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Dev Note #129: Notice Regarding Balance & Feedback Collection

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   We are working hard on finalizing 4.6 Update. While this Dev Note isn't about 4.6 Update, we wanted to discuss about important direction of future updates.   Dev's goal is to allow various servants to be utilized. There is a long history behind Infinite PvP meta. Let us explain this history first.   There was a time when AoE and Ignore-DEF DPS servants were popular in PvP before Caesar was released.     Players had to choose between using AoE DPS servants to take down DPS, Support, Healer servants or using Ignore-DEF DPS servants to take down Tank servants.   However, more DPS, Support, Healer servants started surviving against AoE servants with better Potential. Damage output became much less consistent as several factors such as Crit Damage and DEF plays part in damage. Therefore, more players started using Ignore DEF DPS servants for consistent damage output.   Since Ignore DEF servants have been powerful for some time, Dev decided to release Caesar to stop Ignore DEF servants' dominance.   While Caesar was not quite popular in the beginning, AoE DPS servants came back to meta as more players were able to develop their Caesar. (We also believe presence of Buff Removal that allowed more consistent damage output by removing Increase DEF buff played part in this change.)   This is when we released Demian. Demian became very popular as a support servant not only because of her Buff Removal but also because of her Passive that counters Ignis. Combination of Light Heylel and Dark Demian also proved to be extremely powerful.   We wanted to see more DEF-Based DPS servants in the meta, which is why Demian has various effects that would help DEF stats of the team, such as Increase DEF buff, DEF Wave Effect, and Passive that increase DEF of DPS servants.   As more players started using Support Demian (Especially Dark Demian), DEF of ally servants increased greatly, which reduced damage output of DPS servants beside DEF-Ignore DEF servants. PvP basically became a competition of who survives longer with more HP. Since then, Ignore DEF DPS servants started gaining dominance once again as Caesar was codestructed. With the release of Teresia that snipes Caesar, Ignore DEF DPS servants became dominant once again.   Ignore DEF DPS servants were powerful even before Caesar. Ignore DEF DPS servants could take down tank servants with 1~2 higher Transcendence. Dark Leto is a good example. It was obvious that Ignore DEF DPS servants will become dominant if Caesar is sniped. We got some feedbacks that rather than countering with different servant, we need Ignore-DEF damage reduction as a fundamental solution. Therefore, we will be adding Ignore DEF damage reduction to Potential in 4.6 Update. (While we are testing the details, we are expecting servants to get 45~50% Ignore DEF damage reduction at max.)   Ignore DEF damage reduction can be a solution to correcting Transcendence different, and we also believe using AoE DPS servants with high transcendence is better than u sing Ignore DEF DPS servant of low transcendence.     However, it is still true that many DPS servants beside Ignore DEF DPS servants are being neglected in current meta. We are definitely aware that this is an issue we must tackle in order to allow usage of various servants & teams in PvP.   Reducing Dark Demian's barrier time has the same concept as the changes above. Buff removal is needed in order to remove the DEF buff which allows you to deal more damage. It has the similar concept with minimizing the immunity due to situations we face with Light Heylel's debuff immunity and the prevention of DEF debuff. In conclusion, it is way too difficult to defeat a Tank class servant without DEF debuff when many DEF buffs are in effect.   Thus, we are in debate in ways to make other DPS servants more useful other than DEF Ignore DPS servants.   There could be many different solutions and many possible solutions were discussed internally, however, we would like to hear more from everyone before making any final decisions.   These are the list of possible solutions that were internally discussed: > Add more buff removal effect to wide range of servants so that DEF buffs can be removed "> Adjust the DEF increase effect due to DEF buff and 70% DEF increase wave effect is too powerful. However, adjusting the DEF increase effect may cause a huge nerf to DEF based servants so buff DEF based servants separately after the adjustment." > DEF increase effect is too power so lets balance by increasing the ATK increase effects. > Reduce the debuff removal and minimize the immunity to allow DEF debuffs to take in effect.   To sum it all up, we see reducing the performance of effects or reducing the amount of effects as possible solutions. Thus, we think that well transcended servant should take the win due to the transcendence being the highest difficulty in the game.   Even though we are internally debating everyday, we are in need of your suggestions because you guys are the one creating and leading the meta by playing 100s of rounds in PvP every day. So please feel free to leave as much suggestions in the comments.   To sum up the main points of today's Dev note 1. The power of DEF Ignore servant's will remain the same 2. A solution to bring diverse usages of DPS servants is needed to create more PvP meta. 3. Any changes will be made after discussing and receiving feedback from the community.   If you have any suggestion, please feel free to visit #suggestion-for-dev channel in our Discord to share your feedbacks!   ⭕Discord Suggestion Channel:

    Thank you   Flynn  

Comment 10

  • SteelStryker LV.5 Lurker Aug 7, 2020, 08:26 PM

    Allow ignore def as a potential to allow DEF, SPD, ATK, and AOE to be relevant again - to a much lesser degree, but still relevant degree, than the pure ignore def dps.

  • This review has been deleted.

