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Mar 21, 2020, 03:09 AM 128 read

Mumm Limitation After Update

Suggestions to Devs

Atm with 175 karats Cost per 2500 Mumm u can minimal negative handle to farm pg with 4x teams about 40 seconds (as units get higher Daily aviable pg will increase so Limit mumm will go wrong way), changing to 4x a day for 150 is the worst Limit u can bring for now! Even if u Play diamond top 3 nearly everywhere buy Mission package and aio package u run out of mumm without even doing 1 Single Element dungeon with karat Use. For example 1 run with 4x pg runs about 6h and Cost about 14k mumm so even if u run 3x per day u need about 45k per day .... if u Use After Update aio package u get 7k per day + 10k if u buy for 600 karats, 2x Daily login about 1k Bonus Then Some crafted mumm about 1k Maximum, maybe another 1k depending on events so u lose every day alone from pg about 30k mumm to buy them u need atm a little bit ober 2k Karats per day, if u safe from pvp events and abbadon + have Some luck at Daily rolls u can nearly hold with some mummpackages for extra aktivities ... if u change it u will need about ~ 5k mumm Daily to dont run out of mumm (not 100% exakt math but its only pg no tower Invasion no Boss raid nothing included so its normally even higher than this), if u farm most effektive way (4x per Day pg) and while pg Runs doing sanctuarium shard farming u wouldnt even hold if u buy Daily mumm package + aio + Mission package which would be over 400€ per month let mumm unlimited at lowered Price!

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