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Nov 11, 2019, 01:12 PM 324 read

NEW CONTENT idea/ revamp

Suggestions to Devs

Hello guys, you asked me on my last post upon ideas to help the engagement side of hol.. it took me a while to brainstorm an idea and this is one of them. We know that tower invasion is soon to get a revamp so this idea is based on that. I posted it on discord and I will post it here too so that other players can suggest/ help with this idea. So right now tower invasion , isn’t engaging, point system doesn’t add up, and rewards aren’t so great. While on the agenda of revamping I suggest that you make this a customisable abbadon/tower invasion for each player So ideally it will have 7 floors , same as how tower invasion is, However each floor the player/defender controls the debuffs/restrictions on that floor. So allow the tower invasion to be more customisable , introduce new debuffs such as “ poison “ where by a set hp is deducted per x amount of seconds .. - this will allow players to start using vampire gears Maybe allow defending team to place a restriction on a floor whereby two range dps servants is a condition on that floor. (Just like abbadon) Or maybe a restriction where by attackers cannot use certain gears And perhaps allow attacking teams to have buffs in which is a one time only per tower .. for example the ability for bonus speed, or maybe bonus attack or maybe even a free one time kill To summarise as I do not want to lengthen this post, allow tower invasion to be more customisable, so that players are engaged each day setting new defence systems , and strategy is required upon each floor , over the current system whereby ignore def kills everything in 10 seconds. Also to touch on the rewards, rewards system needs to improve as upgrading towers takes a HUGE amount of honour points. I am aware that this maybe a bit too much, but it’s definitely something new to hol .. more engaging .. more challenging .. more strategic and more control for tower invasions Something new over the current daily afk farming which requires next to 0 engagement

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  • gamer319757398 LV.13 Chief Dec 19, 2019, 01:26 AM

    tower is low priority for devs.
    at this point, i hope they fix the bugs in tower first as tower update seems to be in tandem to gw implementation and will possibly get updated 2021.