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Dev Note #128: August 4th Update Notice & Balance Poll Result Notice

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   For today's Dev Note, we would like to share some details regarding the 8/4 CDT Update and the result of voting for Servant Balance. Usually, we hold our update on Monday (US Time) / Tuesday (KR Time). However, due to several reasons, the first update for August will be on Tuesday 8/4 CDT.   ====================================================== Combine ======================================================   In the July Update, we have reduced the condition for combine to lower the hurdle for Heirs. Also, we have selected combine servants who are obtainable early in the game to provide more help to the new Heirs.   We have been gathering data of combine servants and after reviewing them, we came to a conclusion that it would be more beneficial for the early stage of the game play if combine servants were permanent.   Thus, starting from the 8/4 CDT Update, a total of 3 servants will be permanently enlisted in combine. (Fire Ignis, Water Mildred, Forest [A] Sphinx) Due to the new addition of permanent servants, Water Heylel will no longer be permanent and will be removed from the combine list. The 3 permanent servants can be combined once per month.   Servant materials required to Combine: ⭕ Fire Ignis - Fire Griselda + Water Mary + Forest Laura + Dark Dunkelhund   ⭕ Water Mildred - Fire Charlotte + Water Executioner + Forest Rakshasha + Light Gretel   ⭕ Forest [A] Sphinx - Fire Enoch + Water Father Hopkins + Forest Koume + Dark Marat   Fire Ignis was already included into the Combine in the previous Update. Those who Combine Fire Ignis between August 1st ~ August 4th will be able to Combine one additional Fire Ignis in August.   As for Water Heylel, if you did not combine her yet, please combine her by the arrival of 8/4 CDT update.   ====================================================== Servant Balance ======================================================   We are continuously balancing servants to provide wider spectrum of servant choices for everyone. Until now, it took some time for us to actually bring in the servant balance adjustment based on the data we collect. The reason for the delay was the nature of in-game data that we gather by observing the usage of servant in the game. Gathering these data took long time because of the time it required for Heirs to grow the servant and actually adjust the new servant into the team.   The release of Bond and Decompose system rapidly reduced to time to grow new servants which also increased the number of Heirs using new servants right away. As a result, many have suggested that servant balance must be done as soon as possible after releasing a new servant so that it does not cause any confusion or negative feelings. Thus, from now on we will now be conducting servant balance within 1 ~ 2 months after the release of new servants. If we face an issue, we will share our direction of servant balance beforehand.   For the first servant balance adjustment, we have decided balance one of our newest servant Yarane.   ⭕Yarane   The most unique factor of Yarena is her passive where the Breath of the Wild would activate only if ally tank is same element as her. We planned this passive to promote Heirs to use a tank servant that is same element as Yarane and create a new team composition.   However, because of this quality of Yarane, we noticed that many were not using Yanare and saw reduction in her usage in the game. Thus, we decided to change her passive and remove the factor where the tank servant must be an identical element as Yanare in order to activate the Breath of the Wild. Therefore, we will be changing Passive of Yarane of all elements so that it can activate without a Tank servant of the same element.   ⭕Teresia   Fire Teresia Many have suggested that it is an disappointment that Fire Teresia does not have any revive skill nor have heal effect in her combo skill. Fire Teresia will now heal all allies by 50% of caster's max HP upon Combo Skill usage.   Dark Teresia Currently, Dark Teresia has a weak team passive skill compared to other Light/Dark servants due to her powerful effects. Many have suggested and pointed out her weak team passive skill and thus, we decided to buff her team passive to "Increase all allies (all element) HP by 57% in PVP.     ⭕Nuu   We have been getting feedback to improve DEF-Based DPS servant for a while. Currently, it is difficult to utilize DEF-Based DPS servants unless we make a huge change to the meta. For this reason, we brought multiple buffs to DEF-Based DPS servants. In order to reflect additional feedbacks regarding DEF-Based DPS servants, we will be buffing Nuu.   While Nuu has a powerful Passive of blocking enemies' buff, this Passive didn't activate that often since it has a separate activation rate. Therefore, we will be improving activation rate for different elements so that Passive can activate more often.   Fire Nuu: 40% chance when any attack lands as a Crit Hit instead of 30% Water Nuu: 40% chance when any attack lands as a Crit Hit instead of 30% Forest Nuu: 70% chance upon skill use instead of 50% Dark Nuu: 100% chance when a skill lands as a Crit Hit instead of 80%   ====================================================== Group Placement Condition Adjustment ======================================================   Among the Rank contents, PvP, Infinite PvP and Boss Invasions are designed so that Heirs go against other Heirs of similar level through group placement.   We adjusted Growth Score standards of Diamond Group after 10th Transcendence Update. Since many Heirs started achieving high Transcendence, we will be adjusting overall Group Growth Score standards.

