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Guide Summary: Don't multi-box if you don't
Blizzard is updating their policies to put a stop to multi-boxing using input software.
Mutli-boxers use software or separate machines to run multiple instances of the game, in the same place, at the same time. Multi-boxing is commonly used to gain an advantage in farming and PVP/PVE scenarios.
Blizzard says, "it will soon be considered an actionable offense". They, as well as a majority of others, believe this will positively influence the game. They mention warnings will be issued soon. If the warnings are ignored, they will become actionable. Some of the actions can including account suspension or permanent account closure.
Most importantly, the influence on the WoW economy could be major. Multi-boxers frequently use multiple accounts to farm items for the auction house. Someone with excess money to spend could make larger waves on market prices than practical.
There is also the potential to relieve the strain on some servers. Specifically, high activity servers. Servers housing players that hoard dozens of keyed accounts are serious problem in the game. Ridding the game of them, could mean less instances of griefing and ruined days. Or one could hope.
Personally, I hope things will continue to improve. It may feel like a delayed response, but I believe this is a step in the right direction. Cheers to Blizzard for being proactive.
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I'm going to hop on Kharazan fresh on 07/25/2020. I main alliance rogue. Whisper Vishaj.

Kharazan fresh TBC
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I was wondering what if we all start from lvl 1 and do some questing and dungeons and stuff

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le wrecked 123 le wrecked 123
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Anyone have any tips of making gold?

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Im a new player and I could use some tips for Tauren Hunter class. Thank you!
Stone Block
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Super new to the game trying out different toons, what is the best class to start out with for beginner players?

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If you're new to the game or have played before but need a refresher, let me know Alliance or Horde and I'd be more than happy to help you out. I have discord and enjoy helping the wow community.

New players needing help?
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I need someone to help me unlock the nightborne race.

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Can anyone would like to teach me the ropes of world of Warcraft please do. I’m 18, I have a mic, and I’m not new to MMO’s. Hit me up in discord if you are down to teach me. My discord is Moonlight_BP#9840

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If you are a new player to World of Warcraft and would like some help with learning the game let me know and I'll help you out Horde or Alliance.

I will give you discord info to chat as well.

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Made some guides back in the day. First time I ever made so dont judge me too hard.

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Now that we have a world of Warcraft lounge, new players can come to this section and learn a thing or two. One thing I have to say is never leave a socket empty and always get your items enchanted when you get the opportunity. If your doing a raid 90% of the time, raid groups will not take people with no sockets or enchantments. Sometimes you might have to give a person a small amount of gold to put an enchantment on your piece of gear, but it's definitely a profit because these raids will give you 5x the amount of gold you spent on your upgrades. Hope you learned a thing or two.

New players
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