Looking for Guild

Looking for a good guild

Hi i m looking for a guild that i can do m+ dungeons with and hc/m (if it s pissible) raids. My main character is Dreadersk a warrior you can look it up and my alt that i m trying to gear up is Deathersk a death knight. I m quite am experienced player. I have 7/8 hc exp wiped on Azshara on 5%... I have 915+ rio on my and about 750 rio on my dk. I m friendly and rly want to find a good guild that i can have fun and do content with:)))

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Casual guild

Just looking for a casual guild to run heroics with and just have a good time and not take it to serious. PM me if you have an opening please.

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Retail or classic

Looking for hordies to play retail or classic with would just like a group for pvp and pve

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Looking for casual players I'm new to wow myself and like to help others. So if you need a friend and some players to wuest with I'd be more than happy to play! Guild name: Dwarvish Might

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Grinding Zandalari Rep (WQs) message if wanna join me. On Outland.

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LF stream homies

Hello my name is sheradan aka sherbear I stream wow classic, but also stream other games like pokemon sword and shield. Plz toss me a follow and hope you like the content.💛🤗💛

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My name is eGo_Juice and I am an admin for Elite Gaming Organization. We are a 500 player, multiconsole based clan and the variety of the games are huge. If you've wanted to have a clan where it feels like family we're the one. Come join us at the link below. Just answer 3 questions and your discord invite will be in your PM


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Looking for group

I'm looking for people to play WOW with. I have a character and guild started on Trollbane but if a group is already set up I'd have no issue changing servers. I have a Discord server set up complete with bots. I'd also have no issue joining another Discord if someone with a group contacted me. Anyone interested just DM me.

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I would like people to play with My email is cadenroberson41

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“Grizzly Winterspring” are recruiting members for guild on WOW classic.

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Need people to play world of Warcraft with me.

Need some players who play world of Warcraft to play with me on the game.

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New WoW classic player

Brand new to WoW. Playing a Dwarf Hunter currently level 5. Looking for a few people to learn with or from and have a good time with on Ashkandi server

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New Player

I have tried wow before but never fully got into the game because never had people to play with. I'm just looking for anyone who would like to start wow classic and level together. I love playing healer I will join any server and any side alliance or horde if I had people to play the game with.

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Looking for Static group to play wow with.

I have played wow for many years just quit alot cause of no group to run with. My retail hord server is Emerald Dream and my Alliance server is MoodGuard. im only lvl 10 on classic so i can start over. I just want to find people to mess around in game with and have some fun.

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Newish player.

Looking for people to start playing together and leveling. I never really got into WoW due to having no one to play with. So just wondering if I can get some people together that will be down on a daily grind? I play a good 6-8 hours a day. The time I have put into it was with mage and warrior.

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looking for a guild in classic wow im new check out my bio for full explanation

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Just want friends

Over the past few years I've been dead in the water with WoW. Doesn't require any social interaction anymore and I am even worse at making friends...

So here it is, my lame attempt at making new friends. I'm literally willing to play on any server or either side. I am partial to Dragonmaw, Mug'thol, or Agama or whatever it is In that server group. Dragonmaw was my original server at the start of classic.

I'm trying to do some content creation as well and make some YouTube/twitch videos, so if anyone would want to help out with that we'd be in the same boat!

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H-Thalnos 2 more for dungeon melee cleave leveling

We currently have warrior rogue and shaman healer looking for 2 more warrior preferred for no life leveling. Will be hitting 60 by end of the first weekend. Must have access to discord and be experienced player.

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20 yr Female LFG

Need a group to level with for classic wow.
I've been playing since a fetus and been mythic raiding since Mop.
Need autistic group of friends that use excessive twitch emotes irl. (yikes)
I have no job rn ready to no life wow as a shadow priest or rogue. Still can't decide.

DISCORD: amberyikers#4019

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Looking for an alliance guild.

