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Anyone wanna help me gear my warrior I haven’t geared a toon since WoD

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Who was into twinking more recently before they made it even worse then ever?

19 hunter twink before they killed it even more.

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New game pro heroes evolved


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It's official, I'm addicted to BitLife. Peace out to all my responsibilities.

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Unholy DK looking for team

Hey I’m looking for a 2’s or 3’s team that is willing to learn and grow and won’t rage quit after one loss. I’m at 371 and can hold my own and know some strats. Jormangandr#6451 on discord

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Ranked 2v2s

Who in the bloody hell thought it would be a good idea to have healers in ranked 2v2s? Like for the people who fight against that already a HUGE disadvantage, just hate that crap

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Hey! I have a 385 destro lock that I really wanna get back into PvPing with. I also have a DK and Boomkin at 120 but not as geared. Looking for someone with patience who can help me while I get my footing again 😁
TIA ♥️

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any free code hmu tapscott405@gmail.com

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Nothing to add

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Just having a little fun pvp leveling some alts currently 115 if anyone wants to join me PM me

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1600 cr assas rogue LF team/healer. I am 2k xp multi season and 3k xp in qualifier cup play.

Title says it all I play qualifiers every year have beaten r1 teams in tourney play but looking for a ladder team to hit glad with and put the time in before qualifiers in February. Message me for btag. Currently have a ret to run scooby with just need heals but would like to run rps or rmd preferably.

Happy hunting!

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WoW Esports

Hey guys Maldiva here, and today I wanted to ask a few questions about WoW Esports. During the WoW Blizzcon tournament, the stream got over 100k viewers. This is huge growth compared to previous years. So my questions are:
1. What was your favorite series from Blizzcon?
2. What do you think Blizzard should do to help WoW Esports continue to grow?

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Dead portal

bring back Arena Junkies, moot suck ass..

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3v3 arenas

What are y’all favorite comp for 3s? I really like rmd and thunder cleave.

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Solo que arena?

I think solo que would be great for arena players.
I might be talking from a biased stand point because I am a streamer but I really think solo que could be very good for arena for several reasons.
- I think it would be easier for new players to get into PvP if they had a solo que option because the hardest part about playing PvP currently is finding people at your level/mindset that you can que consistently with. I hear so many people complain about how hard it is to find people to play with.
- Obviously if solo queue were to be implemented in the game it should have a seperate ladder and I think if anyone manages to get really high rating in the solo que ladder (compared to others of their class) that would work as "proof" to other players that you are good currently and they might invite you for some team games.
I realise there is also possible negative aspects of solo que like toxicity which I know is one of the main reasons blizzard is not a fan of the idea.
But I do think that could be adressed.
What do YOU guys think? Goods and bads? Would you like it to be in the game or not?

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Racials in PvP

Should racials be as powerful as they are in PvP?
For a long time I have felt the need to play the most powerful race for my class to min-max in PvP.
Personally I think it would be better if I could just play the race I think looks the best.
I used to not care back when tmorph was allowed but thats not the case anymore.
What do you guys think is more important? Having powerful racials or being able to play the race you think looks the best?

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Azerite traits in PvP

Do we like azerite traits in PvP? Personally I have split opinions.
- Trait stacking
I think trait stacking should not be a thing in PvP. Right now for most classes (if not all?) its about finding the most OP trait in PvP and then farm whatever you need to until you have head, shoulders and chest with these traits.
If no stacking was allowed it would be more interesting and create more diversity i think.
Right now they keep buffing and nerfing traits which also makes it so all the items you farmed are now "useless" in PvP and you need to move on to the next "OP" thing.
- Azerite trait power in PvP
The power of azerite traits just seem too high in general. The difference for some classes (if not all?) in terms of how powerful you are with the perfect traits versus random traits seem too big. This week I got a 385 shoulder piece from my weekly chest but the trait I got on it is so bad for PvP I would rather have a 320 blue shoulders with the BiS trait, I think this is silly.
What do you guys think about azerite traits in PvP? Whats good and whats bad?

