Robin1 LV.2 Mob
Mar 21, 2020, 12:14 AM 42 read

Boost Buddies (Horde) EU Free Boosting

Boost Buddies is a friendly community with its flaws offering to provide players who need help, the help they need, for nothing in return. Founded by Robin, and brought to life by our many wonderful volunteers.   BB is basically a community that helps for free, and with everything, within reason, conjuring tier three pieces, or bringing items back to the game is not one of our traits.   But we do pride ourselves in providing people with the following:   → Miscellaneous → Mythic+ → Raids   Our reason, or Robins vision is to bring back the social aspects, show the community that people do care, to provide those who need the help, attention, or social interaction without having to pay others.   There is no other reason behind it, or any foul intentions behind BB, we do this because we love helping others, we do not strive for power, fame, or shady deals under the table. We just want to help, so welcome to boost buddies, and thank you.   >



    > htpst://   For those who have alliance characters, our alliance discord is located here:     `>`

  Our first two videos on the horde side can be found here:

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