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Jul 8, 2020, 05:41 PM 41 read

Servant Management Suggestions.

Suggestions to Devs

1. Mass/Bulk Evolve. I'm not sure if anybody else is still doing "evolves" instead of simply doing "fusions" but it would be very nice if a mass/bulk evolve feature can be added to the game. Evolving more than 50 1 start servants (coz I still do so) takes too long 😅. 2. Auto-select / Expand. Putting servants into the barracks by selecting them one by one is sometimes inconvenient. I usually do the 1-3 star servant summons and then place them in barracks for later evolve purposes so it definitely gets annoying clicking on a hundred of them sometimes.. Or Servant Inventory can just be expanded from 200 to 500 or more. 3. Magic stones. Can we also have high (?? Not sure, the third one) magic stones be available in craft? Low and greater ones are available so why not high and even supreme ones? 4. Can we also possibly get new Nat5 non-humanoid mythical servants? Dragons, gorgons, basilisks, sirens (make them more "urban legends / gore-y" style rather than fantasy/magical) .. Just imaging their skill animations is going to be soo cool. Not sure but I don't think there are nat5 nonhumanoid servants currently, they're more on the nat 4 and below rarities. 🙏🙏🙏

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