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Collection Effect

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Want ALL of your Servants in the same class to get stronger together? Say no more - Collection Effect has you covered!   You'll receive different Collection Effects based on the Awakening and Transcendence levels of your Servants. These Collection Effects are applied to all of your Servants that share the same class.   The more Servants you obtain and raise, the more Collection Effects you'll get! And you know what that means? Stronger Servants all around!   ■ Collection Effect : Passive stat boosts can be obtained based on each Servant's Awakening and Transcendence levels. These are known as Collection Effects. : Collection Effects are divided into 8 classes: Tanks, DPS (Attack-based), DPS (Defense-based), DPS (Speed-based), DPS (Enemy HP-based), DPS (DEF Ignore), Support, and Heal. Each class shares its own Collection Effects among its Servants. : If you obtained a Collection Effect for only 1 Servant of a class, all Servants of that class will receive that identical Collection Effect. (Ex.) DPS (Attack-based) Fire Mildred Lv. 0, Obtained +5 ATK ▶ All DPS (Attack-based) Servants, Obtained +5 ATK : The Awakening and Transcendence levels of Servants you own will all be reflected in Collection Effect. Your Collection Effect will not disappear even if you use up your Servants.   ■ Menu

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① Classes : This tab shows all the Servants in their respective classes.   ② Collection Effect Level : Collection Effects can range from Lv. 0 to Lv. 10. (However, Origin ★1 - 2 Servants who cannot be Awakened/Transcended can only reach Lv. 0, and ★3 Servants that can only be 1st Awakened can only reach Lv. 6.) : Icons of Servants you have not obtained yet will not be activated and will not have levels.   : When you Awaken or Transcend a Servant once, your Servant's Collection Effect level will be raised by 1 as well. : Each Servant's Awakening level + Transcendence level = Collection Effect level. (Ex.) 5th Awakening + 3rd Transcendence Servant = Collection Effect Lv. 8, 0 Awakening + 0 Transcendence Servant = Collection Effect Lv. 0   ③ Increases per Level : Shows a list of passive stat boosts that can be obtained at each Collection Effect level for the selected Servant. : Passive stat boosts that were obtained for the current level will be activated. Ones that have not yet been obtained will be inactive. : When the Collection Effect level of each Servant increases, the passive effects you can receive will also accumulate. (Ex.) For Collection Effect Lv. 3, all passive effects from Lv. 0 to 3 are obtained.   ④ Total Collection Effect : Shows the sum of all Collection Effects of one class. : This sum is applied to all Servants of the same class. : When you obtain the same passive stats multiple times, all of them will be added to the sum.   ⑤ Collection (Go Now) : This icon moves you from Collection Effect to Collection immediately once tapped. : The Servant you selected in Collection Effect will be then shown in Collection.   ■ Applying Collection Effects : Obtained Collection Effects will be added to the stats of your Gear in "Servants."

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  ■ See All Applied Collection Effects : You can see the total sum of all Collection Effects for all classes in Servant > Collection Effect tab.

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