4 New Champions coming to TFT (New Hextech Origin)

Total of 4 new champions are landing on the PBE client. Camille, jayce, Vi, and Jinx belong to this brand new origin called 'Hextech' but each champion will have a different class.
Hextech origin has a completely new and interesting buff. With 2 Hextech units on board, 2 random items on the enemy side will be disabled and with 4 Hextech units, 4 random items will be disabled. This unique ability will make Hextech champions especially ideal for shutting down item-reliant characters like Volibear.
The Hextech champions are expected to join the live servers on August 14th with patch 9.16
Camille - the Hextech Blademaster
Ability: Hextech Ultimatum - Camille roots and damages her current auto-attack target. Camille's abilities that can attack that target will switch their current target to do so.
Meta: Ideally, Camille can single out an enemy and help her team focus fire them down. Explicit external control over AI's targeting is a new effect, and we'd like to see players consider who they want to target on the enemy team.
Tier: 1
Jayce - the Hextech Shapeshifter
Ability: Thundering Blow + Transform Mercury Cannon - Knock back his target then change to ranged, gaining max attack speed for a few attacks.
Meta: Jayce is able to break up the enemy frontline fairly early on in the fight, a premium and rare effect in TFT. Jayce has particularly low mana cost for a shapeshifter (50).
Tier: 2
Vi - the Hextech Brawler
Ability: Assault and Battery - Vi targets the furthest enemy and launches towards them, knocking aside everyone else while knocking up and dealing damage on impact with her target.
Meta: Vi provides backline access on priority targets. Something we particularly wanted for Brawlers.
Tier: 3
Jinx - the Hextch Gunslinger
Ability: Get Excited - Jinx gets more excited as she scores takedowns. After her first, she gains attacked speed. After her second, she pulls out Fishbones for AoE damage on Autos.
Meta: Jinx is a ramping AoE AA carry (opposed to Draven ramping single target AA carry). She's a particularly squishy, high risk/reward carry.
Tier: 4
Lastly, Riot has also confirmed that Teamfight Tactics is in fact here to stay as a permanent game.

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Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.15 Notes

The defensive Origins and Classes got more beef. Knights, Guardians, and Nobles will not from a more solid frontline and give their defensive bonuses to your whole team.
The amount of health players lose every round was decreased to allow more viable strategies around win and loss streaks. Ninja trait has been reworked, Demons got nerfed, Dragons now care a bit about magic damage and Pirates make more money.

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POPULAR TFT Exciting New Map Designs

Designed by 'the0utlander' AKA 'Nebula'

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POPULAR [Event] Share your favorite Team Comp to Win!

Greetings Tacticians, and welcome to another Teamfight Tactics Event on Moot! This event will require you to use the new Teamfight Tactics Simulator we recently introduced.
-Use the new Teamfight Tactics Simulator tool here on Moot to craft your favorite team composition for Teamfight Tactics.
-Take a SCREENSHOT of your team composition in the Simulator.
-POST to the Teamfight Tactics lounge in the ‘Team Comp’ board. EXPLAIN why this is your favorite team composition.
-INCLUDE #MyTeamComp in the BODY of your post to be eligible.
- FIVE winners will receive a $50 USD Amazon gift card. These winners will be selected by members of Team Moot based on the strength and creativity of their team composition + how well they explain why they chose their team composition.
- EVERYONE who submits a valid post (including the #MyTeamComp hashtag in the BODY of the post) will receive 300 Moot Coins!
- The event starts NOW and will end on JULY 31st. Winners will be announced on AUGUST 3rd.

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The BEST 9.14b Comps: YORDLE SERIES 1, 2 and 3

