GATESIX LV.16 GameManager
Aug 7, 2019, 08:34 PM 481 read

I can't install / play the game


A. Please make sure your device meets minimum requirements.   [Minimum Requirements] Android : Galaxy S5↑ // OS : 4.4↑ IOS : iphone 6s↑ // OS 9.0↑ ※ It requires minium 2GB RAM   B. Please check your network setting : If your internet connection is unstable, the app may not installed properly.   C. Free up some space on device : When running out of storage on device, the app can not be installed. Free up space and try again.   We kindly ask you to fill out the form below, and send us email if the problem persists after the above steps have been tried.   =================================================== - In game name : - Device / OS Information : - Details: *If there is an error message, please take a screenshot and attach it If possible, please provide us with a screenshot or a video clip of the issue to better assist you. ※ Customer Center: Menu > [Setting] > [Customer Support]> [Customer Center] - If you can not access the game, please send your ticket to the e-mail below.   English : Chinese : ===================================================

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