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  Following change will be applied a season after Update on August 4th.   ====================================================== Servant Balance Poll Result ======================================================   Here is a summary of previous polls. Please note that these polls include results from Korea and Global community.   ⭕Infinite PvP Effect Time

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1. Allow effect timer to stay active even during Combo Skill so that battle time and effect time stays consistent in Infinite PvP. - 38% 2. Decrease duration of skills that provide effects for n seconds after the battle starts. - 18% 3. The issue is really not a problem. - 36% 4. I am not interested in this poll. - 8%   While the most optimal option of synchronizing effect timer and battle timer won the most vote, a lot of Heirs also suggested that we don't need to make any change on this subject.   Many Heirs also expressed their concern about possibly overwhelming change to servant balance. Some Heirs mentioned that we should take multiple steps in this change since some issue can be addressed by adjusting certain servants. We also received concerns about the impact this change will have on all Passive incorporating time. Some feedbacks include concerns that servants might start losing effect during Secondary Mark activation.   We will review the issue once again before finalizing our next move.     ⭕Light Heylel Nerf

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1. Decrease Buff Removal to 1 and remove Immunity - 12% 2. Remove Debuff Removal, Decrease Buff Removal to 1, Decrease Immunity to 10 seconds - 12% 3. Remove Shield & Immunity, Set Buff Removal to 2 - 15% 4. Remove Debuff Removal & Immunity - 6% 5. Light Heylel doesn't need nerf. - 55%   Many Heirs went against Light Heylel's nerf, while small amount of Heirs suggested that it is necessary to nerf Light Heylel in the long term. Other feedbacks include: > This should not be decided based on a poll > The options on this poll are rather extreme. Nerf is necessary but something less extreme would be better > Some Heirs have been working on Light Heylel past 6 months. It isn't fair to nerf her now. > Light Heylel is not too OP on her own, but the combination of Light Heylel and Dark Demian is too much. > Indirect nerf rather than direct nerf will be better   We decided to put more thoughts into the subject before we make a final decision. Since many Heirs went against the nerf, we will try our best to avoid extreme nerfs.     ⭕Dark Demian Barrier Duration Adjustment

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1. At the start of the battle, creates a barrier for all allies for 15 sec - 40% 2. At the start of the battle, creates a barrier for all allies for 20 sec - 16% 3. At the start of the battle, creates a barrier for all allies for 30 sec - 14% 4. If Light Heylel gets nerfed, Dark Demian's Nerf isn't necessary. - 30%   We were very surprised by the result of this specific poll.   The first option got the most vote. On the other hand, several comments & feedbacks mentioned 15 seconds is too short. Some also mentioned that Dark Demian's barrier lasting around 2 minute 30 seconds ~ 3 minutes into the battle is in fact bigger issue than Light Heylel.   We initially intended Demian's barrier to last about 1 minute 10 seconds ~ 1 minute 40 seconds into the game. While we agree that Dark Demian needs adjustment, we believe it is necessary for us to carefully discuss the proper direction to achieve our initial intention.   We are extremely sorry about the way these polls were carried out. From this poll, we will try to reflect as many feedbacks and opinions as possible to bring a satisfying update.   Thank you.     Flynn  

Comment 8

  • MadElves LV.5 Lurker Jul 31, 2020, 02:56 PM

    DEV: Polls not according to what we want... let’s ditch these polls. Let me get into details.

    1. iPvP effect time: reasoning is understood. It is very hard to implement the effect timer to stay active only for iPvP, it will change meta and all aspects of the game if effect timer stays on, like Laima stun at 6 seconds will be nerfed to hell if this happens. This issue is actually not a problem if dev adjust some unit only - more into that later.

    2. Light heylel Nerf: Result says overwhelmingly Heyle doesnt need nerf. DEV: “this is not what we want... let’s nerf her anyway”. You have been nerfing heylel over these patches with Yarane (no shield - now even buffed), Teresia (no debuff), Snipe with some units, Demian (no strip), Reducing strip to 3 vs ALL, not to mention she is an originally FARMABLE servant making her EXTREMELY HARD TO TRANSCEND...... and NOW you still want to nerf her? For F sake DEV!!!! This wouldn’t need happen if you just make her Strip go vs resistance in the first place.... Do not nerf her you will anger a lot of people this way, mostly endgame player who has build her hard these past year.

    3. Dark Demian: Need nerf!! she is too op with her buff lasting 2:30 even entire fights if combos are main priority. 15 seconds is the same time as water heylel Silence. While 15 seconds is too small, making her 40 seconds is just absurd. She needs adjustment for sure. DEV: Oh, I thought she is ok.... let’s discard this poll.

    What The Flippin’ F....

    If you don’t respect people’s opinions then don’t do polls this specific.

    - MadElves

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jul 31, 2020, 04:18 PM

    i dont see any point. moot is dead for devs, they NEVER respond here.

    and as you said; they WILL do whatever the fk THEY want to do irrespective of polls or opinions.

    best is to quit. as it is activity is going down even as we speak, no point in sticking around for more insults form devs.

    hell....tell me of a good lawyer who works on contingency and i will take them to task :)

  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Jul 31, 2020, 12:08 PM

    Most players have L Heylel, so they dont want it nerfed, but u still will nerf her; most players dont have D Demian, so they want her nerfed, but u still will buff her.
    Just change the game to the version u want, dont do these kinds of BS.

  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Jul 31, 2020, 12:12 PM

    The so called poll is just for market researching, we all knew, u guys dont need to do so much to cover it.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jul 31, 2020, 12:55 PM

    demian not getting buffed.....will get nerfed.
    that being said.....i like a strong unit like fire teresia getting buffed while dark teresia gets nothing lol.

    the game is going to hell anyways.....been so since reboot 4.0. one good thing happens, along with that 2 bad things happen as well.

    time to quit :)

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jul 31, 2020, 01:41 PM

    think CMs are also quitting lol.
    flynn posting form heyel account :)

  • gamer976276029 LV.4 Lurker Jul 31, 2020, 06:32 PM

    if they nerf only Demian it will become bad for those who do not have Haylel but have Demian.

  • 謝宗晃 LV.5 Lurker Aug 3, 2020, 12:33 AM

    When are you going to deal with ignoring defense DPS
    There is no problem that tanks can live in the environment now?