GATESIX LV.16 GameManager
Aug 7, 2019, 08:34 PM 373 read

How to get a refund (cancel) ?


If you want to get a refund (or cancel), you should request a refund on the 'GATE SIX Customer Service'   Please note that if you directly request a refund on Store, it might be considered as refund abuse. Be aware of your account might be penalized to prevent future abuse, and due to that reason we kindly ask you to request a refund on 'GATE SIX Customer Service'.   In order to receive a refund for an in-App purchase, the purchased items must be unused. If you receive the item from the post, it may considered as used item, and we won't refund it. =================================================== [Refund Form] - In-game Nickname(or membership number) : - Purchase Date : - Item : - Order Number : - E-mail Address for purchase : *Purchase Receipt (Must) *You can check your membership number at Menu > Setting > Account in the game * Customer Center: Menu > [Setting] > [Customer Support] > [Customer Center] ===================================================

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