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Jul 18, 2020, 04:12 PM 1,518 read

[NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : July. 18, 2020


Hello folks! This will be about what is taking place with the update for v1.66 on the date of July 18th   ■ Terms - Adjustments and corrections made partly (in all languages)     ■ UI 1. Change of some button images 2. Change of the Lobby display a. Previous lobby display with buttons is going to be replaced with a Naval base. b. Submenus are to be instantly spotted. c. Supply pack menu will be on the right. d. Strongest warship of yours will appear on the Deployment menu.     ■ System change - Base

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : July. 18, 2020 image 2

Previous base contents are going to be erased. As a compensation for this matter, [Woods], [Stones], [Fast Construction tickets] and [Base Expansion level] will be converted to points. Please check the link below for the page [Update notice] for more details about this.

* Please make sure that you read the instruction before the base-related resources go away after the update.     ■ System change - Transport trains Transport train system changes as previous base contents are erased. Transport trains used to provide random choice of resources at regular times but from now on you can choose yourself from obtainable resources.  

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : July. 18, 2020 image 6

1. Choose the type of support 2. Adjust the ratio of 2 resources of your choice 3. Pick a time for Transport train’s arrival 4. Request for support   You will be able to acquire the reward as the train arrives (as mentioned no.3) and then place a request again.   ■ Tutorial(Script/Story) change

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : July. 18, 2020 image 8

The tutorial has been restructured for the beginner players in order that anyone can start to enjoy playing the game. There will be a story coming along with a new version of the tutorial, and also reminders and notices will be prepared for the players who have enjoyed the game for a long time.     ■ New warships

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : July. 18, 2020 image 10
Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : July. 18, 2020 image 11

  - 5-star German Battleship [H39] - 5-star German Destroyer [Z46]     ■ New camouflage - 3x [H39] - 2x [Z46] - 1x [Akizuki] - 2x [Allen M. Sumner] - 2x [Nagato] - 1x [Kagero] - 1x [Prince of Wales] - 1x [Baltimore] - 1x [Oakland]     ■ Supply packs, Blueprints, and Shop - [H39] and [Z46] have been added to Legend Supply back & Mysterious Supply back as well as to the blueprints T5, T6 & Mysterious Blueprint. - Discontinuity in selling of [Mysterious Commander]     ■ Status and Balance - Level of difficulty in the First battle of Narvik has been adjusted.

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  • gamer696116586 LV.1 Mootie Jul 18, 2020, 08:56 PM

    hi, i cant seem to play because the game is forcing me to unlock something in the academy, but i had already used it this morning before the update so im just stuck with the screen asking me to click the button. could you fix this issue? thanks!

  • GM Jerry LV.15 GameManager Jul 20, 2020, 11:03 AM

    There will be a build ready to solve this problem.
    Please send your account address or a description of the problem to the email address below. We will solve it.

  • Senna LV.7 Nomad Jul 20, 2020, 11:28 AM

    I have fps issue in the new main menu, i only got 12 fps max whenever the main menu appears. Also there's no visible notification on shipyard whenever any parts or ships were completed. And i happen to found a graphic glitch in pvp that when you zooming in and out there's a white circle at the center of the sea as if i put a move order there.

  • GM Jerry LV.15 GameManager Jul 20, 2020, 11:39 AM

    We have confirmed that it also runs on the lowest specs Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) and LG Q6.
    Please provide the specifications of the device you are using, the problem you are experiencing, and the user name at the e-mail address below. Let us check in more detail.