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Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence image 1

Greetings Heirs,   How are you guys enjoying the Growth Score system and the newly revamped league system? We believed that these new changes have a lot of positive potentials to resolve current problems in the game however, we were a bit worried because we cannot deny the fact that these are some of the biggest changes in the history of Heir of Light. After the update, we have been constantly reviewing the community feedback and many have shared positive feedback. Also, fortunately, there were more positive responses from new users and low group users as intended.   We have been thinking about how we can provide a fun gaming experience to the new users and make them fall in love with our game. Rather than focusing on narrowing the gap between the new users and current users, we divided the groups according to each Heir's growth and allowed users to compete against others with similar levels. So these changes can be seen as the skirmish of the 2nd anniversary 4.0 update that's in preparation.   Going one step further, the 2nd anniversary 4.0 update will contain more revamps and changes. We believe that we must share the upcoming changes in advance to all Heirs.       ⭕The first topic is the revamp of "Shard Farming"   Many of Heirs are growing their servants by obtaining them from Shard farming. To strengthen and grow a servant, you need to obtain gears, elemental stones, and other resources from different contents. However, once users start shard farming, many users just tend to shard farm all day as shard farming on its own is a very time consuming process. Thus, for the first time in the history of Heir of Light, we decided to create content where you can shard farm even when the game is turned off.   We think that we should have more updates that are for the current users as we have been bringing updates for the new users. So we decided that an update to ease the shard farming for the current users was needed because volume of must-do contents gets larger as you progress further into the game.   This new update is for the current users, so the difficulty of the new content is not easy but we think that it may have an effect on the daily game patterns.       ⭕The second topic is the revamp of Transcendence   Before we get to the topic, we need to talk about the history of Transcendence   In August 2018, the Transcendence system first was introduced with the 2.0 Restart Update due to the need of expanding the servant growth and in order to resolve issues where many NAT 5 servants were just being stashed away without any use. You were able to Transcend a servant up to 3 times by using the same servant with the same element as materials.   However, obtaining the servant you desired was not easy because obtaining servants was only available from Summon. It also made it more difficult for the user to reach transcendence 3 on a servant. So in November 2018, the Fuse system was added with the 2.3 Update.   In December 2019, the Craft System was introduced with the 2.4 update to easy the difficulty of transcendence again.   In January of 2019, we expanded the max transcendence from 3 to 5 due to the need of expanding the servant growth as the number of users reaching Transcendence 3 increased. We believed that the game was in a situation where the expansion of Transcendence was needed. However, many have expressed the feeling of sorrow because many have already used their duplicates in Fuse or Combine and also because we did not make an early announcement about the expansion of Transcendence.   During this time, many users have greatly expressed their stress regarding the expansion of Transcendence and how they have already used up their duplicate servants. Thus, we announced to the community through the Dev Note that we will be very careful making decisions about any servant growth after Transcendence 5 and that there won't be any further increase in transcendence for a while. We increased the capacity of servant growth by adding different methods to grow your servants such as Super Enhance for gear, Potential Skills, and more.   In fact, unlike the other contents, the Transcendence system uses the same servant with the same element as the material for every transcendence. So if you attempt to transcend a servant that you have obtained for the first time, it is quite difficult. Once the servant reaches 3 ~ 4 transcendence, it becomes more viable in many different contents and has its usage in the game. However, at some point, [Servants are only useful after Transcendence 5] became a rule for using the servant which led to users stashing away their low transcendence servants.   In preparation for the 4.0 Update, we thought and reviewed other topics including the Transcendence System. We came to the conclusion that a major revamp is needed to provide a better and longer game service to the users.   The Transcendence System will be different and will have a different method once it is revamped. The same servants will be needed more even if the servant is already Transcendence 5 and the new Transcendence system will be related to the revamp of Shard Farming. More details of each content's revamp will be shared in the next Dev note. So if you currently have or happen to obtain duplicate servants of your Transcendence 5 servants, we advise you to think carefully about it before using them for Fuse or Craft.   Thank you    

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  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 24, 2020, 12:08 PM

    Even if you introduce offline shard farming, I have to imagine it is much slower than online farming (how would repeat packs work in this case?). Unless the new "higher-tiered" transcendence past lvl 70 does not bring such a drastic qualitative change to a servant as a normal transcendence does, it is a terrible blow for free to play players. It is quite hard already to amass 6 total copies (especially for LDs) and if it takes a couple more to get a significant boost, I feel like it is too much. If the extra copies maybe amass to a measly 10 or 15% boost, then it is tolerable, but if it is a drastic change such as from lvl 66 to lvl 70 in terms of both stats and potentials, I'm afraid the community will not be happy.

