extra gold you earn with Pirates goes to rolling.
There's no tank with this build in the early game. Place Lucian in front and keep other units away from the chaos. Your goal is to debuff your enemy team enough so they cannot inflict too much damage on you.
In later stages, of course Cho'gath and Sejuani and absorb some damage.
Build Guide:
1) Early game - Equip Cursed Blade & Red Buff on Gunslingers to debuff your opponent team. To make these you'll need Chain Vest, giant Belt, Negatron Cloak and Recurve Bow.
You will place these early items on Tristana since she's got the fastest attack speed and her ability can spread the debuffs to every single units on your opponents team.
Depending on the type of items you get, you can either put Spear of Sho'jin/Guinsoo's Rageblade on Pyke, OR Hush/Sword Breaker on Lucian.
***The key unit here is Tristana. If you can 2 star her early, this comp will work out for you smoothly. Team her up with Lucian and Graves as early as possible for that delicious Gunslinger buff.
2) Mid game - By this stage, you should've upgraded some of your lower tier champion and now you can start populating your team with Pirates for the synergy. With Pirates, you'll rolling and leveling up faster. Look out for Pykes and Ganbplanks.
3) Late game - By this point, you will have your 2 main synergies filled out. Now you can go for Cho'Gath and Sejuani to complete your team. Place them upfront . In case you come across Miss Fortune, grab her and replace Gangplank or Graves with her unless they are already 3 star.

LV.20 S

Glacial comp VS Yordle comp?

LV.9 Mod

POPULAR Everything we know about Twisted Fate

Quick Facts:
1) Very Fragile (450HP/lvl1, 810HP/lvl2) - similar to Ahri & Veigar
2) Ults for 50 mana (can cast more frequently)
3) 3 range
1) 3 random cards: A stun, AoE, Mana restore
2) Activates with 50 mana, rotating set of cards appear
1) Spear of Shojin: More ults, More cards, More mana for your team
2) Guinsoo's Rageblade: Attack speed and AP
3) Seraph's Embrace: More ults, Morea cards, More mana for your team
TF can fit in with any comp running Pirates or Sorcerers.
1) 6 Sorcerer Comps:
Twisted Fate: CC and Mana Battery. Rank him up.
2) Pirate Comps:
Twisted Fate: brings the Pirate buff up earlier in the game.
TF is pretty fragile with 3 range. Put him next to your ranged carry.
He can feed mana. Place him behind (not the furthest behind) and close to everyone else.
1) TF is a great transition unit. He opens up options for early pirate buff and role fills well in sorcerer comp.
2) Don't be afraid to use him. Buy him, give him items, then sell him after he served his purpose.
3) TF is a great support unit that lights other units.

LV.22 S

TFT Patch 9.14 - 5 Key Points

1. From now on, TFT will patch EVERY WEEK.
TFT will now update every week according to Riot. There will be 2 types of updates. Larger updates will take place during regular League of Legends patches while smaller updates will happen in the weeks between that should bring less substantial changes to the mode.
2. Twisted Fate is here
This 2 gold Pirate Sorcerer was the first new champion to be added to TFT. Twisted Fate will randomly pick 1 of 3 cards and throw it at his target. A red card deals AoE damage, a yellow card stuns the target, a blue card restores mana.
3. Attack speed works differently now.
Attack speed is now calculated from a percentage of the champion's base attack speed. So champions with lower base attack speed will benefit less from speed items.
4. The way you get items is different now.
Every PVE round will now drop minimum of 1 reward (items or gold).
5. Spatula got a whole lot better.
Spatula now doubles the stat of the item it's placed with.

