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Jun 26, 2018, 08:47 AM 4,867 read

Battle for Azeroth PvP Mage Discussion

Mages in Battle for Azeroth seem to have gained some abilities and lost abilities, but overall, don't feel too incredibly different than Legion Mage specializations. Let's quickly unpack the changes so you guys can let me know what you think of what is to come for this class!   Abilities added: Remove Curse, Arcane Intellect   Abilities removed: Mark of Aluneth   Frost Mage -> Frost mages overall are still a cool down dependent class and from the looks of it are going to have 4 ways to actually burst; Icy veins, Frozen Orb, Ebonbolt, and Ray of Frost. This is a lot of different burst options which has me excited for the viability of Frost Mages but there consistent pressure is almost non-existent, and they still don't have abilities to allow for 1v1 or world pvp plays such as Deep Freeze, Blazing Speed, or Alter Time.   Arcane Mage -> Arcane mage is the spec that has me the most worried. The inner workings of the DPS rotation has changed quite a bit, Mark of Aluneth has been removed, and not much as been added back in it's place. Arcane explosion no longer does damage based on stack and Arcane missiles no longer does damage based on stack. Both of these changes will heavily cripple the current playstyle of arcane in PvP but might allow for new playstyles to rise.   Fire Mage -> Fire mage is the spec that seems the most similar to how it currently plays in Legion. Although the way you obtain your traits and talents come from different areas and tiers within your talents / honor talents the end results seems the same. Spam instant casts to generate pyroblasts to spam more instants into more pyros. The only problem I see with this spec is that pyroblast used to be such a high burst ability and fire doesn't really have that high burst option anymore (unless you go for Greater Pyro LUL) as they used to. Instead they have high consistent damage but not very much burst damage.   Let me know what you guys think of mages in BfA! Excited, not excited? Which spec will you be trying out?

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