  • Pirogeth LV.24 Vampire Jan 24, 2020, 07:41 PM

    i agree!

  • Xuan Bach Lai LV.2 Lurker Jan 25, 2020, 01:07 AM

    maybe for collection effects? I mean transcend 5 effects (even just nat3 or 4) are already pretty good but not game breaking stuff. Past T5 shouldn't be a problem.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Jan 25, 2020, 01:53 AM

    +1 on this. I'm definitely not a fan of raising the ceiling of the grind even further. Collecting 6 of a servant to reach full competitive potential is already super painful already, if you extend this to be 7 or 8, over time, this will just become the new norm and be a major distaste for any new player wanting to progress in this game. If there's anything I absolutely hate about this game, it is the transcendence system. Extending this even further would only make things worse for collab servants.

  • MadElves LV.5 Lurker Jan 26, 2020, 11:45 AM

    The game is moving more and more towards single player and thats not good. I agree with Asian that changing the way trans work when most player have just finished some units are just detrimental to the game

  • DeathWalker LV.8 Nomad Jan 24, 2020, 03:14 PM

    you have seen positive feedback about your last update? where? are you blind? most of the comments I have seen are negative. I personally think that you ruin the game with the group system.

    Transcendence higher than 5? forget it. at the current state of the game it is difficult enough to get 6 copies.
    you only want people to buy packs.
    But not with me again.
    you are heading completely in the wrong direction.

  • Pirogeth LV.24 Vampire Jan 24, 2020, 07:43 PM

    i Think the maybe they dreamed could be that NEW Player love this game At First sight...becouse they get a lot of nat 5s at beginning...but as longer they play they see that the droprate gets worser and worser....and a lot of ppl not playing this game long....i have seen it in my 2 years hol much player come and go...when u do something stupid now ....the player ,that play hol 2 years or longer .....will even player always say the same...its boring...its just farming...there is not much content...i go to sw Again its better....

    I hate to farm shards...u have to farm so much in this game...shards, gear, supremes, money...and more

    U fuked it up with Team Raid..that was the only content that i could Play with other poeple and not vs others.. .u have to gain player who play longer and not Player who play 2 months and spent amountof money to will be First place and then quit because the game is boring....u could make more pve content or guild pvp or something else as this shit u Rewieved...conten that take longer or switch faster as a new map like sanctum, what change every day or something...something what isnt the same all the time..

    My opinion hard but true

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 25, 2020, 12:50 AM

    Group system is pretty good from what I've seen, rewards are pretty much the same from before for higher tiered players and much higher for lower tiered players.

    Not sure what the gripe is with group system...

    Obviously adding more trans is something no one wants, all we want is some damn guild content

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 27, 2020, 12:38 AM

    which part did you like apart from the rewards ?
    from all that i have seen is that the grp system has fked it all up and the earlier matching is working in worse ways now than before !
    please enlighten us all how the hell is this better apart from the rewards that YOU are getting !
    from ALL the players that i have spoken with....NOBODY has liked the grp system apart form the handful few for whom only rewards matter and the game can goto hell.

    people played to accomplish something, the gratification it brought from things like clearing hard abaddonn in 19 sec. you think all those players do it for the rewards !?

    i think you need a reality check....

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 27, 2020, 07:29 AM

    The point of the group system is for the rewards... I am not sure what you are trying to talk about? Matching is the same compared to before, except now points are tallied within groups. There is ZERO difference than before other than MORE rewards. Unless you are some masochist who likes a "challenge" in a gacha game where P2W is everywhere this system is better.

    Please enlighten me on how group system "ruined" the game...

