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Dev Note #96: 3.10 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance & Additional Notice (ETA: December 16th)

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #96: 3.10 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance & Additional Notice (ETA: December 16th) image 1

Greetings Heirs,   Usually we try to schedule our major update at the end of the month. However, with the Holiday season approaching, we decided to bring in the update slightly earlier. 3.10 Update is expected to arrive on December 16th, and we will be updating Heirs on more details next week.   ========================================================= Servant Balance =========================================================   ⭕Christine Christine was never popular among Heirs, not only because she didn't stand out among the Ranged Ignore-DEF DPS class servants despite being a servant that cannot be farmed, but also because she was out-shined by Mildred that followed her. Therefore, we will be buffing Christine.   >Fire Christine We will be adding "Increase ATK by 100% in Mass Invasion and Manor" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful in Mass Invasion.   >Water Christine We will be adding "Increase ATK by 130% in Explore" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful in Explore.   >Forest Christine We will be adding "Increase ATK by 100% in Abaddon Tower" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful in Abaddon Tower.   >Light Christine We will be adding "Increase DEF by 200% when HP is over 90%" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful against AoE DPS servants.   >Dark Christine Dark Christine didn't have any effect in her Passive Skill to increase damage output. To help Dark Christine do greater damage, we changed her Passive Skill to do 30% additional damage when she uses Combo Skill against enemy with Revive Block.   ⭕Light Healer Class Servant Buff   We are balancing Heir of Light so that Skill Effects of Light/Dark servants are stronger than Skill Effects of Fire/Water/Forest servants. However, we have been getting feedbacks that Light Heylel and Light Sphinx are somewhat underwhelming compared to performance of Forest Heylel & Forest Sphinx.   Therefore, we will be buffing Light Heylel & Light Sphinx in 3.10 Update.   >Light Heylel   We are changing her 1st skill that used to remove 1 buff to remove all buffs like Forest Heylel, while moving the buff removal to Combo Skill. Also, we are moving immunity from her Combo Skill to Passive Skill so that Heirs can utilize immunity even better.   >Light Sphinx   Instead of removing debuff, Light Sphinx will be able to revive all allies with her Combo Skill. Also, the debuff removal will be moved to her Passive Skill. We will be adjusting heal amount from 50% to 10% as we change her to specialize in Revive instead of Heal.   ========================================================= Collaboration Notice =========================================================   ⭕John Wick / Sofia Collaboration Termination   We want to thank the community for the support toward John Wick Collaboration.   As we announced earlier, John Wick Collaboration was planned to last 3 months. Therefore, Heirs will no longer be able to acquire John Wick & Sofia from any content after 3.10 Update scheduled on December 16th.   Just like Summoners War Collaboration, we will be adding option to craft Transcend Bun for John Wick & Sofia so that Heirs can finish their transcendence process with John Wick & Sofia. The John Wick & Sofia Transcend Bun will be available until March of next year.     ⭕Archangel / Valkyrja Transcend Bun Craft Termination   Since September, we have been providing option to craft Transcend Bun for Archangel & Valkyrja. Please keep in mind that Heirs will no longer be able to craft Summoners War Transcend Bun after 3.10 Update.   We will be continuing our effort to provide Collaboration with various medias to make servant collection of Heir of Light more engaging. We promise to come back with another exciting Collaboration!     ========================================================= New Avatar Added =========================================================   In the last 3.9 Update, we added Single Hit Avatar for servants without Single Hit Combo Skill option so that they could utilize Single Hit Combo Skill.   In 3.10 Update, we will be adding Fairy Avatar for [A] Heylel, Sphinx, and Bastille that only have Single Hit Combo Skill option. The Fairy Avatar will give these servants Multi-Hit Combo Skill option.   Fairy Avatar only changes Hit-Count of Combo Skill, maintaining the servant's Combo Skill animation and Mark.Therefore, Fairy Avatar will be available for a cheaper price than other Avatars.   We are also releasing formal Avatars for Aria & [A] Lucien. A lot of Heirs have been waiting for [A] Lucien Avatar for some time. We hope you love our new Avatars!     ========================================================= Misc ========================================================= We want to share some details on 3.10 Update in advance.   > 1 Month Free Subscription Event on Repeat Battle Pack I will be ending. If Heirs want to try out the 1 Month Free Subscription, please remember to subscribe before 3.10 Update. (Expected on December 16th.)   > Currently the Servant Shard items in the Shop only limit daily purchase. As a lot of Heirs are actively utilizing the Servant Shard items to acquire Nat ★5 of their choices, we will be lowering the price starting 3rd purchase while adding total purchase limit. Therefore, Heirs can purchase the Shards item from the Shop only up to 99 times after 3.10 Update.   That is it for today's Dev Note. In the next 3.10 Update Preview, we will be going over Party Raid Revamp. While there were certain directions that we wanted to take, we decided to rework Party Raid largely based on community's feedback.   We will see you again next week.   Thank you  