  • gamer976276029 LV.4 Lurker Aug 7, 2020, 11:13 PM

    Demian broken the balans? Heylel not broken the balance?Oh really?

  • AlanWei LV.3 Lurker Aug 8, 2020, 02:42 PM

    why can support broken the balans? Because you didn’t?

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Aug 10, 2020, 05:09 PM

    lets compare ;
    heyel removes 3 buffs - teresia removes 2 buffs AND puts stop buff on enemy :: winner = teresia
    heyel has heal on combo - teresia also has heal on combo : DRAW
    heyel gives immunity - teresia kills that immnutiy (if demian is not there) : winner = teresia
    heyel kills rem speed - teresia kills caeser passive : winner = teresia
    heyel does not offer revive or redemption : teresia does :: winner = teresia
    heyel does nothing to demian : teresia offers unremovable debuff barrier :: winner = teresia

    who is the winner ??? clearly it is teresia.

    now; when you all get/make teresia. devs will nerf it and kill it, making your hard work by putting in your blood,sweat,money,time,effort into teresia goto waste.

    who is the winner ??? who is the winner = DEVS.

    who gets fked after all the invest of time,money,effort,etc = PLAYERS.

    this fucking the players has to stop. but the main problem is the players themselves. they dont see things clearly, devs offer some gifts of some type and players start yells 'good job' 'great work' 'keep it up' 'excellent' and forget who the devs rammed the players arse. we the layers are to be blamed for being stupid and making devs life easy with our trivial greed for tiny things.

    enjoy your squabbles and cribbing while devs take an advantage of you all :)

  • gamer306812739 LV.3 Lurker Aug 10, 2020, 09:24 PM

    Caesar shouldn't be killed in the first place...

    The reason why defense-ignoring servants were so widespread was Damien's fault, and just nerving her solved the problem.

    Development doesn't seem to understand that Damien is killing many DPS servants as well as supporting servants

    She is the number one failure in this game

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Aug 10, 2020, 10:13 PM

    agree and disagree.

    demian was strong as it supported heyel's immunity. that immunity is required big time to keep tank from getting def down which can kill a tank. it also gives def boost as well which makes dps not get killed by aoe, else it would.

    without immuity....demian it not as good as it might seem to be. already who can....are replacing heyel and demian with tank passive killers like teresia and aria.

    in a few months....we all will realize that teresia is OP....and the same cycle of nerfing and whining about teresia will start all over again.

    the players will get jacked in the end when their hard work on teresia goes to waste.

  • gamer306812739 LV.3 Lurker Aug 10, 2020, 10:46 PM

    I totally agree

    I'm JP Server Diamond Ranker, so I understand the transition of Meta due to Theresia killing Caesar.

    Damian has turned completely into an aria capable of killing Lucrezia because there is no way to stop a defensive servant.

    It's definitely clear that if you focus only on weakening the defense-ignoring servant, Damien will be chosen again.

    That said, if Damien was the only nerf and there was no touch to Theresia, it would definitely be a horrible game.

    I think this game right now needs a lot of tweaking

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Aug 11, 2020, 02:43 AM

    i am also a diamond (high ranked) player.

    having played many games, where i am used to paying for OP things.....NOWHERE do they make you spend and then 'take it back'.

    they sell an OP unit which is countered after a few months....not like here where shit is shoved in your faced and the unit becomes worthless due to a nerf.

    q) what happens when a OP units comes out ?
    a) people make it build it and enjoy. the slow players take their times and some of them also catch up. the FEW who are not able to catch up because they are casual players start to cry....and the devs fuck up all the other players because of those few casual players. THIS IS STUPID....and it is also UNETHICAL !.

    PROOF = heyel & demian poll :
    heyel poll = players have struggled for a long time and dont want it nerfed.
    demian poll = new players are clueless and voted 15 second time whereas i think EVERY BUFF etc in game lasts over 15 seconds.

    winner = noobs
    looser = veteran players

    synopsis = devs get to have their cake and eat it too. they jack up the real players by making it then nerfing it (shove it up your rear).

    dont you know....they BUFFED up teresia lol. your quote "That said, if Damien was the only nerf and there was no touch to Theresia, it would definitely be a horrible game" HAS ALREADY HAPPENED lol.

    as of now....i loose more to fire teresia and less to dark teresia....thats how much they have ruined the game with teresia lol.

    THIS IS NOT ABOUT DEMIAN ANYMORE.....silly kids will cry and let them. devs have to understand what is right and what is wrong...which they dont. DEMIAN on its own is not as good as it seems, kids who dont have it will cry. after a few months when all have demian, then it will be the same poll as heyel....where MAJORITY will say its ok and dont touch it.

    right now....its all about teresia. we are blinded but teresia is the main issue now.

    anyways....time for me to go. will look forward to having more conversations with you as you are one of the VERY FEW SENSIBLE players (wish we had more of your type lol).

  • SaberWing LV.6 Nomad Aug 9, 2020, 03:05 AM

    A solution to bring diverse usages of DPS servants is needed to create more PvP meta. AOE servants guarantee kills Speed-based hero for the same trans no matter why potentials they have except they build for DEF in main stat. LOL