This comp heavily relies on AoE of Morgana, Kennen and Aatrox while Eve and Veigar cleans out whatever is left. You get a very sold mid game with this comp and it'll have you stay out of bottom 4.
Early Game:
Build brawlers/nobles/knights to survive the early stages. Try to get the Lockets of the Iron Solari at the first carousel.
Mid Game:
After you reach level 6, start rerolling to find your key units. You need Kenne, Morgana and Aatrox.
-Stick the Darkin on Pyke, he'll ult after 1 attack.
-Lockets will give you a boost in early game
-Put appropriate items on Aatrox(Gurdian Angel), Kenne (Morello), Morgana (Locket). They can be your carry .
Combine full 6 Yordle buff with one powerful Morgana and you're unstoppable. This compe is especially very effective against assassins and auto-attack based comps.
Early Game:
Pick up gunslingers, pirates and yordles you see. You have to have early Lulu and Morgana if you wanna make this comp work.
Mid Game:
Position Morgana and the rest of your team in the back row with Locket on Morgana.
With 3 yordle bonus and lots of AOE, you should have no trouble sailing through mid game and look for the rest of your yordles.
-Your No. 1 priority is finding Morgana and equip her with a Locket. She'll carry your early game.
-If you cannot find a Locket, use a Phantom Dancer instead, and later stack it with Gunblade and Dragon Claw.
Your opponent will find you annoying and difficult to kill with this comp. This comp is also effective against Assassins and auto-attack based comps.
Early Game:
Pick up gunslingers, pirates and yordles you see. See what you get and decide which of above 3 yordle comps you'll go for. If you decide to go for Gunslinger Yordle comp, sell the pirates and start looking for all Yordles.
Mid Game:
Roll for Tristana. Lulu enhance the survivability of your team. Save gold till level 7 and complete this comp.
-Sword Breaker and Curse Blade are effective on Gunslingers
-Have at least 4 on hit items among Lucian and Tristana.
-Red Buff will do wonders since it spreads to all enemies with gunslinger buff and denies healing.
-(Optional) Get Miss Fortune, turn her into a sorcerer. It'll complete the ultimate comp.

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PATCH 9.15 - Major Changes coming to TFT

There are no actual changes on the PBE just yet, Riot Mort shared some of the current plans on his twitter.
In this upcoming patch, Ashe, Kindred, Karthus and Yasuo are all getting buffed and the Guardian and Pirate traits are getting improved.
These 4 champions are very likely to affect how the META moves forward especially with the upcoming nerfs to Kennen, Ionic Spark, Demon and Dragon traits.
Additionally, Riot revealed that they are reworking Knight, Ninja, Noble and Void traits.
With the amount of changes implemented with patch 9.15, the TFT meta is about to change completely.
Riot also mentioned they are looking to make more adjustments to Glacial and Demon in the future. Those changes will probably arrive with Patch 9.16.

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POPULAR but I can hear pictures

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Tips on how to manage your GOLD

Things are very different now compared to the first few weeks of TFT. The game has now reached a much faster pace and we find ourselves often spending gold rather aggressively by rerolling or buying XP to level up early to secure some expensive units first.
Aggressive strategy seems to make better sense since going for greedy econ with lose streaks is often times highly unreliable. Now players are beginning to spend their gold pretty early and pretty aggressively and Now, you have to spend gold just to keep up or you're gonna fall behind and catching up later is not gonna be an easy task.
So here're some options for the prep phase of the first PVP round:
ONE- If you were luck y and have 3 solid units, ideally 1 or 2 of them are upgraded to 2 star, go ahead and aggressively level up and try to stay on a win streak.
TWO-If you have a bunch of 2 duplicate units occupying your bench, start rerolling to find the 3rd unit or at least you land a strong 3 cost unit you can build a comp around.
THREE-You don't have any strong units or duplicates... try to turn on whatever synergy you can fast while leveling to 4. If you cannot find a very strong start when the second carousel, stay at 8/10 xp away from LVL 5 before the carousel. You'll at level 5 at the next round and will gain a chance to roll 4 gold units earlier than majority of your opponents and that should give you a significant advantage.
Pre-leveling: Buy XP and hit the next level at the beginning of the next turn. It works the best at level 5 or 6. You'll start finding 4 or 5 gold units faster.

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POPULAR TFT Tier List for Patch 9.14B

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Rate my team comp 1-10

Why choose 10 when you can have all 51 on your side, take what u want and have the rest be sacrificed or for whatever ideas you have for them...

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POPULAR an Effective Comp after 9.14B - Demon Sorcerers

Your final team will include:
Aatrox, Everlynn, Kenne, Lulu, Moragna, Veigar, Brand
If you cannot get Brand, use Pyke with Darkin instead.
Put the Locket on Morgana and place weaker units alongside her.
Place Aatrox in front since he's your main tank in this comp.
-We'll be needing lots and lots of Needlessly Large Rod to build Morellonomicon and the Lockets. Find a Giatn's Belt to make Morellonomicon and later look for Chain Vests for Lockets.
-Since most of the units you need are 3 gold, use whatever you can in the early game as long as you can upgrade to 2 star early. You need to level up ASAP to get higher cost units.