LV.20 S

Easy Beginner Compositions #2 NINJA & ASSASSIN

I know it never would've made any sense to form a team of Assassins in League, but it makes perfect sense in TFT. Typically, you'd place a protective barrier of a solid tank line in the front. But when you stack Assassins equipped with decent items, you will deal explosive damage to flatten your opponents.
First, Zed will be your main guy at the forefront in this composition. He belongs to both Ninja and Assassin categories and he will take advantage of both synergies eventually.
You will start with a single Ninja but will complete your comp with 4 Ninjas and 6 Assassins once you hit level 10. At this point, you will have +60% attack damage for your Ninjas, 350% crit damage for your Assassins. Add in a few items here and there, you will be rip your opponents to shreds.
The only problem is , building up to this exact comp isn't easy and it takes time. So in the meantime, you need to be dynamic and flexible to maintain enough survivability. Start slow and take your time, play a couple of tanks in the beginning, then gradually populate your bench with Assassins.
You're more likely to lose the first couple of PVP rounds but do not panic, you should still be in a decent shape and you'll have higher priority at the carousel pick and you'll have saved up some gold from your losing streak. Be patient and once you have the resources you need, you can start shaping your comp to your heart's content.

LV.22 PlayStation

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 notes

LV.11 Mod

Can you guys guess?

LV.9 Mod

Perfect Comps for Ranked Mode

-Graves 1
-Tristana 1
-Lucian 2
-Pyke 2
-Gangplank 3
-Cho'Gath 4
-Gnar 4
-Sejuani 4
-Miss Fortune 5
Gunslingers and Pirates are one of the strongest comps in TFT.
Grave and Tristiana are 2 very powerful early game units that scale very well.
Give Red Buff/Titanic Hydra/Curse Blade/Sword Breaker to Tristana and add Graves for the Gunslinger synergy, then Lucian adn Gangplank.
This comp naturally fits together with Pirates from the early game. Add Pyke to your comp. Even with his recent nerfs, he still makes an decent solo Assassin.
Lastly, you will need good tanky frontline with units like Gnar, Sejuani and Cho'Gath.
-Darius 1
-Nidalee 1
-Warwick 1
-Lissandra 2
-Kennen 3
-Katarina 3
-Brand 4
-Sejuani 4
-Draven 4
-Swain 5
If you are not doing so well in the early game and things are just not going as you have planned at all, switching to Elementalist is your best option.
Before anything, Brand should be the last champion to the comp so do not start with him in the early game. Play safe, stick to reliable stand alone units at first. Garen, Darius, Braum, Warwick and Zed are good options to start with. Darius can help with Imperial/Elementalist , Zed with Nina, Baraum with Glacial, Warwick with Wild. As game progress, you will have better chance to pick up Brand (probably by level 6 or 7) If you still don't have Brand at level 7, start rerolling.
Once you get Brand and 2 other elementalist, you'll instantly pick up the pace and shape your comp with a degree of freedom you didn't have before.
-Add Ashe for Glacial route / Add Varus for Demons/Rangers
-Draven/Katarina/Darius works perfect for Imperial
-Zed, Shen, Akali for Ninjas

LV.20 S

5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 3. Kassawin

You could never go wrong with Kassadin in most situations. But if you can equip him just right with a few key items, he will become a huge headache for your opponents.
You can start out with Gunsoo's Rageblade. Then add i Runaan's Hurricane and finish up with a Rapid Firecannon to finalize. Swinging on 3 enemy units at once and draining their mana to fuel your shields will keep him and your team alive.
To empower Kassadin even more, you want to add a fellow void Kha'Zix who can distract and take care of back line units, and Cho'Gath is great pick for his area CC, tanking and complete the void Buff.
Lastly, go for the Sorcerers route and add some serious damage to your comp with units like Lulu, Aurelion Sol or Ahri.

LV.22 S

What's your best 1$ Champ?

