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Dev Note #131: 4.7 Tower of God Collaboration Update Preview

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #131: 4.7 Tower of God Collaboration Update Preview image 1

Greetings Heirs,   We will be covering 4.7 Update Preview in this Dev Note   ================================================= Tower of God =================================================   As we revealed earlier, the most important part of 4.7 Update is the Tower of God Collaboration.   Many Heirs have been waiting for the next Collaboration since the the latest Summoners War Collaboration in March. As Korean Webtoons gained popularity worldwide, we decided that a Collaboration with a Webtoon will be something even Heirs of Global server could enjoy. Among various Webtoons, we thought that we will be able to bring amazing Collaboration with Tower of God. While there were various obstacles, we are excited to bring the Collaboration in the next Update.   We tried our best to deliver the original impression Tower of God in Heir of Light. This is why we picked White among many characters in Tower of God. (White is on a roll in the original piece right now.)     As we prepared this collaboration, we wanted this Collaboration to be a festival for both F2P and Paying Heirs. Here are some events we prepared for this Collaboration > Obtain Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration Servant Select Summon just by logging in > Unprecedented Light/Dark Collaboration Servant Rate+ > Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration Servant Rate+ > Collaboration Suspendium Drop Event to collect Collaboration Servant Shard     Through these events, we made sure anyone can obtain at least one Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration servant. Those who farm harder thank others in Heir of Light will be able to obtain at least one Light/Dark Collaboration servant.   We will also create Collaboration Servant Packages that would fit various budgets so that those who tend to make in-app purchases can obtain & transcend Collaboration servants faster and cheaper.   We hope Heirs enjoy the Heir of Light version of Bam, Yuri, and White.   ================================================= Servant Balance ================================================= ⭕Dark Aria / Light Ifrit   Since we implemented Potential system, we maintained a policy that "A servant cannot obtain similar/duplicate effect for both Passive and Special Potential #4. (For example, if a servant has a Increase DMG effect in Passive, the servant cannot have the same Increase DMG effect from Special Potential #4.   However, there was an issue where both Dark Aria and Light Ifrit were able to receive Increase ATK effect from Special Potential #4 even though they had Increase ATK effect as a Passive. This was one of the reasons Dark Aria was extremely powerful.   In the past, if there was an issue with a Special Potential, we allowed Heirs keep the Potential while we prevented any additional Heirs from receiving the Potential after an Update. However, we determined that Dark Aria and Light Ifrit are currently too powerful to let them keep their Special Potential. Therefore, we will making changes below,   1. If the servant has Increase ATK effect from Special Potential #4, Increase ATK effect from Passive will not be applied. 2. We expect drastic change in servant balance from this change, and we are aware that this change majorly impacts on applicable servants. Therefore, we will be holding a Special Decompose event. For one month, Heirs will receive 90% back from regular decompose and 100% back from premium decompose when Heirs decompose Dark Aria or Light Ifrit. We will explain special decompose event in the next section.   ⭕Special Decompose   We are aware how disappointing it is for Heirs if a servant balance adjustment makes certain servants that Heirs invested in useless. This is why we try our best to find the right servant balance without directly adjusting a servant. However, when we determine that indirect balance adjustment through Relation Effect sniping cannot solve the fundamental issue and will only make the issue worse in the future, we have no choice but to step in to make a direct adjustment.   We have been putting a lot of thoughts on coming up with a way to maintain the value of a servant if the servant was to go through a direct adjustment. bond system and decompose system were part of our efforts to minimize the disappointment of a servant adjustment. However, it was true that the amount decompose returned was rather small to compensate for a balance adjustment.   Therefore, if we make an adjustment to a servant that would seriously impact the performance of the servant, we will be returning more resources through decompose for about a month after the adjustment. Special decompose return 90% of resources and special premium decompose returns 100% of resources.

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⭕PvP AoE DMG Reduction Potential Value Adjustment   With the new function to fix certain Potential, which allowed a lot of Heirs to obtain the Potential they want, many Heirs have been setting their AoE DMG Reduction to the max value of 85%.   Combined with the general popularity of DEF Increase effect, AoE DPS servants became very weak. Therefore, we decided that we need to change AoE DMG Reduction Potential. As the first change, we are reducing numerical value of AoE DMG Reduction on Normal Potential #2 from 25% to 20%. We will be making additional changes in the future if necessary.   ⭕Relation Effect Sniping and Transcendence Difference Improvement   Even though Light/Dark servants are much more difficult to develop compared to Fire/Water/Forest servants, sniping Relation Effect will not apply for 3 or more Transcendence differences for both types of servants. We have been getting suggestion to be more generous about this restriction for Light/Dark servants. With this update, sniping Relation Effect will not apply for 4 or more Transcendence differences when Light/Dark servants snipe Fire/Water/Forest servants. Until now, 7th Transcendence Light/Dark servants couldn't snipe 10th Transcendence Fire/Water/Forest servants. However, it will be possible with this update since there is only 3 Transcendence difference.   ================================================= QoL Improvement =================================================   We made various QoL improvements this update.   1. You can now see servant's Potential from Collection.

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2. Purifying Ground Improvement   It can be difficult for new Heirs to qualify for Purifying Grounds. Since Transcendence is the most important part of servant development, we will be lowering the requirement to use Purifying Ground to assist servant shard collection in early game.   - Heirs can now start using Purifying Ground at level 26 instead of 36 - We decreased servant requirement for the first Purifying Ground "Purifying Sanctum" by allowing servants with 0 Transcendence to participate. Heirs can now farm servants without Transcendence in Purifying Ground. - We decreased Purifying Time and increased success rate when farming Fire/Water/Forest servants with low Growth Score so that Heirs can obtain more servant shards. - We are finally adding a function that load the previous team setting in Purifying Ground. 3. You can now use servants with mark equipped after decompose in Craft. 4. We fixed freezing/crashing issue on some devices with lower performance with memory optimization.   ================================================= Transcend Guide Improvement =================================================   We have made a lot of changes since we added Transcend Guide for the first time. For example, we added Purifying Ground and T.Shard, making transcendence very different from the past and allowing Heirs to transcend various servants. Therefore, we will be reworking Transcend Guide completely.   We will be replacing current Transcend Guide with a new Transcend Guide. All Heirs will be able to complete the new Transcend Guide. If you are working on current Transcend Guide, we recommend completing the Transcend Guide before the Update.   That's it for today.   Please remember to participate in Tower of God Collaboration Share Event to spread the word about this awesome Collaboration!

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  Thank you.   Flynn  

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