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Sep 12, 2019, 11:44 PM 390 read


Guild recruitment

Greetings active player! Sanctified is recruiting serious players who enjoy a laid back atmosphere, but wish to experience all the game has to offer. We're a competitive guild that is inclusive of free2play members. As of this post, we daily clear out inactives, and weekly clear out non-contributors (Subject to change, depending on how competitive we decide to be in the future). If we are full, you may enter into our wait-list by applying. It is a first come first serve basis as vacancies appear. We have a Discord that is encouraged, but optional. If you don't like discord, you are still welcome, but may miss important announcements as well as coupon codes and general tips from your fellow guildmates. You will only receive an invite once joined in-game. Discord is REQUIRED for anyone wishing to be an officer. As of this post, we have 19 very active members, and a small, growing core of people in our discord.

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