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 27, 2020, 02:23 PM

    dear sherlock....all who are complaining are crazy and only you are the sensible person.

    read all the comments from ALL the people and if they like grp or not. i dont see a single person liking it apart form a handful few who are in for the rewards and not for the gameplay. but then those are not players, more like farmers collecting stuff and arnt bothered about the game.

    earlier while you won and got maybe 6 or 7 points on a win while losing more points when another player got lucky. now you are getting 3 points form a win while loosing 17 points on a loss. this is ONE of the aspects of the negative impact of grp system.

    do you even do ipvp or global ? or just do a couple of fights and collect the rewards !

    as it is the matchmaking was terrible.....a player should face maybe -/+ 10 ranks in ipvp. now its like ALL players are at similar points and you gotta fight them ALL which earlier at least you didnt have to.
    grp has FKED it up.

    they should remove grp and divide the diamond league eg. 300-375 d1, 375-450 d2 450+ d3 or whatever seems fit.

    why are you playing this game at all ? do enlighten us your reason to play the game !

    earlier it appeared that the devs likely came up with weird ideas after downing some 'coolaid'.
    but a 2nd notion seems possible now, that they are consulting you.

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 28, 2020, 12:56 AM

    I play in diamond group... it has always been the case where if I lose I lose 15+ points and if I win I get maybe 5 points. There is 0 difference from before. I have been overall rank 10 or higher in my server (global) for the past 6 or so months, and this change has not done anything to me, other than give me more karats (approximately 400 more per week). I really don't see how matching making is worse than before, I get matched with people all across diamond rank. Which if anything diversifies who I am fighting against, rather than the same old 20 or so players I fight against normally.

    You cannot say anything about me playing "just to collect rewards". I have been grinding non-stop for 2 years since the game's release, I've seen many things... Even if you are rank 20 in diamond group, which I believe there are around 5 or so diamond groups total, you are still getting the SAME rewards as a top 50 player in IPvP before. However, keep in mind each group has 20 people. So there are now 50 people who used to get less rewards, get more. This is not counting the already higher rewards for each group in general.

    I have asked in many place, in general chat in discord as well as chat in-game with both high tier and low tier players, and it seems 95% of people respond with group system is good, or group system didn't really change much. Unless there is some other stigma that your server has (I am in global server), I really don't understand your point. Pretty much no one in my server is against group system.

    Oh, and before you call me a big whale... I have spent almost nothing on the game other than occasional 150 run repeat pack (I went a whole year F2P already). I have 0 LDs over T2. I use almost exclusively RGB nat5s in PvP.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 28, 2020, 02:30 AM

    AsianLife  your earlier comment ::
    "Not sure what the gripe is with group system..."

    and now you say ::
    "I have asked in many place, in general chat in discord as well as chat in-game with both high tier and low tier players, and it seems 95% of people respond with group system is good" - totally contradicting your earlier statement.

    this new statement is nothing but a blatant lie at best.
    all i can now say with certainty is that not a single word of what you say can be trusted and relied upon, you will goto any extent and will resort with yet more lies only for the sake of winning an argument.

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 28, 2020, 03:10 AM

    gamer319757398  ??? How is that a lie??? The one person who didn't like the group system said that their problem with it is they disliked how groups were made for boss invasion, since that is pretty much considered "PvE" content desite pvp potentials working there. Am I supposed to consider this a gripe?

    You seem to be overblowing my statement way out of proportion there. In the meantime, you have given me ONE reason that group system is bad... matchmaking. Ok, I get that maybe you want the +- 10 people near your rank to be your opponents, that is somewhat debatable (more on that later). The points allocation is basically the same, since it is partly due to new matchmaking. For example, you are top 50 and top 25 overall. You get opponents that are top 75 or top 100 overall, maybe you lose to them on an unlucky match and lose 18 points for example. Then you face off against another top 75 or top 100 overall and win, getting 4-5 points. This is obvious stuff man... you win against lower ranked players, you get less points. You lose against lower ranked players, you lose more points.

    The same goes for if you win against higher ranked, let's say you beat rank 10. You probably will get +12 to +14 points for winning against them. Again, you say points system is flawed, but it has never changed in the first place. The only thing that has changed is matchmaking, which now matches you with a larger variety of people compared to before.

    Keep in mind this is a conflicting opinion from majority of players to begin with. Many players were worried about having TOO LITTLE players to match up against. They say that a group of 20 is too small and etc, saying that it would be stupid to face same people over and over again.

    If you have another gripe about group system other than matchmaking, tell me instead of trying to debunk my statements with a biased outlook. Instead of accusing me of lies, try and form points as to specifically why group system is bad, and that is when I can respond with either a disagree or agree. Right now it is just an unnecessarily heated conversation.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 28, 2020, 03:27 PM

    AsianLife  It is a LIE and i refuse to believe what you say anymore.
    Your world and mine can tbe so different where all like in there and nobody likes it here. In fact 2 people have quit ipvp due to grp system.
    So far i havnt heard a word from anybody about boss raid as thats nothing but just a daily and it dosnt mean a thing to most players. If somebody on your server found grp bad due to boss raid and is fine with ipvp grp system....i am speechless (if in fact thats the truth and not another lie).