LV.9 Mod

Teamfight Tactics PBE Patch 9.14 Details

TFT patch 9.14 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Big Changes
-There’s a new Gromp encounter after the first minion wave.
-PVE rounds from Gromp onward are now guaranteed to drop a lootbox which can contain either: 2 XP, one to four Gold, or an item.
-One enemy per PVE encounter now gets a buff in the form of Dragon’s Claw (resistant to magic), Red Buff (burn damage, healing disabled), or Guardian Angel.
-PVE dragons no longer have magic immunity.
-PVE dragons are guaranteed to drop a full item.
-Runaan’s Hurricane reworked. Now summons a spirit who mirrors your attacks, dealing 25% damage. Applies on hit effects.
-Red Buff reworked. Does 13% of Max Health as damage over time over five seconds. Still prevents any healing.
-Morellonomicon reworked. Does 15% of Max Health as damage over time over five seconds. Still prevents any healing.
-Elise is now a Tier One unit.
-Locket of the Iron Solari no longer scales with ability power.
-Varus’ ultimate now costs 100 mana (up from 75)
-Pyke’s ultimate now costs 125 mana (up from 100)
-Demon Bonus early game nerfed early game, buffed late game. From 40/60/80 to 35/60/85.
-Undetailed nerfs to the Elementalist golem.
-Undetailed nerf to the Shapeshifter bonus.
-Undetailed nerf to Elise.
-Runaan’s Hurricane no longer provides on-hit effects.
-Demons now deal a percentage of the mana they burn as damage. (30/50/70% chance to burn, 100/200/400% damage)
-Cursed Blade’s debuff can now shrink a champion to level 0 and lasts the entire round.
-Frozen Heart attack speed slow increased to 25% from 20%.
-Gunblade heal increased from 25% to 33%.
-Warmog’s Armor now regenerates 6% of Max Health per second. (Up from 3%)
-Zeke’s Herald now provides 15% Attack Speed to adjacent allies in a straight horizontal line. (Up from 10%)
-Guinsoo’s Rageblade now provides 4%, rather than 3% Attack Speed per stack.
-Guardian Angel now revives the champion with 1000 HP instead of 500 HP.
-Locket of the Iron Solari now provides a 300 HP shield, up from 200.
-Recurve Bow provides 20% Attack Speed, up from 15%.
-Redemption now activates at 25% of maximum health remaining rather than upon death.
-Wild Bonus provides 8% Attack Speed per hit, up from 7%.
-Fiora now has a base of 1.0 Attack Speed, up from 0.7.
-Demon Bonus early game nerfed early game, buffed late game. From 40/60/80 to 35/60/85.
-Thornmail now reflects 100% of negated damage.
-Poppy can ult more people as she levels up.
-Shyvana has 100 more HP. Dragon form Attack Damage increased from 60-120 to 100-200
-Morgana damage increased from 250-450 to 300-450.
-Aatrox damage increased from 350-800 to 400-1000.
Quality of Life Changes
-Miss Fortune will now target her ultimate based on the last champion attacked rather than attacking a random target.
-Items with adjacency effects will now show that while you’re placing champions.

LV.11 Mod

Easy Beginner Compositions #1 GLACIAL

Even after its recent nerf, the Glacial synergy is still one the strongest buffs in Teamfight Tactics. When you finally have 6 Glacial champions, you get 40% chance to stun your targets for 2 seconds on hit. If you can combine that with a decent amount of damage, nobody will stop you. They won't even be able to fight back properly and you will take over the board easy.
However, the problem here is actually hitting all 6 Glacials. I guess you can still make it work with just 4 or even 2 glacials. Try to go for Volibear and Sejuani. They should be your key champions in this comp since they are both quite tanky with decent damage and frequent CC.
Sejuani's ult can be surprisingly and usually powerful. It has a very large range and can CC your entire opponent team. However, she costs 4 gold and upgrading her to level 3 takes time. If you can only get to leve 2, that's perfectly fine too.
If you can gather all 6 Glacials, you'll also get the Elementalist synergy but.. you still need to decide which route you wanna take. There're few options:
i) Go for a 3rd Elementalist (Brand) and utilize his AoE ult.
ii) Go for Kenene for his Ninja Passive.
One strength of Glacial synergy is that they are highly flexible and you can make it work with lots of other synergies harmoniously. If you are bored with Elementalist you can try out the Ranger synergy. Ashe is one of your main damage dealers. She has high fire rate and utilizes the Glacial passive stun and freeze ult. She delivers good damage and CC. So you wanna combine her with another Ranger to increase her attack speed.
Choose Varus (long range & damage) or Kindred (place him in the middle, their ult will act as a protective barrier)

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