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Sep 24, 2018, 07:45 AM 3,031 read

Battle for Azeroth Warlock PvP Discussion

Hey guys today I want to chat about Warlocks in PvP, specifically arena. As we all know Warlocks are not in a great spot right now. It doesn't seem like we have too much of an issue getting damage off, but when we are attacked or even our partners are, we lack the defensives and utility to stop crowd control, or peel for our teammates.   Blizzard has stated that some changes are coming for Warlocks very soon. My questions for you guys are: 1. Do you feel like Warlocks are pretty weak right now in PvP?   2. If so what would you like to see changed to make the class stronger?   3. Lastly, what do you guys think Blizzard is going to buff to make Warlocks stronger?

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