    Not overblowing anything, just stating FACTS unlike you.

    At least you acknowledge that there is 1 reason that the grp system is bad and that you get it.
    Its about time that you also 'get' the FACT that apart form rewards....there is NOTHING good in grp system and that nobody likes it.

    Matchmaking was/is terrible....again u acknowledged it it seems, unless you want to again unnecessarily argue over that as well.
    one fact about the terrible matchmaking is that earlier you were limited to players around you at least, maybe -/+25 or whatever. now matchmaking dosnt exist at all, its gone to hell. ipvp does NOT mean that you face the entire world unnecessarily. in a tournament you win and you proceed to go up against he the stronger opponent, with this new grp system literally all players are around each other and you are fighting almost all players in diamond and not just the players around you anymore. the retarded matching form earlier due to one world was far better than this (even though that too was flawed).....fight for 3-4 mins and get max 3 points while one person gets lucky and you loose 17 points....thats not ipvp, its a further extension of the rng system, press battle and pray that your enemy dosnt get lucky and keep at it for hours and days. thats not pvp at all.

    sonny boy...i know all about the points etc which you are try to tell me :)
    its time you opened your eyes....come to sea server and then see what ipvp is all about. i can safely assume that you wont even get rank50, but how does that matter to are in it for the rewards which will form those handful battles and the rest dosnt matter to you :)

    i didnt say the point system is flawed (but i agree it could be improved).....its the matchmaking which was bad and now the new grp system has made matchmaking TERRIBLE.

    worried about TOO LITTLE players or the same players to go up agaisnt.....hey, lets give them the entire plethora of a few hundred players to fight. much much more than before as well :)

    You need to get out of the pond that you are living in....come to sea and see the world :)

    WHAT GOOD HAS COME FROM THE NEW SYSTEM....just forget about the rewards for ONCE and tell me. MANY people play to achieve something....and they are not in it for the rewards.
    IF all you are concerned is about the rewards....then ask heyel to give handout each week and remove the grp system as that has FKED UP ipvp.

    People PLAY....they dont log in to get the rewards only. And those who do that are the ones who are happy with the grp system.

    Once again....i REFUSE to believe a word of what you say. Even the world you come from has to have some genuine players & i highly doubt that that figure is only 5%. let alone the ONE player which you claim to know and that too from boss invasion aspect. not just me....but nobody will digest that :)

    your outlook is your primary concern is rewards and you do not care about the gameplay aspects.

    You are KNOWN on discord for your unnecessary arguments and going on and on and on like a brat only to get what you want, which you are doing again.

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 28, 2020, 11:21 PM

    gamer319757398  Lol, how are you supposed to argue if you just ignore the other person's argument? I went and tried to clarify myself and you just label me as a liar. As you just said, your server seems to dislike group system, but mine seems to like it a lot. That should be the end of the discussion then... different servers have different opinions. Maybe in SEA server people do in fact like having same people for every game, not my opinion to judge. I really don't understand why you have to bring up some heated emotional fluff to try and take the moral high ground here by labelling me as a liar.

    If I was a liar, are you saying that the hours upon hours of time I spent making guides and a tier list for the community is all useless crap to waste people's time? Tell me what YOU have done for the community other than unecessarily complain in an overblown manner about a topic you could have just clarified much better in one comment. Instead of saying 'X' ruined the game, maybe try and say WHY it ruined the game next time and provide feedback from players as to why... this way the devs can actually use it instead of screaming like a child.

    Also, you seem to think I don't play the game or something... I grind 16+ hours a day, as opposed to a login and go casual player. Even if I was a casual player, are you going to just discredit their opinion? Ignoring others' opinion is a dumb and stupid way to argue your point. Saying that rewards don't matter is like saying morals don't matter in the face of free choice for abortion. You HAVE to acknowledge the other side of the argument in order to counter it.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 29, 2020, 02:34 PM

    AsianLife  you have NO argument lol.
    people are right to call you retarded & i know what they go through when facing your idiotic arguments lol. you really need a brain transplant :)

    dont clarify yourself....come to sea and fight over 2 dozen players in diamond who now dont do their 5-10 fights and sit pretty to collect the rewards, get out of the pond that you dwell in and maybe you might see more (in in case you have a brain to see and absorb the true outcomes of the fekked up grp system)....or just sit pretty and do your few fights and collect the rewards :)

    then when you say you have spoken wit 95% of the players who like grp system on discord as well...dont say that & please dont clarify that all players on discord are us server and hence you spoke with those 95% players or some such stupid reasoning.

