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Good news, Heir. We have found a new way to level up your Servants faster! It's called the Bond system! Make good use of this system to form a more powerful Crusade!   [Bond System] By using the Bond system, you can transfer abilities of your more highly upgraded Servants to a weaker Servant.   1. Basics - You can form a Bond between 1 primary Servant and 1 secondary Servant. - When a Bond is formed, your secondary Servant can receive the following effects:

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- You can form up to 4 pairs of Bonds. When activated, the Bond effect lasts for 30 days.   2. Forming Bonds Preparing Primary & Secondary Servants - Only the Servants that meet the following requirements are eligible:

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- If your selected Servant is deployed to the contents listed below, they cannot form Bonds even if they meet the above conditions.

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Choosing Primary and Secondary Servants - When you're ready, select your primary and secondary Servants.   Form a Bond - When you have selected a primary and a secondary Servant, you can use a Bond Ticket to establish the Bond. - Bond Tickets can be obtained from Events or purchased from the Shop.

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Bond Effect Activated - When Bonds are formed, the secondary Servant will be immediately boosted and will remain so for 30 days. - You can use Bond Tickets to extend the Bond. (30 days per Bond Ticket)   3. Canceling Bonds - You can cancel existing Bonds by tapping on the [Cancel] button. - When Bonds are canceled, the secondary Servant will return to its original state.

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※ When a Bond is canceled, your Avatars and Multi-Hit Combos will be restored to their original state as well.   - A Secondary Servant in an expired Bond cannot be used in any contents until your expired Bond is canceled. - A Secondary Servant in an expired Bond can be used once you extend or cancel the Bond. - Bonds can be canceled before they expire. Once canceled, the remaining time of the Bond disappears.     4. Important Bond Details - Primary and secondary Servants can be used in all contents, but they cannot be used in the same content together. - When a primary Servant's Transcendence or level increases, the secondary Servant's abilities will also increase. - If a secondary Servant's Potentials have been unlocked, the Potential will not be randomly changed. The unlocked Potential will be used as is. - The Potentials that are unlocked through the Bond can be changed without using any materials (Requires 0 Potential Change Stones). - The Growth Score of your secondary Servant who has been boosted through a Bond will not affect the sum of the Growth Score of your 6 highest Servants. - Collection Effects will not increase for your secondary Servant who has been boosted through a Bond. - Primary and secondary Servants cannot be used as materials or moved to Barracks. - Secondary Servants cannot be set as Main Servants.  

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