I always stick with horde but I think a change is needed. I'm looking to get back into world of warcraft but I wont play unless I have a few friends to play with.. I need friends QQ

I mostly main a feral druid, because cat.
I'm not looking to be a main raider just when ever I have the time to.

Idk what else to put here.

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About Us
<Storm> is a Horde NA Hardcore Guild focused on speedrunning and server domination. <Storm> is based on leadership and returning core members of the #1 NA private server guild <Fearless> . Achievements include fastest NA Molten Core, fastest NA AQ40, release day clear of all raid content, and the only NA release day clear of Naxxramas on any private server. We are recruiting all skilled individuals looking to compete on speed runs, server firsts, world bosses, and PvP. Please apply to Storm at:


Raid Schedule & Info
Main raid - Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00-11:00pm CST. This raid will be doing both speed runs and main/alt split raids to funnel gear to mains.

Weekend raid - Saturday 7:00-11:00pm CST. This raid is separate from the main raid. The expectations of this raid are the same as the main raid except there will be no gear funneling, mandatory alts, or scheduled speed runs. Invites will start 30 mins prior for both raids.

Raid Requirements

1. Everyone is required to be Engineering.
2. Everyone is required to participate in World Bosses if you're available.
3. Everyone is expected to participate in World PVP events. Example: Holding BRM or targeting specific guilds.
4. Everyone in the Main Raid is required to have a level 60 Alt.
5. Everyone in the Main Raid is required to have a level 20 Warlock to summon to specific locations.
Guild Rules

1. Racism, sexism, and any form of harassment will not be tolerated.
2. NSFW content is prohibited in both Discord and guild chat.
3. Do not discuss politics or religion.
4. Try to keep talk in the appropriate Discord channel. While it may separate sometimes from the conversation at hand, keeping on topic is important.
5. Do not abuse pings. One ping per question is more than enough.
6. Do not knowingly post misinformation.
7. Do not spam, beg for gold/items, or share exploits.
8. Do not advertise without permission from leadership.
9. Toxicity will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone in-guild message Leadership.
10. Streamers are welcome to stream content except for: world bosses and world buffs. Chat must be covered (preferably by the guild logo).
Failure to comply with the above rules will result in removal from the guild.

Guild Master: Ez
Officers: Soulstar, Xeth

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Need Some Patient People

So I have been trying to get my dad into this game for years and I finally did it. But I don't want to Q us in a dungeon because everyone will just end up leaving him. So other words I need some patient and polite people to join LUL. Another thing if this matters to you we are on Laughing skull I also have a guild

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Gaming Community?

So I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve tried presenting it on other platforms. I want to start a group of fellow gamers with the sole purpose of squad forming. So a diverse group of console and PC players that interact regularly on discord. With the goal of one person becoming interested in a new game and realizing that having a squad is almost necessary or would make for a better experience. That person can than hop on our discord and find other gamers that they already regularly converse with and are comfortable with to join them in whatever new game they are wanting to start. So overall a community of gamers that are friendly and willing to explore new gaming experiences with other like minded gamers. . If anyone is interested feel free to join the discord https://discord.gg/MWt2uRc or message me directly

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Looking for a guild in Antonidas or Uldum Servers

I’m looking for a guild in those 2 servers. I’m 118 and soon 120. I am usually on in the morning 7-3 Central Time and at night 11-12 to about 3

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Looking for people to join my friends guild

We have like over 100 people I think we are on Arathor horde

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400 ilvl BM Hunter/Destroyer Lock +alts of active PVE guild

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Looking for members.

New(ish) guild with only a few members we do dungeons and questing any level any class any spec alliance guild name is Stormriders.

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Not necessarily looking for a guild but I am looking for a group to run normal raids with and a disc

120 human prot Palidan/Sagaras/ilvl 342

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Pvp Guild

LF Pvp Guilds in Alliance and Horde. Want to grind in bgs/arenas

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