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Battle for Azeroth Warlock PvP Discussion

Hey guys today I want to chat about Warlocks in PvP, specifically arena. As we all know Warlocks are not in a great spot right now. It doesn't seem like we have too much of an issue getting damage off, but when we are attacked or even our partners are, we lack the defensives and utility to stop crowd control, or peel for our teammates.
Blizzard has stated that some changes are coming for Warlocks very soon. My questions for you guys are:
1. Do you feel like Warlocks are pretty weak right now in PvP?
2. If so what would you like to see changed to make the class stronger?
3. Lastly, what do you guys think Blizzard is going to buff to make Warlocks stronger?

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BFA balancing

So it looks like blizzard is taking the direction of nerfing whats overpowered (BM hunter, warrior, outlaw rogue) and not really buffing stuff that's weak.
From most gladiator players I talk to including myself we all seem to want them to BUFF whats weak instead of NERFING whats already strong.
Ofcourse if something is completely out of line it would need a nerf, but maybe a smaller nerf and then focus on buffing whats strong instead.
The reason me and so many other players think this is a good idea is because then the game is overall more fast-paced which is A LOT more enjoyable to play. Long drawn out dampening games are very boring and exhausting to play in my opinion.
What do you guys think about this? Do you prefer fast or slow games or maybe somewhere inbetween?

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We are a gaming community!!! We are not a clam . We arnt only focused on forntite we are focused is to best at GAMING all games!! Not just fortnite. We have over 140 members and growing !! We are an active community are goal is to help Surge grow and help echother grow are personal brand ! As a community we tune in into echothers streams and videos.


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Leveling trick! ;)

Bg’s giving big EXP! https://youtu.be/_r3NiZMdJ-Y

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Enhance or Restore

I wanna main shaman, but still think about these two classes, not choosing one. What's your opinion?

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Going into the wild side for PvP in BFA any advice would be appreciated!

So I've mained Mage since Vanilla and this time around I'd like to go bear MT for PvE and Feral/Balance for PvP. Id like to shoot for Feral mostly but I'm not sure how they're looking to all you kitty mains out there! Any ideas and tips?

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What should I be for BfA class

Ret, feral. Sub, or dk

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POPULAR Battle for Azeroth PvP Mage Discussion

Mages in Battle for Azeroth seem to have gained some abilities and lost abilities, but overall, don't feel too incredibly different than Legion Mage specializations. Let's quickly unpack the changes so you guys can let me know what you think of what is to come for this class!
Abilities added: Remove Curse, Arcane Intellect
Abilities removed: Mark of Aluneth
Frost Mage -> Frost mages overall are still a cool down dependent class and from the looks of it are going to have 4 ways to actually burst; Icy veins, Frozen Orb, Ebonbolt, and Ray of Frost. This is a lot of different burst options which has me excited for the viability of Frost Mages but there consistent pressure is almost non-existent, and they still don't have abilities to allow for 1v1 or world pvp plays such as Deep Freeze, Blazing Speed, or Alter Time.
Arcane Mage -> Arcane mage is the spec that has me the most worried. The inner workings of the DPS rotation has changed quite a bit, Mark of Aluneth has been removed, and not much as been added back in it's place. Arcane explosion no longer does damage based on stack and Arcane missiles no longer does damage based on stack. Both of these changes will heavily cripple the current playstyle of arcane in PvP but might allow for new playstyles to rise.
Fire Mage -> Fire mage is the spec that seems the most similar to how it currently plays in Legion. Although the way you obtain your traits and talents come from different areas and tiers within your talents / honor talents the end results seems the same. Spam instant casts to generate pyroblasts to spam more instants into more pyros. The only problem I see with this spec is that pyroblast used to be such a high burst ability and fire doesn't really have that high burst option anymore (unless you go for Greater Pyro LUL) as they used to. Instead they have high consistent damage but not very much burst damage.
Let me know what you guys think of mages in BfA! Excited, not excited? Which spec will you be trying out?

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Does anyone still run twinks anymore? I used to be big into the 29 bracket back in the day. Had a 29 Disc priest back in BC that hit like a truck and healed insane

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