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  • Heroik94 LV.5 Lurker Dec 7, 2019, 05:50 PM

    why u get John wick and Sofia out of the game other way Then archangel and valkyre, at aa and valk u got 1 month before the Option to get a chosen one out of missionpackage and from rate up summon this time u remove them and they are even blocked from 8 servants chosen summon not a Good finish...!

  • Caerus LV.3 Lurker Dec 8, 2019, 06:51 PM

    Awww Christine buff doesn't sound so exciting (. _. Wish her skill dmg % got improved... She really does falling behind compared to other ignore defense dps.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Dec 7, 2019, 10:22 AM

    The gap between LD and RGB is too much in this game and widens the gap between P2W and F2P community. With the latest change to make passive sniping of LDs only available to LDs, you lock RGB out of the competition since LD Nat 4s are not really viable for PvP end game. This direction isn't healthy for the game in the long run.

    LDs should be strong, but they should be strong in their unique ways that don't overshadow RGBs. By putting enhanced additional functionality of RGBs on LDs, you're taking away any reason for people to farm and build RGB for PvP competition.

    Please take this suggestion and evaluate with your balance team. This game, while great and extremely generous for F2P PvE progression, is starting to be more and more skewed towards P2W PvP.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Dec 8, 2019, 12:48 AM

    I am seeing Moot community :)
    Thank you for suggestion.

  • Pirogeth LV.24 Vampire Dec 8, 2019, 08:20 PM

    i agree with u..

  • Rydrine LV.2 Lurker Dec 10, 2019, 01:12 AM

    Agreed, Forest Heylel is indeed an insanely strong RGB (as I've known for a while but now people have caught on, lol). And Light Heylel was indeed a worse version of her. But taking the defining function of Forest Heylel and plopping it on Light Heylel is a lazy balance... not to mention it impossibly buffs Light Heylel.

    Forest was already one of the best in the game DESPITE her getting sniped by two of the most popular healers, Sphinx and Valk. Light Heylel now has Forest Heylel's kit with Immunity on top, an S+ rank passive in the shield, she's unsnipable, and has LD stats to boot. It's too much. There is no way to counter her like there is with Forest besides building your own.

  • Adrian Hf LV.2 Lurker Dec 7, 2019, 10:44 AM

    Permitan crear más de 3 piedras para la valkiria y el arcángel no puedo sacar las 2 piedras que me faltan para tener uno en 70 :/

  • Sodium Depresside LV.2 Lurker Dec 8, 2019, 11:49 AM

    I'm sad that the Summoners War transcend buns are going away soon, I wish there was a way to convert lesser soul crystals into greater ones.

  • Starstatic LV.2 Lurker Dec 10, 2019, 01:26 AM

    Any notes about the stealth fusion nerf?

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Dec 10, 2019, 04:44 PM

    aaaand still no ophelia buff

    "We promise to come back with another exciting Collaboration!" nice