    "maybe sea people like having same people for every game" how the hell did you come up with that one lol. you truly need a brain transplant :)

    you baffoon....what i said is grp/rewards/matchmaking has ruined the gameplay, now all you do is a few fights and sit pretty and collect the rewards instead of playing the game & yes, you are hardly one to judge as obviously you are one of those players who dont play, does those handful of fights and collect the rewards.

    its become heated cause of YOUu....if you were to open your eyes look at the reality instead of making foolish statements like "i dont understand what the gripe is" none of this would have ensued. you really cant see beyond yourself and think that you are a god who is never wrong, or the oracle who once has spoken is the be all and the end all.

    i really dont know what guides you make or what you do....but people call you retarded for a reason ti seems (and i certainly know you like to argue unnecessarily without and rhyme or reason till kingdom come even if you are wrong)....i for one think you should refrain from giving that part of you to the community :)
    as for me....i tolerate you and support the game. think thats more than enough :)

    one comment like yours "I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE GRIPE IS" should be avoided, try and be humble the next time and choose your words carefully & none of this will happen. oh and try not to argue unnecessarily as well.

    and.....X (grp/matchmaking) DID ruin the game & if you still cant comprehend it and continue to argue unnecessarily till kingdom come.....then god help you and us as well who tolerate you.

    any point in providing information/feedback/suggestion !?
    the damn bugs dont get resolved for ages lol. all you will get to listen upon feedbak to is 'we will take it into consideration" hahahahah.
    go and see the person posting for days on discord and moot, about tower not refreshing....its a cry to deaf ears....which fekking world are you living in lol.

    we all know who the kid is (words of others and not mine & now my words as well).

    grinding is not can grind afk for 24/7 and it dosnt mean a thing. how many battles do you do ? what do you try to achieve in ipvp or globalpvp etc each week ? do tell....i am rather eager to know how much you play or push or what you yearn to achieve :)

    your opinions of a fantastic grp system i can see...i can see that & its best you keep them to yourself :)

    for MANY players who yearn to do better medals and server ranking matter.....for them the rewards arnt the main thing. sure they count for 'something', but they dont count for EVERYTHING like they do for others :)

    rewards and morals !!!!
    from your argument it seems like rewards anytime over morals.
    moral of the story is : its ok to sell the women of your house for the rewards as rewards are the be all and end all :)

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 30, 2020, 12:58 AM

    gamer319757398  Wow, finally you seem to make a point. Now I finally understand what the gripe is, the fact that people can free-load IPvP just by getting into diamond rank. Maybe if you just told me that to begin with instead of saying vague pointers to matchmaking this whole conversation would have ended long ago...

    I also find it hilarious that you insult me with all these snide comments but all but this last post you made has been a bunch of yelling and screaming with no evidence to back it up. Although your last post did include some yelling (keep it up!)

    Telling me to avoid asking why people dislike something is just plain stupid. I am trying to gather feedback and form an understanding of both sides. Maybe you are too blind and biased to try and look at it from another angle?

    But alas, I do understand your point now, it is definitely TOO EASY to get rewards. Possibly a suggestion to alleviate this is to nerf group rewards and bring back overall rank rewards. However, I do not agree with your matchmaking claim. Rather, matchmaking should stay diverse in my opinion. If you can't beat someone 30 ranks lower then should you be that high up in the first place?

    Lol I can't wait for you to call me disabled or something. I truly live to hear salty people attack me like their life is on the line.

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 30, 2020, 02:23 AM

    AsianLife  there you go again "if you just told ME that".....nice job my almighty....will try you divine self updated with anything any everything so you dont have to rely on your so called 95% my lord :)

    left a meme for you....and i TRULY pity you and your future (or present) family about what they have to deal with, my genuine sympathies for them and your future son if and when.....still assuming u r a kid and have a long way to go).

    good day mr.almighty :)

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Jan 30, 2020, 02:24 AM


  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 30, 2020, 06:21 AM

    gamer319757398  Thanks man, don't you worry my kids will have higher IQ than you ;)

  • DarkServant LV.2 Lurker Jan 24, 2020, 05:44 PM

    First off, I’m excited to see what you guys have to offer for shard farming.

