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Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance image 1

  We have briefly addressed some upcoming changes in the March 9th update and we would like to take this time to address them in detail.   ⭐️ Changes in Transcendence for Collaboration Servants   Many users who have collaboration servants from past collaborations are having a difficult time transcending them. Collaboration servants have their conditions and limits compare to the other servants, thus, we decided to reduce their difficulty in Transcending them as many have suggested.   1. Transcendence EXP Reduction for Collaboration Servants.

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance image 3

For users who have already reached T6 or above will be compensated with excess Transcendence EXP due to the changes in required Transcendence EXP. * Please note that this Transcendence EXP reduction is for Collaboration Servants Only.   2. Collaboration Servant in Purifying Ground Area 3 Collaboration servant can be purified in Area 3, Alter, which will allow users to Purify up to 3 Collaboration Servants at once including 2 Light/Dark Collaboration Servants.   Now, Collaboration servants can be purified in Area 2 ~ 4.   3. Transcendence Bun in 5* Select Summon Currently, 5★ Select Summon can be obtained by Craft or IAP. To ease the difficulty of Transcendence, we will be adding Transcendence Bun in the 5* Select Summon which can be used for Collaboration Servants.     ⭐️Servant Balance 1. Forest Oracle Changes > Bomb duration will change from "2 sec or 10 sec" to "2 sec or 5 sec" bomb. > Random Bomb Rate Ratio will change from "80% (10sec) - 20% (2 sec) " to "50% (5 sec) - 50% (2 sec)".   2. T7 ~ T10 L/D Servant Stat Changes There has been a constant debate about how the Light and Dark Servants have much lower stat compare to the difficulty of obtaining them. Many have commented that T10 Fire/Water/Forest Servants are much better than T7~9 Light/Dark Servants due to the high stats of T10 Fire/Water/Forest Servants. We did share our comparison between T7 Light/Dark Servants and T10 Fire/Water/Forest Servants to show they are very similar. But it is a fact that the base stat of T10 Fire/Water/Forest servants is better than T9 Light/Dark Servants. When comparing a Team of Fire/Water/Forest to Light/Dark, T7 Light/Dark Team is indeed on par with T10 Fire/Water/Forest However, Light/Dark servants are 3~ 4 times more difficult in Transcending and also when comparing the stats of T9 Light/Dark Servants to T10 Fire/Water/Forest, you may feel more accomplished and think that T10 Fire/Water/Forest servants are much better. Also, these stats difference may have some effect on winning and losing, so we decided to make stat changes for the Light/Dark Servants.   Thus, the stats of Light/Dark Servants will gradually increase from T7 ~ T10 and a comparison chart can be seen below.  

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance image 11

  T8 Light/Dark servants will be similar to T9 Fire/Water/Forest and T9 Light/Dark Servants will be similar to T10 Fire/Water/Forest.   ⭐️ Light/Dark Servant Transcendence Balance Many have suggested that the difficulty of Transcending Light/Dark Servants is too high. Thus, a couple of changes will be made to reduce the difficulty.   1. Purifying Grounds Drop Rate Changes The drop rate of Light/Dark servants shards in Purifying Grounds will be increased by around 20% compared to the original drop rate.   2. Light/Dark Transcendence Shard Package Changes The Transcendence Shard amount will be increased from 250 to 300 in the $99.99 Light/Dark Transcendence Shard Package.   ⭐️ Mileage Shop Changes The mileage shop has not been changed for a long time compared to other shops in the game. We did not want to make changes in items for the Mileage Shop due to the connection with IAP. But after the 4.0 update, the value of Summon Stones has changed, thus we decided to make some changes to the Mileage Shop.   Mileage Shop Item Changes

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance image 17

  The following items will be removed from the Mileage Shop > Fire/Water/Forest 4~5★ Summon Stone > Light/Dark 4~5★ Summon Stone > Gears > Fire/Water/Forest 3~5★ Summon Stones > Awakening Magic Stones   If you are going to use the Mileage Shop, please make sure to review the changes before using it.   ⭐️ Valor & Limited Time Package Improvement   Heirs are in a greater need for Valor after we opened Purifying Ground. While we added various sources of Valor in the previous update, we are planning on keeping a 50% discount on Valolr until 4.1 Update.   We believe that it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of Karat consumption on Valor to participate in Purifying Ground to keep a proper balance of shard farming cost in various contents including Purifying Ground.   However, we agree that it is necessary to adjust the excessive consumption of Karats on Valor purchase. We also feel the responsibility to provide aids for Heirs who are suffering from Valor consumption even after purchasing the All-in-One package because they opened the 4th region of Purifying Ground.   Therefore, 2,500 Valor will be available for 150 Karats 4 times a day. After 4th purchase, 2,500 Valor will be available for 300 Karats.   We also increased the daily reward of All-in-One Package from 300 Karts & 1,000 Valor to 500 Karats & 7,500 Valor to help Heirs with Valor acquisition.   Heirs who already purchased All-in-One Package will be receiving a renewed daily reward after 4.1 Update.   Furthermore, we are planning on extending the current Repeat Battle Pack II's duration from 15 days to 30 days while maintaining its price of $29.99. Plus, we are planning on increasing Repeat Battle count from 250 battles to 400 battles. To prevent some Heirs from missing out on this change, we will be providing an additional 15 days of Repeat Battle for Heirs whose current Repeat Battle remains even after the update.   While we believe these changes will solve the Valor issue to a certain degree, we will continue to monitor the community to plan future events or rewards.   ⭐️ Additional Balance & Feedback Reflection   > We will be increasing the number of Potential Enhance Stones and Potential Change Stones acquired from World Battle by 1.5 ~ 2 times. > We will be replacing Evolve Bun for Special Summon Shard for Abaddon Normal & Hard reward.   We will come back next week with more QoL Improvements & Feedback Reflection in the next Dev Note.   Thank you.

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  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Mar 14, 2020, 11:01 AM

    This is huge progress compared to initial update. LD collabs are no longer paywalled by montly expensive AiO pack and farming for LDs is more viable compared to before. In addition lowered EXP costs were desperately needed, thank you for that.

  • Tika LV.5 Lurker Mar 14, 2020, 10:30 AM

    Nice!!! Thx guys

  • Tiền Neo LV.3 Lurker Mar 14, 2020, 01:30 PM

    Please ad valor discount instead of limiting such purchases! Doing so gamers will not be able to meet the daily valor number! Change the stars so players can stick together for a long time! thanks

  • palasRil LV.3 Lurker Mar 17, 2020, 02:34 AM

    Keep the valor discount . While all these updates are great for the p2w players, they fall short for the p2p and f2p. Also, consider making awakening dungeons open all elements every day.