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POPULAR Frozen elemental Daimons

So, while this sounds retarded i found myself trying this build a lot lately, getting a lot of free wins when i get to late game, but lets get this clear: its fully luck based. I'm really into econ playing, so usually it's a slow start for me, however when i get a lot of early varus and elises i usually try to stick to demons for the rest of the game. Here is good start: getting as much elises and vaynes along with those varus and try to work towards an early elementalist. So you will need that early brand.
This works fine with defensive items, so it's a good way to get back into the game when bad item rng. However if you get some tears make sure to save them for the glacial transition. Remember that elise its vital to get that big chunck of damage to the enemy with her spiderlings, so hopefully try to get her to level 3. All others pieces are fine on level 1 and 2 before the transition.

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POPULAR TFT Best Champion + Item Combos

Volibear + Rapid Firecannon
OP Bear is everywhere in every team now days.
He may not work so well in a comp without a frontline or Glacial champion but with incrased attack speed, he's almost unstoppable.
If you are on the other side of the board, you might counter his damage with a Cursed Blade, Sword breaker or a Champion with strong CC.
Tristana/Draven + Cursed Blade
They are the fastest ranged DPS units in TFT. They'll just s tand in the back and fire away like 'human' turrets. Stack'em up with Sword Breaker and/or Rapid Firecannon and you'll significantly increase their damage in the mid to late game. If you can stick 3 items on Draven, it's almost a guaranteed win.
Kennen/Morgana + Almost Anything
If you wanna build a comp that works, you need to include these powerful CC sorcerers.
Kennen has the largest AoE stun with Morgana's 2 second chains following behind.
Any Spell Casters + Locket of the Iron Solari
Locket of the Iron Solari goes well with basically any champion that uses spell power.

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POPULAR Learn from the Best - Top 10 TFT Streamers

1. Naturesbf
He's not as famous as other streamers but he's very informative and a top Autochess player.
Naturesbf Twitch:
2. Ace of Spades
Ace played Heroes of the Storm professional for Fnatic, top 10 queen player in the west for auto chess.
Ace of Spades Twitch:
Ace of Spades Youtube:
3. Hyped
He's a TFT player under Team Liquid, has a chill stream with great music and answers question in chat. Thoughtful and intelligent playstyle
Hyped Twitch:
4. Tabzz
Autochess and League veteran , played in the EU competitive circuit. Highly opinionated on stream and you can learn a thing or two from listening to him
Tabzz Twitch:
5. SuperJJ
SuperJJ comes from Hearthstone and other card games. Chill stream.
SuperJJ Twitch:
SuperJJ Youtube:
6. Saintvicious
Long time League Veteran player, coach and auto chess 3 time queen player. Relaxing stream, answers questions, insightful thought process.
Saintvicious Twitch:
Saintvicious Youtube:
7. TidesofTime
Top Hearthstone streamer. Strongly opinionated about TFT. Wicked fast decision making and valuation of each meta.
TidesofTime Twitch:
8. Dog
Longtime Hearthstone veteran. Good relaxed stream, deliberate and thoughtful about learning the game. You can learn a lot by observing him.
Dog Twitch:
9. Hafu
No. 1 player on the PBE for TFT. She's been great at competitive games since WOW.
Hafu Twitch:
Hafu Youtube:
10. Scarra
Well known streamer for League(ex-pro) and now TFT. Focused on learning and teaching.
Scarra Twitch:
Scarra Youtube:

LV.22 Let’s play Fortnite!

Solid Gunslinger Comp

If you decided to go for Gunslinger/Pirate build, you need to start buying every single Gunslinger and Pirate units you see, I mean all of them!
Tristana, Graves, Lucian are your early game priorities. You can add Pyke and Gangplank later on. In later game, grab Cho'Gath and Sejuani and if you ever find MIss Fortune, grab her of course and lose Gangplank or Graves.
Your final comp should include:
Cho'Gath, Gangplank, Graves, Lucian, Pyke, Sejuani, Tristana.
-Your gunslingers have a 50% chance to attack 2 additional targets
-You'll earn upto 4 extra gold each PVP round. (Average 1.6 gold / chest)
Equip Tristana with:
Cursed Blade, Rapid Firecannon, Red Buff
Equip Lucian with:
Hush, Sword Breaker, Cursed Blade
If you get any tank items, stack it on Sejuani, she's your main frontline in this comp.