    I’m also liking the new group changes so far. The improved rewards are especially nice.

    Please don’t change the Transcendence system. It is good the way it is. Using the extra units to try to make l&d 5* characters is a good system. Please don’t mess with it. Many of us have spent a long time building and investing in the current system. A revamp now is not a welcome prospect.

  • Heroik94 LV.5 Lurker Jan 24, 2020, 07:09 PM

    i aggree too Guys before more than 5th transcend isnt what the game needs the Good thing here is that u can build different teams for differen areas if u introduce this we are Made to specialize into 1 area ... i wanna be better at pvp ok i farm only this units.... get a ld nat 5 70 team is difficult enough but when finished u wanna build more teams and not work work work work at this team forever different new units changing metas thats what makes an pvp endcontent interesting .... AND ALSO THINK ABOUT ENDET COLLABORATION ITS UNFAIR TO ADD A NEW TRANSCEND TO UNITS WHILE U HAVE VERY GOOD UNITS ATM WHICH CANT GO THIS WAY LIKE VALKYRE AA JW AND SOFIA!!!

  • KyaPavil LV.5 Lurker Jan 24, 2020, 08:49 PM

    I love this game so far, even this group system wasn't bad at all. I really enjoyed to clear every area, improve my teams, getting better, building new teams and so on. It's a long and expensive way to get one servant to its maximum. You need 8 gears that matches to get the stats you need for this servant. So you farm a lot of gear dungeons. When you have all the gears you need (including sub stats!), you have to farm further for super enhance (one of the best improvements you made!). You need to farm a lot of raid to get the items for super enhance. Which is limited to 20 entries a day... :/ Also you need to farm raid for the potentials. So it'll take days, weeks, to get all the materials to have every potential unlocked, at max lvl and the potentials you want to have on it. It takes weeks, months to get all the skill ups for a team. Don't forget all the materials to awaken a servant to maxmimum. Quite a lot of everything. So you spend weeks to max ONE servant.
    PLUS 5 further copies of the same servant. That's a lot. And you can't summon that much to get them very soon. Even if you go for rate up summon, you still can get 2 elements you don't looking for.
    One team needs 4 or 5 servants. After a long time you have ONE team completed. But you need many teams to get through all the content. First you mix your teams (pve, pvp) but at some point you like to build a more efficient team for each different part of the game. You have to do this at some point to improve. To clear Abaddon hell, to clear boss invasion 5, to catch up with other players in pvp.
    So why do you want us to pay more time, more resources into servants that already took so much time and resources to build properly?!

    You can improve this game in a long term if you add more content. Guild content that makes those stupid guild team passives worth to use. Right now its just wasted. Who uses a guild dungeon team passive and thinks "yes, I am so glad I have such a good team passive here". Srsly, Everytime I use fire Spiegel anywhere else and lacking of a lead, I am so happy about his guild lead... -.-

    Add more content like boss invasion. Maybe a mini game, that's just fun to play with little rewards.
    New quests, long time quests, achievements, a new medal / trophy system for absolving quests and achievements.

    Anyway just don't want me to spend more time into servants I've already spend a lot.

    Shard farming offline sounds interesting.

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Jan 24, 2020, 11:27 PM

    i agree with everyone here trans revamp to make heroes stronger than even t5 is a really bad idea, as others have already stated it's super duper hard to get 6 copies now we will be needing even more,

    if you wanna help new and current players and want to put use for extra dupes maybe add it so we can use them towards different element transcendence but maybe more in quantity

    like fire ignis you need 1 copy to trans one time, make it so we could use other element ignis to trans fire but need two copies instead of one like two water ignis or two forest ignis or one water and one forest
    and L/D could need 3 copies maybe one of each RGB or just 3 to trans 1 time, like using one fire, forest and water ignis to trans light or dark ignis one time
    that will give use to extra dupes we dont need and other element of same hero we have no use of

    offline shard farming seems like a great idea tho so plus points for that

  • L3noa LV.2 Lurker Jan 25, 2020, 03:03 PM

    I agree if you keep bumping transcendance i will be quitting too. Its been getting more and more boring lately. Yes you give lots of nat 5 but if you need more i am done. Cant you think of anything better? Other than endless trans? You get hundrends of scrolls nd 99 % is 3 * how can anyone keep up with this and call it fun?

