Qiubito LV.3 Lurker
Aug 14, 2019, 01:27 AM 343 read

Arena challenge points

Ideas & Suggestions

My suggestion it's that you should let people attack again the one you beaten before to get some points at least (the more you challenge him = less points), because it's imposible to win points here, in two days i won 66 points at this rate i will need 20 days to buy all the articles on the shop (weekly articles).   and that considering i will have 2 people that i can beat to get that few points, because once you beaten them one time, there's no point in spend the challenge attemps, because you can't win anyone and can't win any point.     so for example the first time you challenge someone and win you will win 20 points, the second time you beat him the same day = 10 points, third time = 7 points, fourth = 5 points.   this is an idea you should search the balance and maybe you think that 20 points it's low for first win and need more etc.....     there's no point in have a weekly shop times when you can only buy 1 thing because it's imposible to win points to buy things.

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