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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B notes

In these B-side patches, most of the changes were focused on balance and bug fixes.
The biggest change this week is to critical strike modifiers with the aim of toning down the damage Assassins bring to the table.
Also, Volibear and Cursed Blade got nerfed while Sorcerer and Wid got buffs.

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POPULAR Teamfight Tactics Guide: how bad luck protection works

Nothing in Teamfight Tactics is quite as random as the game’s item system. When you finish the first three AI rounds with nothing but a little extra gold and a Chain vVst to show for it, while other players have full items, the thing can feel completely out of your favor. But as it turns out the game has a little something extra for players that don’t get lucky early. If you don’t get items at the beginning of the game, you’re much more likely to get them late, as a kind of bad luck protection.
While most players have assumed that this was a part of Teamfight Tactics since the mode launched on the PBE, we didn’t know for sure until Riot Mort, the acting lead designer for the modes team, tweeted about it.
“Getting no items early increases the odds of getting items later,” Mort tweeted. “You just have to adapt and play through your weaker early game.”
This point of clarification is an important one for players because it gives them a hint of what kind of compositions they should be trying to play in a certain game. If you don’t get your items early on, you know you’ll get them later, so you probably shouldn’t load up on units that are heavily item reliant in the early game. On the other hand, if you get five items from the first three AI rounds, you might not be getting much for the rest of the game.
It’s important to note that, as Mort tweeted, you don’t always have an equal chance to get either gold or items. If you get gold early on, you’ll get items later, and if you get items early you’ll get gold later. As for which items you get, it doesn’t seem like the game has any limits on what drops. So, if you get lots of items at the beginning of a game, but they aren’t the items you wanted … sorry, you’re stuck with them.
Because items are the most random part of all of TFT, it’s very likely that Riot will take another look at the way they are distributed in the future. But for now, Mort has given us some insight into how items drop in the mode, and a little hope that if we don’t get items early, they’re on their way later in the game.

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POPULAR Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #6 Elemental Demons

This comp is relatively easier to build compared to more popular comps.
You only need 6 units to make it work.
-You have a lot of early Elise and Varus.
-Early game: Get at least 2 demons on the board with some tanky units frontline.
-Mid game: Try to stabilize the board early at level 6 before going to 7. The core of your comp comes online at 5 units.
-Varus can carry the early game with mana or a Guinsoo's Rageblade.
-This compe will work with 5 units and 6 units make it optimal with 4 demons
-To make 7 work, make a Yuumi and turn Brand or Varus into a sorcerer.
-Shyvana: Warmog's Armor, Rapid Firecannon, Hextech Gunblade
-Varus: Seraph/s Embrace, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rabadon's Deathcap

LV.11 Mod

POPULAR the BEST Demon Team Comp (PATCH 9.14)

In this comp, you will basically start stacking Demons together and you'll get a huge chance to burn away your enemy mana. Once this happens, you know it's gonna take a good while before they can pick up themselves again rebuild their mana to a point where they can use their abilities again. So in the meaning, you'll have your opponent weak and vulnerable right in your face. Combine your Demons with Shapeshifters for that solid HP after they transform to make strong tanks.
6 Demons: 85% chance on hit to deplete target's mana and deal equal amount of true damage
3 Shapeshifter: On transform, gain 60% max HP
2 Imperial: One random Imperial deals double damage
There's nothing unusual when it comes to positioning your Demon/Shapeshifter team. Place your melee fighters up front and you wanna protect your damage dealers in the back. Place Gnar and Swain together to make exellent tanks with extra 60% bonus HP.
Start looking for items for Gnar. He's already a strong tank and throw in some defensive items on him and he'll be nearly indestructible. (Titanic Hydra / Dragon's Claw / Phantom Dancer)
Look for items for Draven. (Infinity Edge, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon)
Look for early Elise, Nidalee, and Varus. Get Nidalee to 2 star as she'll become very useful in mid game. Also place damage items on Nidalee while you wait for Draven.
Look for Shyvana for Shapeshifter buff.
Elise and Varus should be upgraded by now.
Find Aatrox and Morgana for Demon buff.
Look for Gnar and eventually replace Shyvana, Draven and Brand
You should have Gnar by this point and in the middle of upgrading to 2 star. ( don't bother for 3 star). Find Swain and complete Demon synergy. Find couple of Spatulas for more slots or you'll just have to level up all the way.