  • Skaffa93 LV.4 Epic Jan 25, 2020, 09:30 PM

    Offline shard farming would be nice, I was starting to worry about my battery since this game has been running 24/7 for months now. 😅

    But I'm a bit baffled by the transcendence revamp... "you know how servants are useless now unless theyre T5? Lets make that even worse!"

    Please don't do this.. Adding different and creative methods of growth like potentials is cool but the transcendence system is tedious and time consuming enough as is.. How would this be fair to ppl who have t5'd their collab servants? Or ppl who spent half a year farming a specific L/D nat5?

    Don't make us spend more time building individual servants, give us more time to build MORE servants! And yeah I'm butthurt because I just used my 7th light Rem as food.. But at some point I also just want to be done building a specific team and move on to the next challenge..

    This would do the opposite of "providing a better and longer game service" and it sure isnt cool to new players.. Maybe just scrap this whole idea and I don't know.. Unlock the 10th potential slot? I've grown tired of shard farming..

  • ~ Callof123 ~ LV.25 Beast Jan 26, 2020, 09:10 AM

    Do we really need this right now??? Don’t we need guild events or more content for end game users ??

  • SaberWing LV.6 Nomad Jan 27, 2020, 05:18 AM

    I agree with most of you here saying that to revamped the Transcendence System is a bad idea.

    Our guild members have discussed this topic. Most of them saying that 6 copies of one specific hero are enough, If the new system needed more copies of itself, I am quite sure THEY will QUIT this game. We are one of the biggest guilds in the SEA server.

    Especially for the COLLABORATION hero which is ended liked JW and Sofia, it is no way to get them anymore. It is very tried to get 6 copies already.

    We need more other content than that. Even the World Boss Raid is released with a dozen problems at the beginning, It is still better than revamped The Transcendence System.

    Building a New team is the most fun part of this game, maybe releasing more hero is a better idea. Maybe you can even try to make a new class.

    The truth is If it took so long time to build an L/D team for the end game content, It will be too frustrating and it is not fun at all. We love HOL. Please don't ruin it up again.

  • ~ Callof123 ~ LV.25 Beast Jan 27, 2020, 11:21 AM

    Another sea member 😱😱❤️
    Agree with everything you said, same scenario with Avenir members, the content in game does not need further transcendent .. only thing that’s a challenge is abbadon.. glad players are complaining as a unit to improve on the game we all enjoy 😍

  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Jan 24, 2020, 12:26 PM

    daily events consumed too much time.

  • IamBotwin LV.2 Lurker Jan 25, 2020, 12:24 AM

    I can't agree with you. It takes me only a few minutes to do my dailies

  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Jan 25, 2020, 09:10 AM

    r u sure? 400 times to farm nat3 L/D shards needs 2.5h at least; 20 party raids needs 1.5h; pvp, 1 battle takes 3min... otherwise u and i have different definition of daily events.

  • IamBotwin LV.2 Lurker Jan 29, 2020, 12:54 PM

    ok, i thought you mean daily quests. ( <- few minutes).
    But regardless, you can achieve the next daily even if it is number 4 even if you are working on number 1.
    go in automode, take a coffe.
    I had never problems with the special events like this - and I am not a hardcore player

  • IamBotwin LV.2 Lurker Jan 25, 2020, 12:30 AM

    I am very excited to hear thast offline shard faming is coming. I am playing on an emulator now since over one year. and the idea that i could turn off my pc over night is wonderful :)

  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Jan 24, 2020, 12:28 PM

    u guys should made more daily events can be skipped.

  • Xuan Bach Lai LV.2 Lurker Jan 25, 2020, 01:19 AM

    I don't think there's anything wrong with shard farming all day. For one, it's also exp farming (like 99% of all exp) and you can never have enough exp. Gears and awakening stones? Big valor sink, but for me exp farming is an even bigger valor sink.

    Edit: didn't realize you mean literally ALL day, yeah that's kinda bad. Even when I'm new and don't actually know what it's like.

  • ঐariewayq LV.20 AWPer Jan 25, 2020, 03:12 AM

    nice info thanks, 👍🙏 happy weekend