Jeremy LV.3 Lurker
Aug 18, 2019, 06:19 AM 332 read

About the new servants Mildred

Suggestions to Devs

Hi Devs Team, First of all, I am happy to have a whole new style servant to play, really appreciate that the Heir of Light Team have created such special servant!!! And I truly understand the new servant should be powerful, otherwise no one will be willing to spend Karats for summon them. However, i would like to suggest the team to either change a little bit the servant Mildred or balance the old servants to counter Mildred a little bit. We all know that pvp games are important in HoL. One is that they have some good rewards and the other is that PVP games are indeed a fun part of HoL, building you teams with different types of servants to have different kinds of pvp game play. When we look at the world ipvp or ipvp, Mildreds are dominating the all pvp games. They attack the back line which is related to the survival chance of the team. And also when people look at the Passive, they are obviously born to the PVP games. It's a good idea to have a different direction to play PVP, we start defeating the opponents from the back line. I guess, Mildred are being created to make some new strategies, because it was too hard to kill back lines and the tank would never get down before. But now, i know it's a litte bit ironic, it's still really hard to kill the back lines if you don't have Mildred in your team. They are also the R-dps and they first kill you support and healer(in a normal team), than your tank are much more weaker without them definitely. Than it become harder or impossible to survive till you kill the opponents' front line and to get to Mildred. She is way too powerful and almost no answer for her, she also get much more buff when she got transcended. The only two way i can think of for beating Mildred are: 1. get the same team that has Mildred also 2. wish you have luck that you won't meet Mildred or you meet the new Heirs with lower Transcended Team( can kill the tank faster or, you can survive from the low transcended mildred's attack)     In the end, I still really appreciate that the HoL team are willing to listen to all kinds of player in HoL, and try to find the best way to solve the problems. Thank you!!! These are only my small opinions of the servants' balance.

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