LV.20 S

POPULAR an Effective Comp after 9.14 - Glacial Brawlers

In early game, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a Warwick and Nidalee for an early Wild buff and then we'll eventually transition into Glacial Brawlers.
It is absolutely crucial that you get all 4 Brawlers on the board as early as possible. Early Wild buff will carry you through early game for awhile.
When you are nearing level 7, you might wanna start transitioning with Volibear, Brand, Lissandra, Kenne, and Cho'Gath. You'll be adding Glacial and Elementalist buffs.
Your final comp should include:
Anivia, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Brand, Cho'Gath, Lissandar, Rek'Sai, Volibear.
4 Brawlers: +700 bonus HP to Brawlers
3 Elementalists: At the start, summon an Elemental with 2,500 HP and 100 damage
4 Glacials: Glacials have a 35% chance to stun on hit for 2 seconds
1 Robot: Robots start with full mana.
Volibear Items:
Rapid Fire Cannon: Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow
Guinsoo's Rageblade: Needlessly Large Rod + Recruve Bow
Warmog's Armor: Giant's Belt + Giant's Belt

LV.22 S

POPULAR Easy Guide to Carousel

** Go for 2 gold units unless you see a Recurve Bow on a 1 gold unit or 2 gold units all have worst items (Chain Vests and Negatron Cloak)
**Recruve Bow>Spatual>Tear of the Goddess>Needlessly Large Rod>BF Sword>Giant's Belt>Negatron Cloak>Chain Vest
At this stage, you're probably still looking for the right items and none of the units in round 2 Carousel are valuable. Just go for the item you need to combine with.
Some of the key 4 Gold units like Brand, Draven, Aurelion Sol are now in the Carousel.
On rare occasions, you'll see a legendary unit, or even a completed item equipped on a champion.
Ask yourself the following questions before going in to Carousel Round 3:
**Is there high value COMPLETED ITEM? Do I have a chance to grab it?
**Am I building a Brand comp?
**Do I still need a Recurve Bow?
**Should I pick any 5 gold unit since there's no good options?
**What are bad items that I absolutely don't need?
If you don't see what you want or need, go ahead and select what your opponents need.

LV.24 Mootiversary!

POPULAR TFT Patch 9.14b PBE Changes

Following this earlier announcement on July 19, the first changes of TFT patch 9.14b are now available to try out on the PBE server.
Currently, on the PBE, tiers for 6 Shapeshifters, 6 Brawlers, and 9 Blademasters have been added.
-Brawlers(6) will gain a total of 1200 bonus health on each brawler.
-Gunslingers(6) will have a 50% chance to hit three additional targets. One additional target each attack, compared to Gunslingers(4)’s effect.
-Shapeshifters(6) will gain 100% bonus starting health .
-Blademasters(9) gains a 45% chance to hit a target an additional 4 times .
Knights have been one of the weakest traits in TFT but the current PBE version sees an increase in damage blocked to help this trait scale better into the late game. Knights(4) gains 20 compared to the live game, whereas Knights(6) gains an additional 30 damage blocked.
Yordles are still a bit too weak, despite gaining some popularity. They gain an additional 5% chance to dodge attacks at the (3) set effect.
Mordekaiser receives a major buff, his ability gaining an additional 50/75/100 damage at ranks 1/2/3. This will bring Mordekaiser more on par with other champions and make him quite a decent unit to use early in the game.
While the current PBE patch has the wrong numbers, as mentioned by Riot Maple, here is what we can expect to see changed about Assassins in 9.14b.
Assassin’s crit damage bonus’ effect will be reduced from 150% to 125% at Assassins(3), while (6) gains increased crit bonus damage, from 350% to 400%. However, this is not a buff. The way critical hit damage is currently calculated (additively, rather than multiplicatively) will be changed with this patch, resulting in an overall decrease in damage by about 26%. This is according to TFT developer Riot Mort.
More changes for Ninjas are coming, but right now, at one Ninja, the increase in damage will be up from 40% to 70%, while Ninja(4) sees a small reduction, from 80% to 70% for all Ninjas.
In patch 9.14b, Volibear’s lightning will bounce to fewer targets. Volibear will have one less bounce across the board, going from 3/4/5 bounces to 2/3/4. This won’t completely remove this strategy from the game. However, it will make certain items such as Cursed Blade less oppressive on him.
-Assassins’ crit bonus damage is now 125% (3) / 400% (6) with new damage formula. Overall ~26% damage reduction.
-The bonus attack speed of the Wild trait is further increased from 8% to 10%. This is the second buff in a row to the Wild trait, following the increase from 7% to 8% in patch 9.14.
-Nobles now gain 80 armor, 80 magic resist, and 35 health on-hit to 1 random champion or all allies at (3) and (6) Nobles respectively. This is rather than 100 armor and 35 health on-hit.
-Dragons were a little too powerful. The Dragons trait now reduces magic damage by 83%, the same amount as Dragon’s Claw, rather than a flat immunity.
-Shapeshifters recently received the (6) tier of Shapeshifters; while it isn’t possible to use yet, it has now been buffed from 100% bonus health on transformation to 120%.
-The Void trait needed some love. Rather than ignoring 50% of the opponent’s armor (for all allies), Voids will now deal true damage to enemies.
-Sorcerers (3) now increases the spell damage of all allies by 45% rather than 35% with three sorcerers.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat!

