XxShirø LV.2 Lurker
May 27, 2020, 11:15 PM 77 read

~skills' lock~ suggestion

Suggestions to Devs

Hey all,   Ever since i started playing this game, there this one thing that keeps disturbing me: why would the skill lock option automatically lock everything ? I thought it would be much interesting to be able to do it manually, for example once you click on the little lock button it enables you to select the skills to lock/unlock as you like, so you can keep one skill and not the other, or you could keep the combo and not the active skills. I think this would be super useful for starting player like me because we don't own T10 units that can OneShot the boss and end the stage in 10sec and we don't have max awakened allies so we have no passive skills either, and the little speed/attack buffs we could get from here and there would be super nice to speed up & smooth the runs.   Locking everything and keeping just the main DPS attacking is good but it could be better and especially FASTER! Not everybody plays on PC emulators and phone batteries simply can't handle farming non stop for hours, the battery drains super fast and the phone heats up....   Well i hope you can consider adding this manual skill lock option as early as possible :)

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