Skaffa93 LV.4 Epic
Mar 22, 2020, 09:59 PM 80 read

Auto repeat "retry connection"

Suggestions to Devs

I often leave auto repeat on during work or sleep only to come back to the game which halted after 15 repeats and is now asking me to retry to connect. Auto repeat gets interrupted by this message at least once or twice a day just using 4g or when the phone switches to a wifi network. I'm no coder but couldn't there be a simple solution to this? Ofcourse you can't prevent a shoddy internet connection from disconnecting you from the game but there's no reason for the game to wait until I notice it and press a button. Could you guys make it so that the game automatically tries to reconnect when this occurs?

Comment 1

  • picard LV.3 Lurker Mar 24, 2020, 10:55 AM

    For me that always happens when I plug in the charging cable or remove it while I am doing repeat battles in Screensaver mode