POPULAR Teamfight Tactics The best Phantom comp

The best TFT team comp that utilizes Phantoms right now is Glacial Rangers. Since Phantoms are a really small Origin, it isn’t really possible to build an entire team consisting of Phantoms, Rather, the task at hand is to build a good comp that utilizes both Kindred and Mordekaiser. Because of this, we’re sticking with a Glacial Rangers team comp which it should make for a good comp overall.
Spend early game buying up Mordekaiser, Vayne, Garen. The two Knights should be able to give you an active buff relatively quickly. Try to stall out until mid-game when you can bring Ashe, Sejuani, and Volibear online for the basic Glacials synergy. That crowd control is crucial for this comp.
It’s sad to say, but champions like Cho’Gath and Kindred, the only other Phantom, aren’t an integral part of this comp. You also won’t be itemizing either Mordekaiser or Kindred. Focus on Ashe and Vayne primarily and if you’re really loaded with these items, Varus is another good choice.
In the end, your team comp should look like: Ashe, Cho’Gath, Kindred, Moredekaiser, Sejuani, Varus, Vayne.
Which is it has following buffs.
4 Rangers, 3 Glacial, 2 Phantoms, 2 Brawlers, 2 Knights
Recommended items
Vayne: 2 Guinsoo’s Rageblade, 1 Rapid Firecannon
Ashe: 2 Spear of Shojin, 1 Rapid Firecannon
Varus: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Seraph’s Embrace

LV.22 The Best

POPULAR Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #5 Wild and Draven

With this dynamic composition you will shift from mainly Shapeshifter focus in early game to Wild buffed Draven in late game.
-You just started building a Shapeshifter comp.
-Then you get a lot of attack speed items that wouldn't fit your current comp.
-Early game: Complete your Shapeshifter combo, place a Warmog on Shyvana
-Mid game: Your main priority is getting Draven and Gnar. Keep using Wild units and other 2 stars until you complete your transition.
-You really don't wanna force this comp. It's just not as strong as Demon Shapeshifter.
-Only execute if the game gives you an early Draven with lots of good items.
-Draven: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
-Shyvana: Guardian Angel, Warmog's Armor, Hextech Gunblade

LV.11 Mod

POPULAR How to position Sorcerers

Positioning Sorcerers is pretty straight forward since they have to be in the corners most of TFT fights. When it comes to positioning, your main goal is to allow them as much time as possible so they can cast the ultimate at least once or twice. If you happen to have Aurelion Sol in your team, position him in the farthest cell of a corner so can catch as many units as possible when he ults.

LV.22 S

POPULAR Teamfight Tactics Tips(Useful)! #2

Once you decide one’s synergy, you need to look around. You can click the map or by pressing 1 or 2 number to look other player’s champs and composition. This is very important. Because by watching enemy’s champions, you can estimate what enemy is going to make synergy or buff, and can decide what synergy and buff going to make. Because in the game, the champions are limited. so, for example, if the enemy has Mordekaiser, then you can estimate and decide not to go with the phantom or Knight.

