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Dev Note #141: Auto-Repeat Poll Result & Future Development Plan

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note  #141: Auto-Repeat Poll Result & Future Development Plan image 1

Greetings Heirs,   For todays Dev note, we would like to share the auto-repeat poll result and the direction of future update / Development.   We have compiled all the auto-repeat poll results from all servers and the mostly received pick was the Option #1.   Option #1: "Auto-Repeat is allowed with valor in Explore/Gear Dungeon. Skip is allowed with Energy. However, the daily valor purchase is reduced from 99 to 10."   Currently, we are working towards implementing the system as it was voted in the poll. The vote option included " daily valor purchase limit to 10 times per day" however, we are trying to incorporate everyone's feedback. Thus, we are in process of discussing the valor purchase limit and will make a flexible decision.   We have been thinking and debating what we can do for players that care and love Heir of Light and also what we can do to continue the long term service of the game.   Thus, we came to 2 solutions: 1. To make the gaming experience more comfortable for the users. 2. Take more feedback from the community and implement them much more than before.   We would like to provide some examples below.   1. Increase the chance of obtaining Servants We are in the development of a new Servant while working with the auto-repeat revival. The upcoming servant will be the 42nd 5★ servant in Heir of Light. Honestly, when the number of servant increases, the rate of obtain the servant you desire is bound to decrease. We believe that it is important for users to obtain servants that they desire in a short amount of time so that they are able to experience all of the in-game contents. Thus, we will be providing more support for the users. We will be increasing the summon rate to provide everyone with more chances in obtain the servant or servants that many have desired. If you have any other suggestions regarding this topic, please feel free to share it with us.   2. Increase assistance to the New User Gameplay We have provided many assistance for new users with new user only attendance, events, and reward increase for quests. But, it seems that new user only assistances that we provided are still not enough. When the new users start, they are able to obtain great numbers of 5★ servants. However, We saw that the new users face a huge hurdle in growing their servants as they face difficulties in obtaining materials for awakening, enhancing skills, transcendence, and protentional. We are planning to provide more support for the new users regarding growth so that they are able to enter the early/mid contents in a short amount of time. We have decided to move in this direction because ultimately, we want more users to interact with each other while increasing the number of users.   3. Adjustment of Package Benefits We are in planning to do a major adjustment for in-game packages. It seems that we did not pay much attention to the in-game packages as we should have. We apologize for not paying much attention to in-game packages. From now on, we will upgrade and provide much better packages and benefits so that it may bring much more satisfaction in making IAP than before.   ⭕5.2 Additional Update (12/22) We bring a major update once a month and additional updates in between. Main update includes big updates and important development details. Additional updates include adjusting minor issues that can be fixed quickly   5.2 Additional Update is scheduled 12/21. Many Heirs commented on currency shortage. Since it is additional update, we will be adding changes that can be done quickly.   1. Conversion Stone and Gear Material supply will increase You can now craft Gear Material. You can now craft conversion stone 20 times a month instead of 10 times a month.   2. Some packages related to Gear Conversion and Transcendence will be buffed Amount of Conversion Stone in Conversion Stone Package will be doubled. Transcending Aura in Transcending Aura package will increase by 1.5 times.   Of course, we will bring more QoL improvements and new contents.   Please feel free to leave various suggestions & feedbacks in the comments.   Thank you.   Flynn  

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  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Dec 16, 2020, 12:46 PM

    you need to bring out half packs. in some countries due to security etc, the $100 packs cant be bought.

    so if a $100 gives say 10000 conversion stones, then there should be a $50 pack with 5000 conversion stones.

    the $30 is ok, its the $100 packs which has limitations.

  • Saiful Amrin LV.2 Lurker Dec 17, 2020, 03:45 PM


    the most wanted about package and shop is " bring back bound ticket " with karat purchasing metode. Also u need to check about demian too , i feel demian have some speed bug ( 188 + 331 ) spd demian vs ( 203 + 272 ) spd dark theresia .. i've checked for enemies potensial , they have -90 reduce healer spd in total 3 slots and none of them using spd reduction on support ,. but when my theresia combo gauge full , my demian still abt 90%-95%. And theres no Green Lucrecia in enemies line up. But it only happened in guild war and global infinite pvp .. in ban pick and infinite pvp everything is fine

  • thisislio LV.2 Lurker Dec 18, 2020, 04:26 PM

    Wow another buff to the whales. Because that is what this game really needed.. not more content, no, what a silly idea. We need more and better packs.
    You wonder why new players dont wanna play this game?
    Because you force them to get 60 fkn copies of a unit to make it viable. And guess what, the player went though the hell of getting all those copies, just to realize you already released 3 new servants which are more powerful and/or just snipe your unit. Your balancing is non existent, your content creation is just a joke at this point. All we can do is idle watch our servants, cool, much fun, very wow.
    Your whole skip invention was completely pointless, no one ever asked for it, and now you revert it back. Good job, money well spent there.
    I really dont know what happened at your studio, but since you came up with the all-in-one pack it all went down the drain from there on.
    Update over update more cash grabby its ridiculous.
    of course you have to earn money to keep this game alive, but come on, can you really not come up with a better monetization model?
    Its just sad and whats even more sad is, these whales who rule the discord with their toxic behaviours even scare more new players off.