GM Jerry LV.15 GameManager
Oct 16, 2021, 03:13 PM 78 read

[NOTICE] v2.020 Maintenance


Hello. [Warship Fleet Command] Commanders!   We will inform you about the maintenance schedule for the v2.020 update.     Google's inspection schedule and the process of changing data on the server may be delayed   Please understand that the inspection time is subject to change.   thank you.     [Regular Inspection Guide] ■ Maintenance Schedule: Scheduled after 14:00 on Tuesday, October 19 (UTC+9)   ■ Inspection Overview   1) v2.020 update - Added Frontline 3-10 - Added 3 historical commanders - Added scenario commander (Eileen / Chief / Albert / Dorothy / Tadamichi) - Change shop products   ※ Detailed update details will be posted after maintenance is completed.

Comment 1

  • EJA LV.13 Chief Oct 18, 2021, 06:57 PM

    Hello GM Jerry

    will this event include of Halloween? or just the update you say with premium ship with it?

    or the event halloween after this mid autumn festival which end in 28 October, wasnt that if you do maintenance after mid autum festival gonna do maintenance between 29 - 31?

    is our token will be reset and gone from mid autumn festifal or it will change to something or it will pop up in next year with last token we have?