LV.13 Chief

POPULAR the BEST Sorcerer Team Comp (PATCH 9.14)

Sadly, since the way items work in TFT has been dramatically changed now, you cannot stack Locket of the Iron Solari for shields anymore.
Now we have to rely on more traditional and conservative build with Sorcerers in order to keep them alive long enough to inflict enough damage on your enemy team.
In early game, Wild comp will give you pretty good damage with Nidalee if you can put appropriate items on her. As you continue, you'll max out on some of the synergies and protect your Sorcerers better.
4 Wild: 7% Whole team attack speed on hit, can stack up to 5 times
3 Sorcerer: +35 ability power to their team, basic attacks grant twice as much mana.
3 Shapeshifter: +60% maximum HP, healing for the amount gained.
2 Dragon: all Dragons immune to magic damage
Remember, you wanna remain traditional with this comp. In other words, you'll place your tank Warwick in the front to absorb some damage. After you get Shyvana and Gnar you won't have to worry too much in the tank department. I know Shapeshifters got nerfed a bit in the last patch but they're still great in this comp.
Look for Needless Large Rods and Recurve Bows. Your main priority in the beginning is equipping Nidalee with Guinsoo's Rageblade. Try to make 2 but if you only make 1 and end up with 1 extra Recurve bow, make Rapid Firecannon for Nidalee.
Also, start looking for items to buff Gnar with in late game. You want to make Titanic Hydra, Dragon's Claw and Phantom Dancer (mostly defense items).
Turn on the early Wild synergy buff with Nidalee and Warwick early in the game. Also, look for Ahri early, you wanna get her up to 2 stars.
Start looking for Shyvana and Gnar for Shapeshifter buff. It'll definitely increase your survivability. By this point, your cheap units should 2 stars or even 3 stars (especially Nidalee). Use Regnar to complete Wild buff temporarily. Look for Morgana.
By this point, you better have found Gnar and Shyvana. Get them to at least 2 stars but don't bother going for 3 stars. Get Morgana, Aurelion Sol and get all your sorcerers out on the board. If you have a room for one more, Cho'gath will complete your Brawler bonus. Or Swain can work well with Demon synergy.

LV.20 S

POPULAR an Effective Comp after 9.14 - Ninja Elementalist

There were some changes to Zeke's Herald in 9.15 patch and subsequently, Ninja Elementalists can be unusually effective in mid game for now.
Once you complete this built, you will get huge amount of damage buffs. It'd be great if you can go for 3 star, but if you can't no worries.
All you have to do in this comp is to simply line up your units in the backline and watch them as they dish out damage and start melting your enemy team.
Your final comp should include:
Akali, Brand, Kennen, Lissandra, Pyke, Shen, Zed.
At the beginning, start looking for Pyke, Zed and Kha'Zis in early game.
Later you can start adding in Kennen, Lissandra and Brand to turn on the Elementalist bonus. Wait until you get all three of them and then place them on board right away.
You can now fill up the remaining spots with highest tier units. Lastly, don't forget to only place 1 or 4 ninjas on board.
4 Ninjas: +60% attack damage for your Ninjas
3 Elementalists: At the start, summon an Elemental with 2,500 HP and 100 damage
3 Assassins: +150% total critical strike damage
Zed Items:
Zeke's Herald = B.F. Sword + Giant's Belt
Zeke's Herald = B.F. Sword + Giant's Belt
Zeke's Herald = B.F. Sword + Giant's Belt (yes you need 3 of them)
Aakali Items:
Dragon's Claw = Negatron Cloak + Negatron Cloak
Locket of the Iron Solari = Chain Vest + Needlessly Large Rod
Locket of the Iron Solari = Chain Vest + Needlessly Large Rod

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POPULAR Current BEST Comps (Patch 9.14) - #4 Demons and Dragons

This composition is all about hearty shapeshifter HP combined with powerful mana burning to crush your enemies. With proper items, Shyvana will carry the entire battle especially if your opponents are not ready.
-You have either Elise or another Demon early in the game.
-You have 3 shapeshifter (Nidalee, Elise, Shyvana)
-Early game: Ideally, you wanna to run 3 shapeshifter and demons by level 4.
-Mid game: After you hit level 6, reroll a little bit to complete 4 demons and 3 shapeshifter comp.
-Equip Shyvana with a Warmog early in the game and you have an incredibly strong 1 star shapeshifter in the early game.
-Aatrox should be relatively easy to rank up and place in the second row to maximize his ult.
-Feel free to put items on Nidalee before you replace her with Gnar and recover the items.
-Shyvana: Warmog's Armor, Rapid Firecannon, Hextech Gunblade
-Varus: Seraph's Embrace, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rabadon's Deathcap

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